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  1. I agree... and I know the champions league is more prestigious, but we have more chance of winning this. Yet, we give up the chance so we can focus on top four. For what? So we can become a richer, bigger club. I want to win things, not become an Arsenal and happy with 4th, but no trophies.
  2. I was suprised it broke the rules and was deleted I think I've seen that term used before... anyway, didn't want to cause offense so won't use it again!
  3. Sorry if my deleted reply to hansifux caused offense it was meant to be a lighthearted jab at someone who appeared to be on the wind up!
  4. maybe we're going 442. Maybe that's why he wants Perez in instead of under?
  5. As much as it was disappointing last year to drop out of the top four, it was still a great accomplishment to hit the top 6. To start to do that consistently is what will help us grow in the long term. I still dream of top four, but we should not underestimate what an accomplishment it has been to consistently start to challenge the top 6. Consistency is key to progress for the future!
  6. It's like my Mum in a foreign food restaurant trying to order the food in their accent!! But, totally butchering it. A Shikin Boo-nah....
  7. Absolutely. I'd take Pope over him any day (For England). Call me old-fashioned but I still think a Keeper's main quality should be his ability to make saves!
  8. SHould have won that really, but we were a bit impotent up front. Still 7 points from Southampton, Chelsea and Everton is a decent return
  9. It will be interesting what kind of blow it is to there home form confidence having lost now. Losing that air of invincibility can be huge!
  10. Do they have Sean from a Southampton Suburb? Maybe Sean from Eastleigh? Or maybe theirs is Harry From Hedge End!
  11. I'd like to nominate myself as Grey - Never lived up to his potential. Should be better than he is, but is rarely given playing time!
  12. Agreed. I think in that kind of situation we need to get Praet in rather than Maddison or Tielemans (as harsh as that sounds) we can't afford two players that are not combative enough, Praet is more combative I think and would help break things up further forward.
  13. Careful Billynomates, give us too much info or photos they'll be on to you and you might become Billynojob!
  14. Can we change the colour of the banner as it is in breach of my OCD
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