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  1. Jattdogg

    Anyone had the snip?

    Never gonna get it done. Waiting for my turn to impregnate my beloved beyonce or any hot rich woman
  2. Jattdogg

    Coronation Street

    Wouldnt stop me. For all i know that's her gay black friend.
  3. Jattdogg

    Anyone had the snip?

    Time to change the name. Turboblank
  4. Jattdogg

    What grinds my gears...

    If i lived in england i definitely would have stopped by to call one of your lovely staff (or even yourself) an ostrich.
  5. Jattdogg

    What grinds my gears...

    I think it just depends on what you like. We have a pedantry thread and crazies posting puns or nonsense in the transfer forum. I can't write proper english sentences (except when i am at work) and my puns are hit or miss. I'm screwed! Lol Some posters are more serious about football talk only backed up by hard core facts others just have opinions and make them known (garbage or not). There is something for everyone and the block feature is wonderful. I love reading what all of you have to say but am limited in good/quality responses at times as i've got kids to watch/teach/help and other adult things to do such as working, cooking, masterbating, house work etc. I tend to browse in between things i do throughout the day. Its like a crack addiction for me. Having said that i don't ever post hoping for a like or reputation point. Thats just sad lol.
  6. Jattdogg

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Dont lie, you probably get a semi
  7. Man city killed it last year and then decided why not add mahrez. Cant see them losing the title unless they tire or focus this season on winning thr champs league and challenging only for top 3 champs league spot.
  8. Jattdogg

    FIFA 18

    ..and to think i bought fifa 17 when i bought my xbox downloaded it but never played it until yesterday... kids, work and a hoise move will do that to ya
  9. Jattdogg

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    I dont blame them. Who would want to lose such an amazing player! That was awesome of pogba though hehe. Miss kante!
  10. Jattdogg

    Questions Thread

    See for once i know you are not joking. Stop bragging about being a genius mathematician.
  11. Jattdogg

    President Trump & the USA

    He is a messiah to his supporters. Can do no wrong. Its all fake news.
  12. Jattdogg

    President Trump & the USA

    Republicans have no balls and will accept that saying well im glad he corrected himself lets move on.
  13. Jattdogg

    Other Clubs Sniffing Around...

    And we sniff around other teams players whether in prem league, championship, ligue 1, serie A etc It's just the way it goes. Run with it and smile, we won the league so life is good! Im clearly in a good happy mood and not bothered