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  1. Bablemikey

    The dashcam thread

    What recommendations for dash cams do you folks have?
  2. Bablemikey

    Tax and accountancy matters.

    I’m in the 40% tax band & I would welcome any advice on ways to lessen the amount of tax I pay. Are there some fundamental strategies that I should be looking at?
  3. Bablemikey

    Jonny Evans Signs

    I’m so sorry that my opinion differs from most but I always felt he weakened their defence when he played. He was never on the same level as Vidic and Ferdinand and no better than O’Shea. Seemed to get injured quite a bit too didn’t he? I never thought he was particularly outstanding at West Brom either and certainly wouldn’t have swapped Morgan or Huth for him a couple of seasons ago. As I said though, I hope he proves me wrong.
  4. Bablemikey

    Jonny Evans Signs

    I've never felt Evans was ever anything more than average. I fervently hope he proves me wrong.
  5. Bablemikey

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I think the changes in the way we play that Puel is trying to implement are intended to remove the almost total reliance on Mahrez to create goals for us. I’d imagine then that we will see that creativity from other positions as well as right wing rather than a massive splurge on a single player in a like for like replacement attempt.
  6. Bablemikey


    I’ve long been in the camp that believes a long term strategy is the way for the club to progress in a sustainable way. I’m just not sure at all that football today is an environment where that kind of thinking can survive any more sadly. If we don’t recruit players that can immediately replace the incumbents, or those that leave, & we beat everyone who finished below us I expect we’ll again see the press & our own fans calling for Puel to be sacked. And if that happens we are back to square one. My ambition is to see us consistently finishing “best of the rest” in 7th. Breaking the domination of the top six is getting harder every year for many reasons, not least of which are the financial advantages from various competitions they enjoy.
  7. Bablemikey

    Alfie Mawson

    That's a bit unfair. Have you forgotten the legendary Gary Coatsworth?
  8. Bablemikey


    People really do need spare the contempt and criticism of Rudkins' transfer history and give Macia his moment in the sun too. https://www.lcfc.com/teams/staff/performance-recruitment
  9. Bablemikey

    Adrien Silva

    He looked like the only one who was trying to get in space between the 2 defensive lines. Played a lovely ball in behind the back 4 for mahrez to fire a ball into vardy at the near post. One of the few pacey bits of play we had.
  10. Bablemikey

    Lap of honour

    It was announced over the tannoy before the game.
  11. Bablemikey


    There is a management team in place to support the manager and ensure that his ideas and instructions are fully understood and acted upon so it feels a bit of a weak excuse to me. However if the players don’t buy in and don’t want to play for him then it is a massive problem and the manager will go regardless of how good or forward thinking he might be.
  12. Bablemikey

    Am I the only one with the "meh" feeling?

    I hope we're saving it all up to beat Arsenal, that would absolutely make my day.
  13. Bablemikey


    I'm not convinced there's much to choose between Morgan & Dragovic. I feel Dragovic is a bit better on the ball but thats about it. I think right back along and a number 10 are more of a concern. Not too happy with left back either but we're stronger there than right back in my view.
  14. Heated seats or a complimentary blue tartan travel rug for winter fixtures, I'm just getting too old for winter these days.
  15. Bablemikey

    unrest in the squad

    We look every bit like a team without cohesion and confidence in the manager so I wouldn't be surprised if there is something in this.