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  1. Might be the only way of getting him off the wage bill until his contract is up, it happens.
  2. Sell. Can’t see any Turkish team paying £10m for him though, will more than likely be another loan.
  3. Playing into Newcastle’s hands at the moment.
  4. I’m sure he’ll get his chance to impress in pre-season.
  5. J.Lisemore


    Rondon has had a decent season and Newcastle wouldnt be safe without him. Very underrated and miles better than Slimani.
  6. Should have signed him a couple of years ago instead of Slimani. Would have been half the price too.
  7. Did extremely well under the circumstances. Will always remember the fantastic partnership he formed in Dickov and Deane.
  8. Glenn Whelan for Sheff Wed, crossbar and in from about 25 yards from memory
  9. This is just it though isn’t it. No one really knows what these **** are talking about. Idiots hanging around Westminster pretending they know what they’re voting for 🤣🤣 what a bloody circus.
  10. Surely a sackable offence? Embarrassing your manager in that manner, in public bloody hell
  11. Happy days, onwards and upwards. Let’s hope we get the right man this time. Will miss the words intensity and quality
  12. He reminds me of a declining Wayne Rooney - bar the ref whinging.
  13. There was a free kick today with him and Fuchs over it, perfect for a left footer...it had Fuchs name all over it. Maddison thought better of it and the rest is history.
  14. Derby, Forest and now us. Yeah fvck it why not
  15. Off the top of my head... Derby's Billy Davies has got the be the worst surely, won 1 game in the entire season
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