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  1. I'm late to the thread, but this has so many grey areas. You could say this is 20 words and a symbol or is 'he's' two words. Need VAR for this thread, only they can get the interpretation of the rules right!
  2. I think you should pick 10 of the best on here and then try to include them. List them first and we can all play Bingo!!
  3. Though I appreciate your thorough research and willingness to type all that out. What you typed that I highlighted in bold is just wrong, heretical and sacrilegious. And the Derby one, the "might" is not required and therefore should not be on the list. Thanks
  4. ok. I get that. But what I don't get is why the EfL or the clubs are not giving us an option to pay to watch or listen. That's what is stupid. If i could pay a small amount to do that I would.
  5. Can someone tell me why LCFC can't broadcast commentary for contractual reasons, but no coverage is available of any kind anywhere. Has someone bought the rights to NOT show it?!?! It is this kind of thing that drives me crazy. A clear example of contempt for supporters and no desire to put their interests firsts. Rights should not be able to be bought that prevent a football game from being viewed by supporters.
  6. The rules are: A new phase begins when a opposing player deliberately plays the ball, BUT this does not include a deliberate save. The decision was correct.
  7. it'll probably just be them hyping up kane and claiming he meant to hit it into the ground to chip Schmeichel and then them talking about how hard done by tottenham were on the VAR decision and then a token few minutes of analysis on the good game Maddison had, concluding with Murphy (If on) talking about him moving to another club! SO predictable.
  8. Love how the first guy is complaining about VAR and his profile pic is poch celebrating after a lucky VAR win!! (v Man City, I think) Then the second guy calls our fans scum... and in his profile it says 'scumbags of the revolution' What are these guys on?!
  9. The commentator on my stream was adamant that Youri's "challenge" was a red. I think VAR got that right. For me, he wasn't even making a challenge the ball was turned over and then as he turns he puts his foot down and Wilson's momentum put him in the path of where he would place his foot. He was looking away and on the turn. Unfortunate, but not a dangerous challenge for me. Caglar I think was at fault for their goal (loosing Wilson), but after that he was immense. Some incredibly good tackles, and also just his positioning was excellent!
  10. The optimist in me says that all those things you say give us a chance to potentially overtake them this year and you could be right! the pessimist in me says that the gap is so big that even with those factors, they still are favourites to finish 4-6 above us! I do think that this season has the most uncertainty in terms of those places than for a long time. Really hope we are part of the equation by the end of the season!
  11. You don't think Chelsea will even be in the equation of 4-6?
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