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  1. Very good keeper and gets to go out while still playing well. I do think his time has come though. Enjoy the fruits of your labour now you rich arse youngin lol.
  2. Jattdogg

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Sums it up. He will be in our starting lineup come august
  3. Jattdogg

    What grinds my gears...

    See you've met my father inlaw. Whats happening on the island the bastard never paid for my ticket.
  4. Jattdogg

    How Was Your Day?

    Is that a picture of the red flag?
  5. Jattdogg


    Jeeeeez here in Ontario when you sell your house you pay both the buyers and sellers agents. Usually the buyer agent gets 2.5% of the sale and your agent is negotiable but overall you are around 3.5% to 5% of total sale price. You are talking 20k to 40k canadian depending on market value and in the greater toronto area 20k is like a minimum. Thats like 11k £ to 23k £. Pure bollocks.
  6. Jattdogg

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Pearson always has scotland at his disposal
  7. Might as well post a comment on that thread saying "Shocker, messi with dream move to EPL at LCFC".
  8. Jattdogg


    Classy guy but a move would be best for both parties. I think okazaki could do well for a team like celtic/rangers and may be able to lift another trophy.
  9. Poch what were you saying about that title race? Spursy no doubt.
  10. Yup he is leaving after this game for a few weeks i believe
  11. Jattdogg

    What grinds my gears...

    Just concerned it might spoil their instagram poses after the match really.
  12. So much for the high scoring predictions. Now id actually like united to smash spurs (and finish their title hopes for them) but i can see spurs taking this one. Uniteds defense will have a nightmare against son and kane me thinks.