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  1. Barcelona Terror Attack

    For fukc sakes not again... bless those injured and killed Sickening crap.
  2. Drinkwater

    Well id rather he not make england squad so that some cvnty big club buys him for 15 to 30 mill
  3. Mahrez to .......................?

    Only place mahrez is going to is Asda to buy some tissues
  4. Drinkwater

    In before the lock. He was $hit anyways. No he wasn't but someone has to make a silly comment like that so might as well steal someone elses thunder
  5. Drinkwater

    Thats if he even left us for anyone else. He wouldnt have gone to China. Either way 20 or 32 mil is still called getting fleeced.
  6. Drinkwater

    You hosed us on kante. We want payback biatch. The price is 40 million or fuk off like roma.
  7. President Trump & the USA

    ......Because its freedom of speech and they have a right to protest.... So they should be afforded the same rights as those who arent racist etc...... Americans cant see how wrong that is. More concerned about 'freedom of speech' and protests being allowed then to call this for what it is, hate and make it unlawful to protest hate (i dont care if its black hate, white hate, Hispanic etc). But hey aparently they had the all important protest licenses in order so that makes it perfectly good. You have a right to free speech and not a right to hate. There are and should be some exceptions to that such as racism! I know its a slippery slope but it needs to be revisited. I dont care what the constitution or laws say. Change your bloody laws...oh wait that wont happen just like outlawing guns wont happen because people will throw a hissy fit and go mental if you try. The country is a hot mess and wont ever get better. If slavery and world wars couldnt end this crap then nothing will until the American people have a change of thought process or splits into two countries. Sorry, just early morning ranting.
  8. President Trump & the USA

    Trump is pathetic. Nothing left to say.
  9. European Football 17/18

    Psg bought neymar, anything is possible no matter how much you, i or any one smokes the green leaf Just saying with messi apparetly cussing on social media is that a sign of a crack???? Althouh im sure he has a massive buyout that would make it near possible
  10. European Football 17/18

    Feel like Messi will be gone by next summer. He is 30 and his career will be on the decline sooner than later (still think he will be a great player for 3 more years). Barca should cash in while they can.
  11. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    They are money grabs. Safety is an after thought.
  12. How Was Your Day?

    Had some yesterday. Were tasty. I like raspberry and strawberry more though. Used to go picking wild raspberries from a local forest.
  13. How Was Your Day?

    Sitting outside in my back garden while my son runs through the sprinkler. Lovely 27 celsius out here. Sitting in the shade with a nice cool breeze. All thats missing is a pint. Wonderful way to finish my 1 week vacation.
  14. The breast in the bogs

    Only logical explanation is someone was trying to get a penis squeeze in on fake honkers and one fell out into the bog. Wasnt me.