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  1. Dont care for tata orange pekoe, prefer tetley
  2. Lol like i said its easier and to be honest most brown folk do that these days. It's rare that i go to a cousins house where someone busts out loose tea leaves. In india perhaps but i dont see it much in the western world. At least in my experiences.
  3. I imagine its just an afghani version of indian chai but could be way off base. With the chai i make it has milk, water, tetley tea bags (easier), cinnamon stick, fenugreek seeds, clove, green cardamom pods. It always tastes better with sugar and you can put ginger in it too. Definitely different to your regular tea.
  4. Yes but that wont do anything as the ground is probably dried mud for quite a bit first world problems though!
  5. Oh dear no Bear, noooooo!!!! That stuff is rancid. My mum loved it but i just could never handle it.
  6. Come to Canada and buy how you like. Legal or not. Enjoy a tim hortons coffee & donut at the same time. Good lord stop speaking common sense on this forum!
  7. enjoying my first cuppa this morning as i read this. Agree with this 100%
  8. She's a fake footballer. I mean, I'm a fake footballer but sexy as heck. I also am hairy, light brown skin in colour and have a massive cock. Turned on still? Lol
  9. Was 34 celsius, feels like 42 in milton. Bloody scorcher out there and tough to breathe in. Been like this for what two weeks now? No end in site. Its going to dip to 28 or so over the weekend but by Wednesday back to 30+. My front lawn has barely and green grass left. That storm of rain did nothing last night and it was torrential!
  10. To be honest i will be pissed if we fail to secure champions league footy but given how our seasons have gone since we won the league Europa at a minimum would be welcome. Sure, it's not as prestigious but it might help attract footballers who want to play in the competition. I would take that cup over the FA Cup anyday as it qualifies us for champions league. I also would welcome any cup title that allows us to say championayyyyys
  11. Fix was in awhile ago. 5th is our best option
  12. 15 goals for United in league games since we resumed play over 5 games. Unless i cant add
  13. Letting United catch up on goal difference too. Lol ok maybe a reach.
  14. Glazers e-transfering to moss as we speak
  15. Sums it up. They can get mad at the red or non red for vardy or the so called offside goal...blah blah. If they had just converted their chances they would have guaranteed a win even if vardy scored. You could say the same about our chances.
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