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  1. In the couple of times Gray has played as the main striker I think he's actually looked better, and the team has looked better, than when he's playing as a winger. I think the lack of defensive responsibility and his selfishness on the ball work for him as a striker. It remains to be seen whether he really has the focus, strength, and cutting edge to make the position his own but it is encouraging.
  2. For me there are a couple of obvious points I’d like to see addressed. Firstly, we have a very capable midfield when it comes to winning the ball back but we do not take advantage of this in transition into attack and all too frequently immediately give the ball away again. Secondly, playing the ball in behind defences to runners. We just do not do this quickly or frequently enough to expose a defence. Playing with back to goal or looking to head crosses is really not playing to our strengths.
  3. Bablemikey

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    Needs a song for this.
  4. Bablemikey

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    Me too please mate
  5. Bablemikey

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    Movement off the ball and playing it quickly is key in breaking defensive lines and we have been poor in this for so long it hurts my head to think about it. On Sunday I did see better movement, mostly from Barnes as has already been said, but I also saw Vardy look to go in behind several times. Sadly the ball in to him was never even attempted.
  6. Bablemikey


    I made exactly the same comparison with Beckford on Sunday. He really does need something to fire him up because he looks like he's just going through the motions right now. Aside from that I thought we played pretty well and I was more than happy with the performance for the most part. Man U are a very good and strong side and they sat back after their goal and tried to catch us on the break. We are not at the same level of Man U and this was very clearly demonstrated by their subs being Martial and Lukaku to our Shinzi and Nacho, very clearly a gulf in quality there. Despite all that though we made several good chances and I thought were unlucky not to score and get a point. Lots to be positive and excited about in my book.
  7. Bablemikey


    I know you were being serious here but the mental images this put in my head made me laugh out loud mate. Well done!!!
  8. Bablemikey

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    Its good for both the clubs and the players I would suggest. Both of the players have stalled in terms of their form and, for various reasons, do not have a way forwards at their own clubs. Complete change of club, environment, league etc is an ideal opportunity for both of them to hit reset and give it everything for a mini-season. Everyone wins here, players can kick-start their career, clubs have a asset with enhanced value. If they fail then nothing is lost really. Best of luck to both of the lads I say.
  9. Bablemikey

    Manchester United (H).. Up next.

    Same back four for me then Choudhury, Ndidi, Mendy midfield, with Albrighton, Vardy, Barnes upfront. This is to be solid, defensive, and break up play to frustrate Man U and put them off their stride. Look to be conservative and play only on the break initially, but then bring on more offensive players, maybe Gray, Maddison and even the new lad Tielemans late in second half to push for the winner Simples.
  10. Bablemikey

    Hamza Choudhury the Trailblazer

    We have a few exciting players with great potential in our squad but I have to confess that I really enjoy watching Choudhury play, he looks something very special.
  11. Bablemikey

    Gray ??

    Not until Puel went mental at him he wasn't. Weakest part of his game for me, he often switches off completely if he loses the ball or we lose it upfield. It'll come with time though.
  12. Bablemikey

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    He's still very young so that's not surprising really. We see it all the time with our younger players too.
  13. Bablemikey

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    If anyone knows what IPTV service provides the best HD coverage of games then please PM me so I can be sure to avoid them.
  14. Bablemikey

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I'd agree with those who thought he'd turned a corner, I was of a similar mind but he's not shown that this season. Can't see any value at all in playing him when Vardy is fit, or even as a 10. In my view he is a passenger when he plays. If we lose Vardy to injury long term and he gets a sustained run in the team then maybe that'll be the breakthrough he needs, otherwise he's a difficult problem for a club of our size. Having made such a large investment we would want to give him every chance to come good but I just don't see any sign of it happening here for him here.