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  1. Oozes class. Certain he would have better numbers in a team like ours. Bournemouth also in big trouble so should get him at £20-£25m and will have a good re-sale value.
  2. Harry Maguire too. There is value if we look carefully. Off the top of my head I'd say Max Aarons (if Ricardo were to leave) and David Brooks would be the players I'd look at.
  3. This signing belongs in the 04-08 era, makes Ryan McGivern look good
  4. Stoke relegation. We had some great players on paper, Stephen Clemence had just been Birmingham's POTY, Oakley and Howard were playing PL football and were proven quality Championship players. ' Too good to go down' was repeated a lot. Suppose we can laugh about it now but the anger and disappointment after that season will never leave me
  5. Part of me thinks that Rodgers is not as good as we thought he was. I'm sure he's a fantastic man manager but tactically he shown himself up last night big time. We play some great football at times but like others have said, as soon as the pressure is on - we crumble.
  6. Just checked BBC football and yup we did lose 4-1 to Bournemouth
  7. Nah that's a red, can't go booting people when the going gets tough... S*** happens, he'll learn from it I'm sure
  8. How can we blame Rodgers for this? Individual errors is what lost us this game. Bournemouth were absolutely atrocious, by far the worst team in this league, and we handed it to them on a plate...
  9. What f*** am I even seeing. This Bournemouth team have 'scored' 4 goals embarrassing
  10. Need another goalkeeper too. Kepa was terrible business at £80m, not worth half of that
  11. Seems to have potential at a reasonable price, can't say I've seen him play though
  12. We saw it for years at Old Trafford to be fair, this has been going on for a long time and with more and more money in the game it'll carry on.
  13. Getting absolutely battered here, it's embarrassing really
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