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  1. bj said in his commons briefing that it will be a country as a whole that moves out of lockdown together. no more local
  2. I still can’t quite believe he used to play for us
  3. Alonso involved in an accident whilst out cycling. Alpine F1 statement on Twitter.
  4. we've announced the hotel quarantine....with no contracts with any hotels for these people to actually quarantine in. another gold star for the government
  5. saw in that article that F1 is only proposing an extra $75k for teams to take part (with a front wing costing up to $200k) - think that's the reason we won't see the sprint races happen all for an extra qualifying session taking place on a Friday though in the place of FP2. that would be great for fans at the circuit
  6. this dont get what we’re dicking about for (still) just shut the borders and adopt the aussie model of no one in or out, until we’ve vaccinated all of our own. can’t see how we can expect to open up and do normal life when we could have the next ‘variant’ coming in and screwing it all up
  7. is anyone thinking of pre booking for Silverstone this year? We're just looking at it, want to be sure on T&Cs re covid though. Just want something to look forward to
  8. Russell got to be in the Mercedes in 2022
  9. just booked my appt to donate plasma. anyone here done it ? what was it like ?
  10. when we played them at home earlier in the season the pundits were actually saying DCL was on Vardy’s level.
  11. just came here to post that. they’re so patronising aren’t they. gabriel jesus seemed genuinely shocked that a team dared go to the etihad and play well....???
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