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  1. singaporefox

    Steve Walsh

    He has an eye on every player that we have an interest in. Probably has an ally in the foxes camp. Was there an agreement of some kind that we won't go for the same players.
  2. singaporefox

    We are massive!

    From Singapore @ 0245 am hoping for a good stream as well. C'mon you foxes!!!!!
  3. singaporefox

    LCFC VS Sunderland Match Thread

    C'mon you Foxes!!!! Looking fwd to the an exciting season.....need a strong backline though. My new favourite ... "Knockaert" Off topic...Fulham 1 - Charlton 2 Kermo with the winner
  4. singaporefox

    Danny Drinkwater Signs

    Hoping this is a watershed moment.... our season finally springs towards promotion. And don't think he will wet his pants when he starts his first game for us
  5. singaporefox

    Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    Live on http://atdhenet.tv/
  6. singaporefox

    Sol Bamba

    He an amazing player, commanding in the air and can dribble his way out of defence. Not sure if you have seen him in action.......see link
  7. singaporefox

    Motorbikes are brilliant

    Hi there you guys.... Bikes are generally safe and agree that bikes accidents are usually fatal. Been riding for 15 years and had my first serious accident 5 mths ago.... broke my ankle and fractured my wrist. Now have 6 screws in my ankle and 1 in my wrist. Despite having right of way in traffic, was knocked down by a car.The young lady has since been charged with drink driving. Now giving up riding for good....... Be extra extra Careful n Stay Alert Always........ Stay away from booze when riding or driving