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  1. World class to us. I don’t know if he’d walk into the Real Madrid, barcelona or Juventus starting 11. One of the best strikers in the premier league without a doubt though and very under rated!
  2. Did nobody see the wolves game? top players don’t over hit every corner. cant stand the lad. Has more bad games than good ones. Big ego, thinks he’s beckham, extremely selfish and seeks glory on his own. Looking forward to receiving a big offer and him moving on personally. He can take his silly cars somewhere else.
  3. Just realised I actually need to chase this up. Basically last season me and my uncle had season tickets in the name of my dads business. We changed this year to our own names and my uncle has had his earlier this week, so I’ll chase this next week.
  4. Ah right ok that makes sense, I didn’t realise last seasons card would still work
  5. Hi I just wondered if anyone knows when the season tickets are likely to arrive? Or if they have already been? Just getting a bit worried as I’ve had no correspondence from the club etc and the season is nearly here. Many thanks
  6. I’m sad to see Raineri sacked. To sack him as manager of Fulham after 3 months is ridiculous. If any Fulham fan thinks they should be easily staying safe they need a reality check. promotion via the playoffs, a whole new squad, 2 managers this season, with the most recent working largely with what he’s inherited. ranieri was a god for us. Yes many other factors were right. The back room team was spot on, the core of the squad were full of good personalities and grafters, they followed instructions, we also had quite a bit of luck. But you can’t take away that spark ranieri gave us, the tweaks he made were spot on. Vardy had nowhere near the impact on under Pearson and if I remember right was actually largely used as a sub out wide in the great escape season for example? yes Pearson put the team together, but was pretty clueless tactically. We saw a tactical change under ranieri that played to our strengths. Yes it went sour the season after, personally I think the title win went to the players heads a bit. the situation at Fulham is different though, the squad is nowhere near as strong and balanced despite having a few very good players.
  7. This is going to end badly. More sideways and backwards for vardy the passenger.
  8. If I were Sarri that would be the end for Kepa. Imagine if big nige was the boss - he axed players for much less! kepa just humiliated himself infront of the world. He’s now in the same gang as adrien rabiot.
  9. Rodgers is puel mk2. People need to realise this. we need Vardy firing again. We need someone to make that happen, to get the best out of our best player. Rodgers isn’t that man, more sideways and backwards. I’ll be bitterly disappointed if he gets the job. id love bielsa here, though I feel his lack of English may stop that from happening.
  10. What we need is investment. puel is awful and needs to go, yes. but we don’t have a great squad, the owners desperately need to invest in some decent players. Fed up of us not strengthening adequately. Our wide options are a joke. We won the league a few years ago and have gone backwards, that isn’t all on puel.
  11. This is unorthadox as fuch but I quite like it, you maverick?
  12. Really? I think the club has been ran pretty badly since the title win if im honest. We wasted all the money we got for winning the league, literally haemorrhaging money on various things such as bad managerial appointments and sackings, big wages and bad signings that haven’t been given a proper chance - slimani, musa, Silva to name a few. To the point we are now having to take out 100m loans. Worrying times for the football club imo. edit: please forgive me for being overly critical of the financial aspect. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that our beloved football club nearly ceased to exist due to financial mismanagement, debt etc.
  13. It’s a no brainier imo. My only concern is he hasn’t stayed anywhere for long for some time. But his style and ethos would work here and the fans would love it. Much better than Puel, or that average bloke at Celtic.
  14. This is an insult to the club, the fans, and top, th victims of the crash and others. lost what little respect I had. abother public scapegoating. The last one was a bag of excuses. This one trumps that ten fold. weve been awful all season, and last. #eurostarforfraudepuel
  15. A lot of people look back on the Pearson period romantically and think he was gods gift. he did a solid job for us and rebuilt from a very low point which I will forever be grateful for, and built a good side, many of whom won the league after he left. but he wasn’t without his faults, and it was hardly rosy all the time. Some of it was downright awful. - his post match interviews rival puels haha. Also he was tactically clueless at times. and he was so stubborn. I’ve still not forgiven him for freezing out knockaert and letting him go on a free?
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