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  1. went through all of The English Game in 1 sitting. tells the story of the early years of the FA cup. real good
  2. Have the servers got worse? I haven’t played for a couple of months. 2 squad battles games, 2 disconnections and 2 0-3 losses. Great
  3. i'll give you 9 rolls of andrex for it
  4. i think matty james did his acl didnt he
  5. locked down for 8 weeks of 'working from home' not been this happy since we put 9 past southampton. whos coming pub? oh
  6. anyone else volunteering for human trial to earn 3.5k? see you all in watford
  7. been booted out of my seat in k1 for this one. anyone on here know how i can get in or around the union fs lot in sk1? need 2 spaces
  8. this is so exciting. our team have been told to stay at home for the rest of the week by work. but they're still happy for me to go to london tomorrow for a meeting. go figure
  9. Has anyone on here got it yet?
  10. I know people don't like Sean but jeez.
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