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  1. Shakey Sacked

    Our awful recruitment is as much to blame as Shakey for our performances this term. With the exception of Ndidi & Maguire have we improved the team over the last 3 or 4 windows? I think not.
  2. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    I sense another lacklustre and defensive performance on Monday night where we rely totally on long balls up to Vardy which are gleefully headed away by the WBA defence. Nail in the coffin will be a WBA break from our corner where they go virtually unchallenged up the field and slot past Kasper who's been left defenceless as we overcommit trying to get a goal. This defeat leads to Shakey being removed & a new up & coming manager with 4 wins out of 4 is installed. Folks, welcome back to LCFC the legend that is Mr Richie Wellens. All hail the new messiah!!!!!!
  3. Will Islam Slimani finally adapt?

    I think it will continue to be difficult for Slim as they way we play needs him to offer much more in winning his headers & holding up balls played long up to him than he appears able to provide. As a striker converting chances in and around the box he is doing just fine though.
  4. Man U 2 - Leices 0 Post match thread.

    Not bothered by the result. We aren't competing for top 6. It's the games against the others where we make a difference to our season so let's wait to see what team we have and what happens then before getting too carried away.
  5. Shakespeare in talks to extend contract

    Who's to say that an agreement between the owners and Shakespear has not already been made and it's just down to the negotiators to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement. Meanwhile, folks are having a well earned break. There is no real reason why potential recruits to the playing staff could not be told that Shakespear will be the manager if they are that nervous about knowing and its a showstopper. No official statement doesn't necessarily indicate that no decisions have been made.
  6. Manager

    We should aim to establish ourselves in the best of the rest pack as our goal. The step up from there is very definitely a large one.
  7. Bournemouth (H) Match Day Thread

    Where did you find stream? I've fails so far.
  8. Watford (home) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    3-0 flattered us I felt. Whole game had an end of season feel and lacked the intensity it might've had if played earlier in the season. Don't recall any cards being shown, which suggests that both sides were not fully at it. Not surprised by that though.
  9. Trouble in Madrid

    A lot of disgusting behaviour on show from our people. Doesn't condone some of the Police response but we shouldn't be surprised by that given the disrespect being shown to this city. Actually makes me embarrassed and ashamed to be English and a LCFC supporter and has absolutely ruined this historic occasion for me. Wish I hadn't come.
  10. match thread ranieri MNF

    Can't you just say?
  11. Slimani

    I don't think he's been wonderful for us yet but I thought he looked pretty good when he came on against Sunderland. Mobile and aggressive and gave the CB's a much harder time. Like most new recruits into this league it will take fitness and a run of games before we'll be in any real position to make an informed judgement. But he'll need to impress in order to get those opportunities and I think he did that against Sunderland.
  12. Summer 2017 player incoming / outgoing

    He would be a fantastic addition to our team.
  13. Stoke (H) Pre Match Thread

    I don't know what "space flesh" is but it sounds so cool!!!
  14. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    My worry is whether we can keep a clean sheet, because if not we will need to score 3.
  15. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    I'm sure I'll be disappointed if we don't get through tonight, but I do have the odd moment of clarity where I realise we are the reigning Premier League champions and in the last 16 of the Champions League. Truly an extraordinary and historic time to be a LCFC supporter.