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  1. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    Never nice to get it but hope he recovers and explains how he to was clearly involved in so called immoral homosexuality. Man, the mans passion for wanting people to wake up struck me i almost wanted to cry at his pain. Glad this man gives a fool about his fellow mans well being (other than the shoot in the ass part lol)
  2. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    Watched this earlier today, like the way he explained things including the pimp part. Of course i hope what he said was all 100% accurate as i am no medical doctor or nurse.
  3. If leeds get promoted, lots of hiding spots for Biesla
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/11329263/kyle-walker-sex-party-hookers-coronavirus-lockdown/amp/ Days earlier, he posted a video message on Instagram for his 1.7million followers in which he encouraged fans to abide by the advice. He put out similar Twitter messages. Louise added: “Kyle really should know better. “On the one hand he’s inviting strangers round to his house for sex, and the next day he’s lecturing everyone on the need to stay safe. “He’s a hypocrite and putting people at risk.” lol....honey, are you not putting yourself at risk either? How the eff did she get accepted to university?...oh wait......
  5. Went to switch the winter tires on my CRV to my all season rims and one of the plastic hub rings on the all season rims is broken and auto places are closed today so that was that. Then went to switch my civic snow tires over and the lock nut feckin broke off and i can't get it off. Again, stores are closed so attempting any macgyver remedies (thanks YouTube) without the proper tools won't happen and so fail number two today. Apparently, I'm not meant to change the snow tires yet. Someone is telling me something! So, washed both cars instead as it was a decent 12 celsius out. We still have some light flurries (over here) in the upcoming forecast so not yet ready to detail the inside for a few more weeks. Kids are on point today with being cvnts though. Fun times!
  6. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    This is why it's important for people like this to quit. I can accept an apology and will accept hers but she shouldn't continue in that role. If you can't lead by example (in the most critical of times) then step aside and perhaps help advise someone else who will actually follow the advice/rules.
  7. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    Do as i say, not as i do. Isn't that what most parents say to their kids? Lol What a bell that woman is though.
  8. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    Sure did but this is all on Trump. He is a major t w a t. https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN21M0MX
  9. Getting over a stomach bug so nothing crazy. Mushroom, onion and cheese omelette with a slice of toast. Exciting times in this household. Kids had left over pasta bolognese
  10. So you had a few pints, felt her up a bit, setting her up for a late night surprise but not before she's cooked all that for you? Well played sir. Still trying to figure out dinner over here and its already 5pm.
  11. Trying to be positive and hope thats not the case. Sigh
  12. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    I totally agree with you 100%. Its a matter of time before all PL clubs follow suit though isn't it? I really hope not but seems like that may happen.
  13. Jattdogg

    Corona Virus

    i understand any club can do this with the 80% govt assistance thing but it just hurt the most vulnerable in the end with increased taxes to pay this all back. Liverpool are topping up the other 20% from what i read but how is it players still get paid and not furloughed? I havent been on top of that aspect and perhaps there is some legal reason but it ticks me off. If your club is up shits creek i understand. Dont think liverpool has much to worry about though. I hope all clubs including ours hold out as long as possible before having to suffer undue hardship.
  14. Never been there but in that area often. Got a low Google rating
  15. Think it's more ignorance per say. I understand the " easy connection" but it's not that way at all. Change your way of thinking bro! Covid doesnt hate based on skin colour.
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