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  1. Hope we have enough to win, but it’s clear we are prioritising the league. As well we should.
  2. At the start of this season I felt that another top 6 finish in the league, and reaching the quarter finals of the EL and FA Cup would represent a great season for us. As we stand today we are well on course to do even better than this, and we have a team that's only getting better as the younger players gain experience. Bloody incredible really how far we've come.
  3. what a glorious player Tielemans is. Absolutely runs the show.
  4. I thought we looked a tired team against Leeds, and interestingly Everton did too against Newcastle. I wonder whether the combination of lack of preseason training with the amount of games being played is hurting us, and is the root cause of the amount of injuries we are seeing.
  5. Injuries can happen to anyone at any time so its definitely a concern. But the lad has set a very high bar indeed. Any cover for him is going to have to be a compromise.
  6. Is he the bloke with the questionable sense of fashion?
  7. Boots? You were lucky. We had freeze our feet in -10 ice then hammer nails into our soles with our teeth.
  8. Probably better chance of getting him in if we offered £4m and no Gray
  9. As good as he is, and I rate him highly, I'm really keen to see what the future with Cags and Fofana as a pair looks like.
  10. Remember when Ben Chilwell said about his Chelsea team "This team doesn't know how to lose"? Let's give them a lesson.
  11. Any streams for this? My sportsdonkey is down 😭😭
  12. I think Dennis is going to be a huge loss for us. We should be getting through to the FA cup quarter finals, and have every chance of getting through to the quarters of the europa league, as well as fighting for a top 6 prem spot. Being able to rotate players is going to be key.
  13. A mans doo that’ll never go out of style.
  14. And playing some of the best football I’ve seen us produce in over 40 years too! It’s really an incredible time to be an LCFC fan.
  15. I’d agree, and he’s only going to get better over time too as he learns to find himself a bit more space to work with when midfields work hard to close him down.
  16. Lots of moaning here but let’s just reflect on the fact that despite having played all of the season with a large number of key players missing we have won our Europa League group, are 4th in the league occupying a champions league place, and are above all but 2 of last season’s top 6 teams. Life really ain’t so bad folks.
  17. Yeah, but it's a measure of the man that he has already developed a strategy to deal with us next time we meet. Apparently unless we let them score more he's gonna take the ball back & tell his mum.
  18. I'm not convinced we are good enough to play out from the back and consistently beat their high press. I think this will be a vulnerability they specifically target, along with Justin at left back. Similarly though, Man City's weakness is their defence and I'd want any chances we create to fall to Vardy who definitely has the ability to score any chance that drops for him.
  19. If we want to compete on a consistent basis with the top 6 or top 4 we really do need upgrades throughout the first team squad. All of the following need moving on and upgraded replacements sought. Bennet Morgan Fuchs Amartey Gray Albrighton James Silva Mendy Slimani Iheanacho Perez Diabate
  20. I raise the bar on this and offer up Kapustka.
  21. Or was he deliberately misleading the opposition?
  22. Looking for a big reaction from the players in the next game now.
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