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  1. Jattdogg

    What grinds my gears...

    I deleted fb over 5 years ago. Dont miss it one bit. Now i can waste my time on here and respectful women on pornhub
  2. Jattdogg


    In keeping with foxestalk haterade, Claude puel anyone?
  3. Jattdogg

    Ripped Jeans - What's the Attraction?

    any "man" caught wearing them should be ashamed of themselves lol. Not my thing but to each their own i suppose.
  4. At times i feel like binning all these top level cvnts because they just dont get us the results when it matters. But then passing up on kane banging in goals with his horse face or scoring a goal kicked by someone else can be tough to pass on. I've got to say, i would love to see an england "B" side of non stars or at least those who dont seem to ever get decent play time with the senior squad (including those in the championship). Get them playing together always and see how they fair against our beloved non deliverers. Sometimes no pressure, hard working players can make shit happen. Heck they probably have just as good a chance as our current side. I feel nowadays these stars just care about the selection, lame handshakes, tweeting/instagraming and not getting injured more so than actually winning a footy game. The entire FA (full of ass) needs sacking.
  5. Jattdogg


    Shinji is a workhorse not a goal scorer. Think we need more shinji character right now (minus easy falls overs)
  6. Legend always but no we need to stick it out with puel and show our support. We are 3 points off of man united/Tottenham, its early days yet lets not panic here.
  7. Jattdogg

    2018 Deathlist

    The money then isnt the same today. Plus i think a lot of players in many sports arent prepared for the fame and handling money.
  8. Jattdogg

    Running a Half Marathon

    I'd add, no sex or masterbation for a few days before.
  9. Jattdogg


    Did something happen yesterday?
  10. Wolves going to win the league now.
  11. Jattdogg

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    But in areas that are 90% likely to be hit? I mean its common sense to leave. I get it to a point if they said its going to hit NewYork but those in washington should evacuate too.
  12. Jattdogg

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Disgraceful to be losing 3 nil
  13. Jattdogg

    Your favourite burger toppings

    Lol definitely the food get smaller!
  14. Jattdogg

    Your favourite burger toppings

    Big mac?
  15. Jattdogg

    Notts Forests

    Nutts Cunty?