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  1. Gerrrrriiiiimmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!
  2. dooflip

    Luka Jovic

    It was a nice dream
  3. He’s been poor recently. Not been at the races and tonight I guess was the finale. hes been great all season but somethings happened, albeit not just with him.
  4. I’d like a list of nailed on alternatives before sacking him tbh. im not his biggest fan. I’ve plenty of complaints and I genuinely feel that due to the form since Watford/Everton at home sort of time he deserves the sack, but in the past we have sacked managers at bad times with nobody really suitable and interested, and a better option than what we currently had available. I’d really like to avoid going down that route again. Sacking managers costs a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere, so if we are going to sack this one then let’s make sure the next one is right. None of this puel ball bullsht.
  5. Needs replacing. Hasn’t been up to it for too long now and way over rated.
  6. We need a new goalkeeper. Fed up of kaspers incompetence. and what was cags thinking? What an idiot. season over.
  7. If we weren’t in desperate need of quality out wide he’d be 5th, but your list is bang on. if we could just buy all 5 that would be great.
  8. I actually think he may have been bought with the future of madders in mind if I’m honest. Madders goes and we’ve got a number 10 ready to slot in there. I have a feeling he would be a lot more effective there rather than out wide where he just doesn’t seem to have much and his lack of pace really shows.
  9. It’s not mendys fault. no he’s not the best player we’ve ever had. And id consider him cover for wilf and nothing more. buy seriously, since Everton and Watford game at home where we won and didn’t deserve to we have been poor. Just before Brendan signed his new bumper deal And the rumours of him going to arsenal and it’s only got worse from then on out. tielemans isn’t the same player we had on loan. Madders is so over rated it’s unreal. Vardy is starved of service playing a style that doesn’t get the best out of our best player and only goal scoring threat. Ricardo is now injured who imo alongside vardy is our best player and equally hardest to replace. Chilwell has been poor. theres many negatives I can pick out but mendy isn’t one of the more pressing ones.
  10. No champions league if we can’t win against Watford and Brighton ffs. Absolutely awful.
  11. He’s a good player. I don’t think it would hurt to have a player like him in the squad. He’s not world class but we could have gone for worse players/deals.
  12. Happy to see chilwell leave. Of all the players linked with moved away he’s probably the most replaceable and least important. So if he’s the important player that leaves this year I’ll take that. Just hope we can get telles in. That would be a major upgrade.
  13. As with many of our players, he is destined for a big club at some point. I just hope it’s not yet. Along with pereira I would say probably the hardest to replace.
  14. Big Tark is a quality player. Is he as good as what we have? Probably not. Is 30m too much? Probably. but if cags is on his way out for eye watering money, I can’t see tark being worth 30-40m less. so with that perspective I don’t think it would be a bad move. I really like Tarkowski. And we have seen how Brendan has worked with the defenders and improved their game. So if the club decide that Tark is a good move I will trust and back it 100%.
  15. Would love us to buy the whole BMW from Brentford, not just one part of it. we need bolstering in those areas and I think those 3 would be ideal signings as they are not going to expect to start every game. whilst the likes of albrighton is getting on and will need replacing in the next few years, as will vardy, and madders won’t be hanging around for too much longer.
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