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  1. http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/ Believe pixel 3 has ip68.
  2. I have to get my wife a phone soon so unless i find a deal on another phone with a good water IP rating im leaning towards the pixel 3a. Will get android updates first too i believe. I know Sony phones dont have a great image in terms of comparisons to the popular samsungs and iphones but my wifes sony xperia has been bloody solid. Cant remember which model but was brand new in 2014 and always toook better pics then my s5. Now i have a s9+. Will still check out sony. I would be looking into Huawei but with them getting the wrong attention from canada/usa the last thing id want is to cross the border and they take the phone
  3. If we sign him does he need to go on the obligatory 12 medicals?
  4. What a boring final. Fck boston and who cares about the blues? About as exciting as nothing. Cant see high ratings on this series.
  5. Def sinclair. Did i ever tell you i saw kara lang here in milton at a kids play place. Think i did. Meeeoooooowww. As for the footy, only a handful of nations worthy of watching but even then if i happen to see it on the tube will watch. Not making plans to watch right now
  6. Been a game of home teams. Also, could have very well been 3-1 for both teams. We had game but dropped a bollock or two. They almost stole game 3. This is more like playoff basketball. I think the series favours milwaukee i just hope we can use that veteran factor and steal a game.
  7. If thats legit, america has gone way too far to ever come back to normal (if they ever were normal)
  8. Jattdogg

    Did some DIY

    The full iheanacho? or did he miss and only get a partial "ihea" on it?
  9. Fook me tough win for raps. Come on boys
  10. I said this as i saw the kit and scrolled down and saw your comment
  11. Will get a ring for doing nothing
  12. Thats the scary part. They even have DeMarcus cousins if he wasnt injured.
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