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  1. Expect he is just playing Devils Advocate, can't imagine a real can would not like to see his Team win a Trophy.
  2. Get to the semis and let's see if some fans indifference changes, finish in a position to qualify for Europe or win a Trophy ? Difficult decision for a fan ?🤔
  3. Cold Blow Lane - remember it well and also being surrounded by Millwall Fans so a bit hairy. Worse situation was the 5th round replay at Anfield when after the match we had all the windows put out in the coach by bricks thrown by the lovely home fans waiting for us on Scotland Road - other coaches had the same done to them. Quite poignant tho to think we were in the same Lepping Road end at Hillsborough for the semi that exactly 20 years later all those Liverpool fans would perish.
  4. I had just turned 18 and was at Anfield for our win in the fifth round and was convinced we were going to win the Cup but hey, have since discovered life is full of disappointments but would just love us to win the Cup before the grim reaper calls
  5. Just like me in 69 it didn't end well unfortunately 😪
  6. jerry

    Ozan Kabak

    Agree about Under, has to show more to warrant £30 million transfer and I get the impression Brendon is not sold on him yet .
  7. Having been at the 69 Cup Final so would i
  8. Just be better things to do on a Sunday than watching that pile of !!!! Though.🤔
  9. Would be ironic if cancelled after 2 points avoidably dropped at Palace.
  10. Hindsight is a great thing I know but maybe start with Vardy and Ndidi and rest later in the game although I do agree with Paul Scholes who has little time for this tiredness excuse and had played 60 games in a season in days gone by, and on worse pitches.
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