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  1. Honestly, i was pissed off yesterday and still a little annoyed. It has subsided a bit because we have no choice now but to get over it. At least I know these are the tossers who care more about themselves then others. We all have family or neighbours that are the same. Better to know who they are. As I tell my son.... bean in a tin can for a brain. Look at them, shake your head internally and then remember you are not that thick. Smile, nod and move on.
  2. How tight can a mans pants be? No wonder he is covering his bollocks it would be on display
  3. Ive just eaten homemade cinnabons and had a nice cup of chai. Whats this story about again?
  4. I was about to comment in this. They should be allowed to chin any of them if they choose to.
  5. Habs will win again before the leafs and we have no chance right now.. I remember our last cup and it seems like forever. Dont know how you lot suffer so much
  6. Not winning shit. Just like my habs
  7. If this is true then he is a massive t w a t. Stay the eff home you knob
  8. I was about to say make them visit covid patients (clearly not allowed) but perhaps it would wake them up as to the seriousness of the pandemic. They should donate their wages for the rest of the season to a covid charity or something who helps those impacted by the death of a loved one and loss of income. Everyone deserves a second chance but this shit in a pandemic when so many of us are following the rules is a slap in the face.
  9. Scoring those 2 goals infuriates me more.. it helpa on the GD but where was that effort before?
  10. I lost my own mojo but that brought it back even if we lose.
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