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  1. I wonder if Brendan can pick up some tips from our Forum Tacticians?
  2. Me too. Still have memories of attending the 69 Final against them and more recently their 6 nil final whitewash of poor Watford.
  3. Punishment for Maddison seems to have been a round of golf whilst his team were losing a crucial game.
  4. When key workers are putting there lives at risk this little shit seems to be above all of this , been payed thousands a week to kick a football , please anyone defending him and his actions have a sense of perspective.
  5. Personally I don't give a fu.. for qualifying for a tournament coming fourth . All about the money and thats what has spoilt the game , obscene wages and transfer fees sadly we have lost a sense of perspective.
  6. Agree with that sentiment, I know its defeatist but rather not make the Final if it means five finals since the war and five defeats . Not comparing us to Palace but dont think they have recovered from losing 6 nil to Man City in the final . Just to contradict myself would LOVE us to win it 😊
  7. Pipe smoke in the sixties ,defined an era .
  8. If Man City are serious about winning the cup then good luck to the other semi finalists. Having been at the 69 final and witnesses us losing 3 finals in the sixties would you be happy us getting to another final and losing or avoiding that ignominy?
  9. Not defeated them in 13 games though, worst record than against any other team.
  10. Sums up modern football? All about finance and ability to pay obscene wages to retain your best players. Realise I am a dinosaur but afraid the glamour and magic is or has disappeared from the game when coming 4th supersedes winning a trophy we have never won and I would love us to win before the grim reaper appears🤔
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