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  1. Jattdogg


    Applications Analyst along with another 3 or 4 titles that are thrown at me without actually receiving true recognition for it the life of IT folk.
  2. So Mueller is done his investigation and handed the report to the attorny general. Guess we will hear possibly this weekend about the finding or whatever they choose to provide to the masses. Gut feeling is no proof of trump collusion. Smug trump face and surge in polls ahead
  3. Shocking but not surprised this happens. How long will he be in office for?
  4. Not sure its been mentioned but the original star wars movies are the best ones. Should have left it alone. My wife will disagree as many will lol.
  5. Ya i didnt look into how he was elected but will be interesting to know (too lazy to google myself lol)
  6. I have a good feeling he will be our player. Sending positives vibes
  7. Of course ive seen it. Again im not condoning what he did or the goons did after. I just understand if someone reacted by fighting back with a slap. Its a natural reaction for some people. Im not going to get into a debate over this with you as i dont neccesarily disagree with what you are saying. Its just sad that we have people out there like this politician who makes disgraceful comments, is elected by his peers to begin with and that its okay that people think violence against muslims, anyone for that matter or egg throwing will solve a situation or change attitudes.
  8. Calm down finns nobody is talking about beating the shit out of this kid even though he is old enough to realise not to do that. Theres a line of respect you need to have and at 17 i would not be throwing an egg at an adult or anyone for that matter. My dad would probably beat my ass for doing something like that. Im talking about initial reaction when someone hits you might be to hit back hence why i wouldn't blame someone for an initial reaction. Im not saying beating the shit out of the lad is what you should do nor is it the right thing to do. If he slapped the kid then thought not a good idea yes he should have stopped there. His goons didnt need to do what they did but the day an age we live in you are asking for trouble when you do those things. Is what it is. Oh and yes legally thats not the response to have without being charged for something. Thats common sense. But some people dont care about legality when they are pissed at perceived assault. Some people bite back right or wrong.
  9. His son in law told him to do it.
  10. They served dog shit as tandoori? Bloody desis will do anything to make a buck
  11. Put his views to the side for a minute as he is tosser. If that teen did that to me I'd probably would have slapped him too in the moment (right or wrong). He is 17 looks close enough to being an adult and should know you cant go around assaulting people. Sure you can preach restraint but in the moment theres no telling how anyone would really react. That would have pissed me off royally though if i got egged like that.
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6830699/Man-demands-Brendan-Rodgers-return-Celtic-end-armed-stand-off.html
  13. Sounds like a $hit plan to me. If traffic is that bad the only way around it is to ban vehicles into town and only allow buses/ light rail. Its only going to get worse with more cars etc. You cant really make lanes wider for more volume. Something has got to give. Better ideas are needed for the long term and i dont think i have the answers as there as smarter engineers out there who should be able to figure this out. Having said that congestion will always be there. If you remove traffic you just push the problem further out. Our ways of thinking about commuting especially in 2019 need to change. Perhaps Working from home should be mandated for most people who can do so these days. The days of going into the office are no longer needed.
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