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  1. When i lived in hamilton the neighbour on one side was Portuguese, the next 3 houses on the other side were italian. I lived in front of a small court with 3 italian families. 3 of those 6 homes had tony's. Thought they were the real Tony Toni Tone! Lol. Half the block was italian. Here in milton, quite a bit of portuguese and italians too. Neighbours are italian, 2 italians across the street. Sigh. Haha
  2. please germany win this, the portugal fans over here will do my head in. Anyone but them and italy
  3. Piss off southgate you useless t w a t. Wtf have our lads done tonight? Well done scotland deserve the point.
  4. Im not going to post my sh1t comments for the last part of the game. If we win, you all can buy me a few pints.
  5. Give us the solid 15 mins to get a goal u stupid knob. Shuda happened at half!
  6. Come on gareth get those 93rd min subs ready
  7. Another change is needed gareth wake up you slow moving wank juice
  8. Southgate figures unorthodox changes will trick them
  9. Come on lads we can play better than this!
  10. Does sterling know how to shoot the football?
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