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  1. Did nobody see the wolves game? top players don’t over hit every corner. cant stand the lad. Has more bad games than good ones. Big ego, thinks he’s beckham, extremely selfish and seeks glory on his own. Looking forward to receiving a big offer and him moving on personally. He can take his silly cars somewhere else.
  2. Just realised I actually need to chase this up. Basically last season me and my uncle had season tickets in the name of my dads business. We changed this year to our own names and my uncle has had his earlier this week, so I’ll chase this next week.
  3. Ah right ok that makes sense, I didn’t realise last seasons card would still work
  4. Hi I just wondered if anyone knows when the season tickets are likely to arrive? Or if they have already been? Just getting a bit worried as I’ve had no correspondence from the club etc and the season is nearly here. Many thanks
  5. This is a bit off topic, but kind of relates as it’s our contrast to united. You know what’s really so special about our club? the majority of our fans, and by that I’m talking probably 90% at least, are born in Leicester/lived here/parents or grandparents were from here etc. Not just bobs who have never been to a game, live half way around the world or even the other end of the country with no knowledge of our area or the clubs history. Those old enough will be able to tell us about their favourite players from when they were kids etc. That for me is worth so much more than the likes of Man Utd and Liverpool have, and more recently arsenal, Chelsea and Man City. We are a proper club. Not a brand. Not a club people choose to follow because we win or are globally known. The people who pick our amazing club who don’t have local ties etc do so for completely wholesome or cool/quirky reason. Which makes our fan base and club that extra bit special. Nobody can ever take that away from us. They can poach our best players for a premium but they will never take the shhht that matters!
  6. dooflip

    James Maddison

    I hope his eye for a pass does improve, far too greedy for my liking.
  7. So Lineker and heskey (just two examples) didn’t love the club because they left? harry will always be remembered in a positive light for us. Him and mahrez/drinky are worlds apart. He’s a professional young man who has handled this saga that has been ongoing since last summer extremely well. I’ll wish him all the best. We can’t blame him for wanting to win things or set his family up for life.
  8. I read yesterday Liverpool are looking to sell for 21m. I’d go for that.
  9. All over this for 12m. Guys a machine.
  10. Rather have tarkowski if we are after a defender. Miles better imo.
  11. dooflip

    James Maddison

    Am I the only person who sees a very selfish, egotistical young lad who thinks he’s David beckham? Dont get me wrong he’s a good player. But his attitude stinks to me. Goes missing and doesn’t put a shift in enough. ill never forget when he shot against Man City when albrighton was in space, and that’s the just the most recent example - there have been others. i just question his attitude and wether he’s a team player. And for that reason I’d accept a silly bid all day long. probably going to get shot down here for having an unpopular opinion. And I accept not many will agree, it’s just how I feel.
  12. Would be decent business. Low ish wage and low cost. No sell on but pretty much risk free. Good player and good attitude.
  13. I agree with this. Do be honest a quality winger and a quality central midfielder supplemented by prospects in the other areas I would be more than happy with. I just don’t think signing all young lads who aren’t quite there is the right idea.
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