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  1. Surprised? No, we could have seen this when they firs entertained hiring him. Back to the championship Franky and learn some more. Maybe he can go to Celtic
  2. Will never see the bills win a superbowl . Good night.
  3. Anyone but tom brady. Bills just aint got it today.
  4. For sure. Wpuld be nice tonwin and then finish brady in a super bowl. But man thats a tall order to even get past mahomes.
  5. We're ****ed. Id rather lose to mahomes now then brady in the superbowl
  6. Brady fuk off already and retire. Enjoy your millions. Some of us selfish cvnts want to see other teams win
  7. Was a stupid, stupid play. Given the clock knowing you still need to stop brady and thrn get a TD you just go for it.
  8. Yea its about near impossible to get through them but was just saying. As a bills fans we know superbowl misery too well.
  9. Just our luck bills finally dont have to worry about brady, will make it to superbowl only to be smashed by him
  10. Useless fact, looks like all fa cup winners today scored 3 goals each.
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