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  1. Seems inevitable that he’ll leave, we know it’s been in the pipeline for a while as we signed big potential replacements in Soyuncu and Benkovic and now both have had time to settle into the British game, could be time for them to step up. Very good player is Harry but £80m is stupid money that will benefit our transfer business in the long run.
  2. Whatever this is, I recognise it and loved it!
  3. Lukebakio from Watford? Right winger who did very well at Fortuna Düsseldorf last season. A few top clubs in for him allegedly. Only 21 so lots of potential it seems
  4. Can’t look far past Guppy to be honest, wand of a left foot. But yeah, albrighton is still a useful player to have on our squad. Would never class him as dross, gives 100% for the team.
  5. How many times have we said this about Stones? Made out to be this awesome ball playing defender when in reality he’s fvcking garbage.
  6. J.Lisemore


    Don’t worry there’s plenty of rep points to go around
  7. J.Lisemore


    Didn’t he single handedly send us down to league one? sure he scored a hat trick for saints on the final day
  8. J.Lisemore


    Yup. A near £30m player being tried and tested to see if he’s actually any good. The least said about that summers signings the better.
  9. Didn’t Cambiasso have a fair few people involved when he signed for us?
  10. Well the only way is up so anything goes at the moment
  11. Think we all know this is what it come down to. We’re basically the Millwall of Eurovision
  12. Bit slow isn’t he? Have heard he’s s deadly free kick taker though. Is he an attacking midfielder or is he playing on the wing now?
  13. Anyone know what’s happened to Konoplyanka? Was an outstanding talent in his younger days but seems to have lost his way a bit
  14. Portsmouth have scored loads of goals? they were awful. Had about 1 clear chance all game.
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