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  1. Drinkwater

    Or Drinkwater plays well when the whole team is playing well
  2. Adrien Silva

    Looks like Armartey is being positioned as RB cover for Simpson.
  3. Slimani

    The two Asia cup games seemed to show that whatever injury he was carrying last season has cleared up now and he looked faster, stronger & determined. I'm sure if he continues in this vein he'll have a good season with us.
  4. Mahrez to .......................?

    I don't like it when it's my team involved but that's the reality of football, and the same for every team. If progress is not made then the best players will move on to where they can achieve their goals.
  5. Slimani

    If it's a choice between keeping Slimani or Ulloa we would have to let Ulloa go in my view. There is little to choose between them, however we've already seen everything that Ulloa has to offer but we've yet to see the potential of Slimani really brought out.
  6. Kelechi Iheanacho

    is this for real?
  7. Boudebouz

    Asking rather a lot of Slimani there I'd say
  8. Jonny Evans

    Underwhelmed by this news. I've never felt he was anything other than average, if that.
  9. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Not sure why it keeps being said because there is absolutely no evidence that any potential players are waiting to see who the manager will be.
  10. Shakespeare in talks to extend contract

    Who's to say that an agreement between the owners and Shakespear has not already been made and it's just down to the negotiators to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement. Meanwhile, folks are having a well earned break. There is no real reason why potential recruits to the playing staff could not be told that Shakespear will be the manager if they are that nervous about knowing and its a showstopper. No official statement doesn't necessarily indicate that no decisions have been made.
  11. Manager

    We should aim to establish ourselves in the best of the rest pack as our goal. The step up from there is very definitely a large one.
  12. Bournemouth (H) Match Day Thread

    Where did you find stream? I've fails so far.
  13. Kasper wanted by Man Utd & Man City

    He's a top class keeper & will be targeted by many clubs. Obviously the bigger they are, the deeper their pockets, and their european credentials will all influence how likely they are to be successful in recruiting him. He's been a massive part of our team for many years and I would hate to lose him, but people move on in football, it's pretty much inevitable sadly.
  14. Watford (home) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    3-0 flattered us I felt. Whole game had an end of season feel and lacked the intensity it might've had if played earlier in the season. Don't recall any cards being shown, which suggests that both sides were not fully at it. Not surprised by that though.