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  1. Leicester legend! Hope he gets a big payday wherever he moves to.
  2. I work in investment, but don't have the funds to actively invest myself. Be careful investing in individual companies! If you want a semi-safe return then go for index trackers, fairly safe bet for gains if you hold onto it over the next few years. Don't believe all these online twitter/instagram 'tipsters', there is a reason why IB's spend billions on research each year rather than following one of these guys.
  3. Probably not everyone's favourite, pretty basic, but was the first home shirt I remember having, so definitely one of mine.
  4. I mean... there might well have been, however I can't remember that
  5. Yes true. I believe Cantwell would be a good acquisition. Both good prospects and have their prime ahead of them, maybe BR could help mould Buendia into that wide right player we need, he has certainly got the ability, if we could bring him in for a cut price then I reckon it would be worth a punt.
  6. I know he has been mentioned a few times before, but Emi Buendia from Norwich would be a really good bit of business for us I believe. Been at quite a lot of Norwich games over the last few seasons and he is a class above the rest (even Cantwell) when on the ball. If (when) they go down we would hopefully be able to get at a decent price.
  7. Cheers for the mention Hope all is well with everyone. Still lurking, mainly just reading and occasionally posting to find tickets. Think I stopped posting because I changed jobs and FT was blocked on my new works internet, but always use it to keep up to date on things. Great to see FT still flourishing though, Mark and the mods doing a fantastic job! I was watching TV a few months ago and FT was an answer on 'The Chase' (or something similar) which gave me a chuckle.
  8. Cheers to @Bert and @Isaac Rahman for sorting my Norwich tickets
  9. Yeah just get the train in, doesn't take long from North Walsham. Traffic and parking is a nightmare in Norwich on match day. Plus can have a few
  10. Will be after one for this game if anyone can help
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