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  1. Agreed. Imagine if Giannis came to Toronto in free agency....ahhh what a pipe dream. Lol
  2. Im in the market for some new glasses as my prescription has changed based on the last eye test. The dr there was trying to tell me about blue light lenses amd benefits seeing as i sit in front of a computer screen all day. Was naturally skeptical and have been reading up on it. Also just read this local article about it https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/marketplace-blue-light-lenses-hidden-camera-investigation-1.5364678 I'm a scientific guy so i like to review science and evidence/facts. Not that there is a lot on this but when i spoke to the dr there was no real smoking gun scientific evidence she could give. Perhaps its just a marketing gimmick. Anyone here have them? If so, have you noticed any difference? I'm leaning to an absolute firm no at this point. A colleague of mine had and got rid of them
  3. Jattdogg

    Xmas presents

    Well played sir........ ........So december 25th mrs boots will be on tinder then? Lol.
  4. Guy is a freakin stud for 20 year old. Give him that max contract now
  5. I dont discount that hence why i added the part about him winning trophies. I am just not sold on him being the right guy for them. He doesn't appear to fit their lineup and given his bustups with players and spurs softy personalities, lack of spending i just dont see how this is the best move for them. But hey we hired claude puel so anything is possible. He either becomes their fergie or this ends very badly.
  6. If im Eriksen and lived with a tighted fisted owner, 0 trophies and a questionable manager in Mourinho (yes he has won trophies...) nothing is looking too positive unless spurs turn it around before january and they spend cash. If a better offer comes in he is gone.
  7. Lol Below Everton who are in 15th on 14 points about 12 pts behind us or so. Righhhtttt.
  8. Well, i too don't care for the Beatles. Granted i am almost 40 so perhaps not part of my era. I do try to keep an open mind when it comes to music however i just don't dig them. I wouldn't say they are shite just not my cup of tea and perhaps over rated a tad. To each their own. ....Let me get that tupac CD out.... queue the hate
  9. The only thing guaranteed to be coming home after the euro's is herpes.
  10. Finishing the day off with some red Leicester cheese. The crap mass marketed cheese in Canada sucks. Costs $4.99 for a 450g block for the crap. Got me a small piece of some decent red leicester from a local grocer for $10 and like 200g lol. Imported but i treat myself once in a blue moon. One thing that sucks about Canada is quality food.
  11. Looks like you've scored a sweet tax payer funded gig. Now you just need to get old Queen Elizabeth to get you a yearly tax free salary close to her son Prince Andrew AND seal the deal with her sexually.
  12. You have a better chance becoming the king of Canada then getting a company to reimburse a non employee for interview travel expenses. Might be a thing there but never heard of that here. They would just say, do you want a job opportunity or not
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