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  1. You know the ones.. those tracks on the albums that were never made into a single, but should have been I’ll start with... you probably couldn’t see for the lights but you were staring straight at me - arctic monkeys can’t be bothered going past page 1 to check if this has already been done
  2. im in berlin now check out berliner republik in freidrichtstraße .. they do a stock exchange type of thing with the beer. the one that sells the least goes down in price etc. im having 3€ pints in there atm also if you fancy doing a tour would one million percent recommend the ‘rude bastards tour’.. it’s a non pc tour. really funny and informative
  3. I was waiting for him to suggest they sign him to replace Maguire
  4. I'm in Sweden now. life as close to normal as anywhere I've seen.
  5. the most baffling thing about all of this is that the news of a local lockdown gets 'rumoured' a day or two before it comes into force. its the same with the travel corridor changes, always rumoured and then one or two days later it gets announced why is it so difficult for the government to just announce it properly rather than leak rumours (rhetorical question)
  6. pahahahahaha did he really cup his ears. i love that man.
  7. they get a little red armband to wear too!
  8. covid secure marshals. lol. what a title
  9. seen this home kit in the flesh today. sans sponsor. ja baby, ja.
  10. if we all go about licking door handles again can we get another local lockdown on so he can’t get into the city?
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