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  1. Well that was chuffing great, Tielemans a goal fit to win any competition, Schmeichel two fabulous saves, Fofana, Thomas outstanding at the back, Vardy chased everything without receiving a pass all game. And what you probably won't read anywhere is that we deserved it because Rodgers changed our style to go long and escape the Chelsea high press, and try to win the second ball, and they didn't cope because that wasn't their plan. Ok you need a bit of luck, and a bit of skill to also win, but we deserved that. Knackered for the Champions League qualification probably, they'll want
  2. Let's just say the United subs didn't see to make too much effort to change the game. For United beating Liverpool is clearly the priority.
  3. It has happened before this season that after a bad result you could see the attitude was there. The football took some time to catch up, but when it did we played half an hour as well as we have for a while. Plus we play better against good teams. Great to go into the final after that. Wilf back to his best.
  4. Also you can't play in behind a team sitting so deep, plus their kids are charging around.
  5. The complaints are unjustified, we're one Schmeichel error from a half time lead, players have battled, the rain is affecting the pitch whatever the commentator says. But 100% better attitude than last game.
  6. The level of energy showed by Mendy and Perez yesterday was better than anything shown by the starters. Long season, and they seem fresher than many others. In which case they should play. We've hardly rotated in a couple of months and it is starting to show. Ricardo, Maddison and Vardy aren't fit and none should start. Then work around that. Plus based on the way Chelsea play we're going to need to be at our sharpest to have any chance in the final and the subsequent league game.
  7. Atrocious defending cost us, we made more than enough chances to win any game, but you can't defend like that. Problem is some of the players, Ricardo seems done for the season but hopefully not his career, Nacho is playing badly if still scoring, Maddison isn't on it, Wilf and Tielemans look tired, Vardy can't score. But it ain't over just yet, however it looks.
  8. Real achievement to get a point when playing so badly. A collective horror show apart from defenders. Bearing in mind Southampton nearly scored with eleven I think we lose without the red. But last season we would have lost. And another point closer.
  9. Not overreacting, we'll probably win, but we're lucky to be against ten and not behind.
  10. Another awful first half performance. Hopefully Rogers can fix it again because we wouldn't score on a month playing like that.
  11. Also, this is what Palace often do away to top teams. But we have to find a way through.
  12. Sluggish but you have to hate the way Palace seem to have the number on us. At least only one down, and time to show a different kind of quality. Albrighton on please.
  13. Thought we were a bit slack to be honest. But they were so bad it didn't matter.
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