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  1. You only have to look what happened to all of those players after their time with us haha, all careers nosedived. Moreno was probably the most successful
  2. Kaebi barely played to be honest, can only remember him at Ipswich away
  3. I bet half of them have no idea what is going on
  4. Arrangments with who? Grandparents? Undermining the situation is silly, this is a serious issue.
  5. Laughable really, Atletico have been doing this for years under Simeone especially away from home.
  6. No doubt we'll play the ball around the back for 45 mins at least. If they score then we go into panic mode and actually play to win.
  7. Needed to improve the side in January, we all knew it.
  8. Nice to see him back after such a long time out, can't we just be positive and give the guy a chance to come good? He's still only 28, let's just wait and see rather than writing him off? Needs to used correctly though, any further long term injuries then I agree that his time will be up unfortunately.
  9. Get at them from minute 1, make it uncomfortable for them, none of this patient passing around the back b*llocks and we might stand a chance
  10. Arguably our best ever free transfer signing the club has ever made, alongside Cambiasso and Albrighton. Nice vid
  11. They did steal their club though, and the fans had to create a new one... If Coventry City FC moved up to Scarborough and we’re called ‘Scarborough Sky Blues’ it wouldn’t be the same club would it? As others have said, if Milton Keynes had started from scratch then great but they stole their place in the football league and the sooner they go non-league and bust the better.
  12. Probably not good enough for where we’re heading, has been a decent player for us at times but I think he needs a fresh start elsewhere. We got him for what £4m? Should think he’d go for double that at least these days
  13. Sneezed on him. Why is the ref not looking at that on the monitor? Pathetic
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