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  1. Would agree with an away draw not being the worst result whereas a defeat to a newly promoted side and following on from our poor end of season form would start ringing the alarm bells.
  2. Red card waiting to happen !
  3. Not lasting the season ? A manager of his pedigree at a middling club , who would you expect to take over - an other Dave Basset ?
  4. Hope so would hate to see a legend playing for another club.
  5. Only at the right price as he is still under contract.
  6. Over rated and good business.
  7. Tammy Abraham would be a great foil for Vardy ! Unsure of future at Chelsea.
  8. jerry

    David Brooks

    Ryan Fraser would be an excellent signing.
  9. Not sure about only playing half a season, would be good for us to play for more than one half in most of the games !
  10. O k just let's go back to the Championship ,would that cheer you up ?
  11. Agreed need to get a reality check.
  12. Entitled fans since we won the league - not that long ago we were in 3rd division !
  13. We are Leicester and you are expecting top 4 !
  14. With a full strength side I would be cautiously optimistic but feel United will have far too much for us,expect a quick start and two goals down by ha!f time to quell any Utd nerves.No way will we keep a clean sheet but would have settled for Europa League at the start of the season, just hope we don't carry the present form over to the new season.
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