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  1. Fook me, Canada is next seeing as we have elections this year.
  2. Time to shut this down. The deal is dead.
  3. Sean from Bellenderby probably just posts bets hoping to will deals into fruition and strike it rich Lol
  4. Waiting for Brazilians like that Canadian lady boy in BC?
  5. Lol again didnt want to offend any Jewish city fans.
  6. Dont want to offend anyone seeing as its a religious related thing but perhaps more than borderline
  7. Oh dear, these posts have me LOL'ing. Imagine the next week whilst playing at school he does just this and says it in front of the teacher lol.
  8. You won, all the good news you need...for now
  9. If this is true, wtf! Torture, child abuse, and borderline pedo-ish.
  10. Probably have....with a concussion and burnt hands you wont have to try and pleasure your significant other.
  11. Fookin hot! Canada, from +33 (and beyond) to -33 (and beyond), we must be one of the most adaptable lot over here. Drop us anywhere we will manage somehow. Give us a molson canadian, poutine and its game on.
  12. Jattdogg


    What a captain dick! Take a loss and tell him to piss off. I get he was probably eager and excited but what a childish tit.
  13. Lol at united fans you poverty t w a t s. Oh how you have fallen into deep smelly shite. What part of "we dont need to sell him" do you not understand? He is locked in long term, english international and has a slab for a head. If you want to take one of our best defenders you can have him but the price is the price. If you don't like it, fuk off and buy Dunk as he appears to be more in line with your budget.
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