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  1. Bloody hell now you know what i look like.
  2. All this does is almost guarantee burnley will be in the epl next season....... fffuuuuucckkkk what a shitty, boring arse team that needs to be relegated. Having said that i think 40 points might not be enough this season, its going to be tight!
  3. Well done, lets continue on from this and win the next 3 league games convincingly
  4. We are safe so none needed lol. We clearly are going through a phase and think we just got to play through it. Im confident we will be fine in the end but champions league places could be at risk if this goes on too long. The plus is most other big clubs are choking too
  5. Going for a wank. Be back after for a cuppa tea.
  6. Going through a shit patch for sure. Need to find focus, loosen up and be who we were.
  7. I charge by the wank, so seeing as its canine (possible bite attack) your looking at £500.
  8. I know someone over here addicted to it and its caused havoc in their families lives. Whats worse is you hear on the news of these drugs being laced with fentanyl which isnt good either. Edit: the someone isnt me but is a relative.
  9. .....Theres a house for sale on my street Harry. In no traffic, 35 to 40 minute drive downtown Toronto....i can get you an appointment to see the house....i can give the duchess a private showing seeing as shes already in Canada
  10. Hence why i stay in the great white north! Come to the land of frozen tundra! You wont be able to escape from the monarchy though.....
  11. He has 2 years left after this season on 100k a week. Yowsers. Hope the guy find his form again just never against us
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