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  1. True, happy for the time being that we’ve kept what we’ve got though, re-assess in January. Hopefully we stay injury free. Same goes for Vardy, but at least we have Perez to fill that gap now if needed.
  2. We’ve still got Benkovic to come back and Morgan isn’t ideal but he can still do a job. Having 5 centre backs on paper is fine, but it’s keeping them happy that’s the issue.
  3. True that, we really didn’t need one with Benkovic waiting in the wings also. Pocket the money and spend in different areas if needed further down the line
  4. And yet most people were adamant we needed a new centre half.. glad we gave him a chance, he will make mistakes but we need to stick with him.
  5. ITK, big storm, not here yet.
  6. A storm is on the way apparently
  7. Usually yes, at the moment, no.
  8. Clubs are gonna charge us through the roof now unfortunately, we’d be better of waiting until January.
  9. We don’t need one. I can see us signing one though.
  10. Can’t see why we don’t just save our money and give either Benkovic or Soyuncu a chance, they’ve been signed for a reason...it seems silly especially now clubs know about the money we’ve got to spend.
  11. I’m actually quite comfortable with this. A massive record fee for a good player but not irreplaceable. All the pressure will be on Man Utd and Maguire now. Already have replacements at the club if we can just give them a chance.
  12. Just to add another point to the rest, I think Puel would have been respected more had he actually tried to learn the English language ( e.g Bale at Real) he was coming out with the same things every week and didn’t even know what they meant. How are the players going to respect their manager that they can’t communicate with on a personal level? never going to end well.
  13. We’ve seen it with Arsenal - Tierney already, trying to pay a low upfront fee and then attempting to make up the overall asking fee on whether or not they make it into the Champions League. Well the same goes for Man Utd, not guaranteed to be in any European competition to be honest. I’d be disappointed if we accepted a similar scenario when we really don’t need to. As good as £80m sounds, we might not even see half of it.
  14. A Championship player that you’ll probably be putting an £80m bid for next season.
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