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  1. It's a disgrace. Agreed. Absolutely 100%.
  2. Jattdogg

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    Once you puel it in you can never puel it out
  3. Jattdogg

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Fcukin groundhogs!
  4. Jattdogg

    President Trump & the USA

    Don't do that! Don't insult the word "pathetic".
  5. Jattdogg

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Sleep with the boss then
  6. Jattdogg

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    This thread is kind of like the cvnt calling the other cvnt a cvnt because we all know the other cvnt thinks we are cvnts too lol.
  7. On the broadcast we didnt get to see the tribute video with the cutting to crowd shots but was beautiful getting to see it in its entirety. Bit of an emotional day as my dads been in hospital for heart problems but it brought tears to my eyes. We are in good hands with Top to help carry on the vision for the club. We all know he was close with his dad and part of the successes. It will be tough for him dealing with the loss of a great father but he definitely has his fathers characteristic in him and proud to have had both of these guys at pur club. We are with you Top and your family always.
  8. So proud of the players and everyone at the club, fans. So proud to be a fox.
  9. Jattdogg

    Burnley Match Thread

    Trying to be respectful of the day. You all know what we want to say
  10. Jattdogg

    Burnley Match Thread

    Dislike dean but will be polite and not say what i want to say.
  11. Jattdogg

    Burnley Match Thread

    Not a yellow for me.
  12. Jattdogg

    Burnley Match Thread

    Come on vardy this game needs you
  13. Jattdogg

    Burnley Match Thread

    Beautiful scenes. Leicester till i die
  14. Jattdogg

    Burnley Match Thread

    That was tough to watch. Tears. Much respect
  15. Jattdogg

    Khun Vichai and Piers Morgan.

    Indeed. But every now and then i need to feel good about life and calling him a twat helps. Lol