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  1. Bang average player who somehow earns over 100k a week. I don't think he'd even light up the championship from what I've seen of him.
  2. I don't think there was much in it, a lot of mucking about with the ball by Chelsea, Sheff Utd could have easily equalised.
  3. Thought he had a good game. Offered little going forward but I'd look more towards Your in that respect, put himself about and won a fair few tackles.
  4. Similar to what Riccy P looked like in his early days here, looked good going forward but caught out too easily defensively. Credit to the scouting team for taking a chance on JJ, what a bargain it's proved to be.
  5. Still gets to me that Lloyd didn't stick around for the Prem, I know he left for a longer contract but a year in the big time wouldn't have done him any harm surely, especially after the journey he had been on with us.
  6. Think we seriously need to think about moving him on somehow, we'd do well to get £15m for him.
  7. The centre midfield pairing has let us down big time today. Both been on the ball so many times yet it's just sideways passing and zero creativity. No urgency to score at all.
  8. I feel that Tielemans has been the worst player on the pitch to be honest. Can't expect Mendy to create because he just hasn't got it in his locker, but Youri has been way too passive today.
  9. Credit to West Ham, they're gameplan has worked a treat. As for us, were too passive. Trying the same thing over and over gain without any joy. Need to change it up
  10. Does Barnes purposely aim for the keeper? The amount of times he has the whole goal to aim at
  11. Was gutted that he didn't stay when we got to the Prem. Massive player for us in the years gone by. Happy retirement and best of luck to him
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