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  1. Hope he stays fit and plays to his ability with you - like all our fans not seen much of him but think there could be an excellent player in there! Good luck and please beat Forest to promotion.
  2. Could be construed as just sour grapes ! City had enough of the play and chances to make one incident irrelevant .
  3. Good luck in the final and thanks for a balanced view - refreshing on this forum !
  4. Having supported City since 62 and attended the 69 cup final when we lost to Man City l appreciate disappointment with losing but for heaven's sake it's not life and death it's only sport and can't understand today's vitriol and tribal nature of fans.City fans with a deep hatred of Villa can surely console themselves that they are possibly due a heavy defeat on their big day out and who knows maybe we have also avoided a similar fate .
  5. After Burnley we play 5 games in 13 days including two cup games - season defining period and not confidant after yesterday's debacle.
  6. If we were to win the F A Cup I would die happy having seen us lose three finals in the sixties -the missus has offered support for that which is a bit of a concern as its a hope not an objective !
  7. I was there in 69 and although hope City can get to the final would anticipate a rematch with more than a little trepidation having watched Man City in the first half last night ! I'm sure Watford were looking forward to last year's cup final and we all know how that one ended !
  8. Surprised if it exceeds 25000
  9. Just beaten by a better side don't analize too much and don't pick scapegoats for the loss.
  10. From his comments seems happy with a narrow defeat - either has negative tactics or is aware despite talking us up of the limitations of his squad? Suspect it is a combination of both.
  11. We got what we deserved - Man u didn't need to get out of second gear - top 4 Stronger , get real.
  12. Starting to look like Puel Mark 2 - lots of possession and no goal threat so one all draw.
  13. Personally currently aged 68 - still alive !!
  14. Fifty years since I watched us lose another cup final at Wembley, the third in eight years so I too along with Stoopid would love us to put everything into winning this before I shuffle off this mortal coil ! Please Brendan make winning the F A cup our priority along with Premier long term safety.
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