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  1. Either 2 nil loss or we win 4-1
  2. Tied it up bluuddddd. Vengahhhhh out..ohwait fam
  3. Just come back from grocery shopping and have seen the united score LMFAO. Way to go Arry, all about them £ notes thanks for the money we wont forget the sacrifice you made for us What a disaster United are. Spend how much year in, year out and still crap. Keep falling you tossers!
  4. When you toss in £10 million it sure is
  5. Bloody brilliant. Started off with some bacon, egg, toast, cuppa then city slapping spurs. Then took the kids with the wife up to a farm with a bunch of fun things for the kids to do, play on. Had lunch, saw some milfs walking around. Purchased pecan pie, pumpkin donuts, mint chocolate fudge then grabbed an ice cream on the way home lol. Its one of those fat bastard days topped off with leftover pizza and a big salad. Now sat here laying on the bed with the fan blowing cool air over me bollocks. Its 28 feels like 33 outside right now, beauty!
  6. Tough league to get out of but you can turn it around withba few wins. Me thinks you might be in that league for a few seasons though.
  7. Look at this guy having an extended wank in the shower after todays match. Gentleman of luxury with these 15 minute showers!
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