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  1. Can anyone ping me a stream? Thank you
  2. Thank you to @MALANDTEEN for sorting me out with 2 Liverpool tickets. He was very responsive to message and good with seat selection. Posted out as soon as he received them.
  3. Also looking for 1 or 2 for this game. I'll be getting mine with my membership this week, but I'm looking to go with my husband and brother too. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I am looking for 1 or 2 tickets / membership references for the Liverpool game on boxing day. I will be getting myself one with my membership this week, but looking for one for my husband and brother if possible. Thanks
  5. I was kind of hoping it might look a bit more like football at 13.57!
  6. Is it just one long advert for generators on the streams right now? Or have I got a dud?
  7. The 09/10 125th Anniversary shirt closely followed by the 94/95 home shirt.
  8. I should get to more than I did last season - having babies has got in the way recently. Has been flippin expensive keeping up my membership, but didn't want lose my points
  9. So if they keep counting all points then I have hope for next season
  10. How many points did everyone have. I was not successful, but not expecting to to be at only 32 points.
  11. Assuming nobody has heard anything yet?
  12. It sounds like there may be a few more didn't renew too this year. We shall see later today
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