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  1. Yeah he lost two balls played into him from midfield consecutively. The second of which started the passage of play leading to the goal. He is either still not ready to play much part in the first team or is just not good enough. I'll add that Ive now seen the last 4 managers (I think) scream in apparent frustration at him when he just switches off and neither works to find space going forward or chases back when he loses the ball.
  2. Perfect opportunity yesterday to show he merits a place, but sadly he played like someone who knows his future lies elsewhere.
  3. You’d think he’d be busting a gut to impress but doesn’t seem at it at all.
  4. Is anyone able to point me at an IPTV guide to getting our games online, or offer some coaching on how to do it?
  5. I really hope the club see the massive opportunity to get in the top 6 next season with 3 out of the 6 really needing an overhaul of their teams. Chelsea - likely to lose Hazard and have a transfer embargo, Arsenal - need a defence & a midfield, Man U - seemingly losing a number of 1st team players and need a large injection of quality & have a questionable manager in my opinion. I can't remember another season where the top 6 looked so attainable. Even when we won the league.
  6. I just reckon that Rodgers is probably much better qualified than me, you, or anyone else on here to decide. After all, it will absolutely directly affect any chance of success he has as our manager. I doubt he’d take the decision lightly.
  7. You wouldn't say that if you've ever sat behind the goal. Actually I take that back - behind the goal was a pretty safe area
  8. I would imagine Rodgers would want the absolute best he could get in this critical position and if he feels that is Congerton then so be it. If the club are to back Rodgers then I would hope that they would back him in this too.
  9. Is there some analysis that shows how he compares to other keepers in the prem? Maybe they have something that measures expected saves against actual saves, mistakes etc. I’m sure someone cleverer than I could find that out & post it so we have some actual fact to discuss.
  10. In my late 50s I should know better but this made me snicker like a schoolboy
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