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  1. West Brom away match thread

    Not sure what the ref saw to give Vardy a yellow there.
  2. West Brom away match thread

    Massive game for WBA and they will obviously be really fired up. I'm hoping we score first and early and it breaks them.
  3. West Brom away pre match thread

    Gonna be an interesting affair I reckon. Pardew will not want to lose it before he can win it but he will quite rightly be worried by how many chances & shots we've been getting even amongst teams who have sat back & defended. Difficult one for him I'd imagine Score first and then this is the game where we turn chances into goals. 0-3
  4. Puel

    I'd go for 4-2-3-1. Gives every position good passing triangle options with players who can get in behind and between the lines, and fields the big lads for set play defence & attack. It may transpire that Silva is not up to such a key and pivotal role, but I've seen enough to suggest he might be. Schmeichel Amartey Morgan/Drag Maguire Fuchs Ndidi Iborra Mahrez Silva Vardy/Diabate Vardy/Iheanacho
  5. Puel

    I think Vardy, Iheancho, Mahrez & Diabate as an attacking four with N'didi, Silva and Iborra in midfield have plenty of guile and threat to trouble most defences.
  6. Puel

    Team is in transition and we won’t see the benefits until next season in all likelihood. Even so the margins between a win and a draw in the last 3 has been very small and I expect us to win several games yet before the end of the season. I’m hoping Arsenal is one of them!!!!! We have a good number of strong young players who look capable of developing into much better players still so the future holds great promise in that respect. 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 looking to pass/run in behind and between the lines is the way to go. No place for Morgan, Simpson, James or Albrighton in that approach.
  7. Adrien Silva

    Nah not having it. For this exercise my criteria is simple - do they/have they consistently displaced a current starter and become a member of the first 11 or no? I don't accept that we've spent the money we have in order to fill the bench but you are more than entitled to hold a different opinion. I would say that we have a good 6 or 7 that have shown some promise and I would hope that at least 1 or 2 from that group become regular starters.
  8. Adrien Silva

    That's a fair comment re Jakupovic, however the point I was trying to illustrate was that out of 21 players bought in only 5 have actually made it as regular starters. That's roughly a 25% success rate. I've no idea if that's good, par for the course, or poor compared to other teams in this league. I'd be very interested to see some comparison on that.
  9. Adrien Silva

    I only applied a very coarse measure to this in that if a player consistently nails a starting place then he's a success, failures are those who have had their time and failed to nail a starting spot. All others I've simply classed as "jury still out" & would hope that they do in fact warrant a start consistently. Dragovic being the most likely of those at present.
  10. Adrien Silva

    The problem is that few of the players that have come in over the last 2/3 seasons have managed to establish themselves. No manager would refuse to field a player that would improve his chances of winning game, unless there's been some misconduct etc. I don't know how this compares with other clubs, but 1 from 7 in the last two seasons doesn't look good to me. Kelechi Iheanacho - jury still out Adrien Silva - jury still out Vicente Iborra - jury still out Harry Maguire - Very successful Aleksandar Dragovic - jury still out Eldin Jakupovic - failed Fousseni Diabaté - jury still out Islam Slimani - failed Ahmed Musa - failed Wilfred Ndidi - Very successful Nampalys Mendy - failed Bartosz Kapustka - failed Ron-Robert Zieler - failed Luis Hernández - failed Shinji Okazaki - Very successful N'Golo Kanté - Very successful Gökhan Inler - failed Yohan Benalouane - failed Daniel Amartey - jury still out Demarai Gray - jury still out Robert Huth - Very successful
  11. Schmeichel Amartey Dragovic Maguire Chilwell Iborra Ndidi Mahrez Silva Vardy Iheanacho Win the midfield against a likely 4-4-2/4-4-1-1. Provides creative options. Field tall players for attacking/defending set-plays. Front 4 can press high when required to force long clearances. Big lads in midfield & defence to mop up those clearances & turn the ball forward. Strong passing options available for every man when on the ball. Mahrez & Vardy both capable of getting behind the defence. Front 4 all capable of playing close fast one-touch between the lines and in behind.
  12. Iheanacho

    His Prem scoring will come. He's getting shots at goal on target and a goal is inevitable. Consider that strikers like Kane for example, who is an out an out striker, only have a goal success rate of 20% or so I think Nacho will measure up just fine.
  13. I think the whole things is just an example of the masterful mind games from Puel to undermine Pep's belief in his own omnipotence and utter control of football ahead of our game. Is it just coincidence that this episode with Mahrez has coincided with a dip in form at MCFC & players looking physically & mentally tired with Pep probably questioning his own ability to stop their form dropping off a cliff?
  14. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    Nacho Silva & Diabate in for me. We need to replace Mahrezs creativity with something completely different for Swansea to deal with.
  15. Poll: What is Riyad Mahrez worth?

    Player values have been distorted by the excessive sums paid for Neymar, Coutinho and Van Dijk but I think its misleading. I'd suggest that these sums were far in excess of real value and were paid because the clubs involved felt they had a need great enough to warrant the extravagance. Those transfers were all financed by the money from PSG for Neymar. We may need another extravagant transfer fee (maybe Ronaldo) to fund another round of big transfers for Mahrez to go for our reported £90M requirement to be met.