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  1. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    The All Blue Home Kit

    Gold shorts for me.
  2. AllGoneTitsSchlupp


  3. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    If 2018/19 was a gif

  4. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    Looking forward to this. I’d take a 3-1 win. Vardy twice & Tele Head from a Ghezzal corner in the 73rd.
  5. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Space hopper

    I thought this was going to be a thread similar to the one about Cheese's dinosaur.
  6. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Realistic Expectations

    Yes. Where in the league do you think we should be? You're welcome.
  7. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Bands/Singers That You DOn't Like But Feel Like You Should

    Foo Fighters.
  8. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Wolves (A) 12.30 - 19th January

    1 adult spare for this still. PM me. SOLD
  9. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Robert Huth Retires

    Don't we all want to find someone who looks at us the way Wes is looking at Huth there? All the best to the berlin wall. Legend.
  10. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    I love Claude

    Now tell us what you really think.
  11. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Moronic things fans near you say....

    “Puel out”.
  12. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Wolves (A) 12.30 - 19th January

    Mine is in JL3.
  13. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Wolves (A) 12.30 - 19th January

    I have 1 for sale for this face value £30.
  14. AllGoneTitsSchlupp

    Chelsea (a) Pre-match thread 22nd December

    As far as I can remember SFE has got them all right. Even the most bizarre ones. Incredible scenes.