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  1. does anybody want to come to Manchester with me on tuesday and start a riot? bring yellow and green items
  2. yea just gonna have to call them aren't i, I doubt we are that organised that we are validating qr codes on the bus tho
  3. I'm laughing, because if I don't, I'll cry
  4. loads left. got mine, but didn't change my address in time and they cut it off. I am moving to stamford on Saturday but still had to book on the coach or it wouldn't let me buy them !!
  5. the little queue guy is annoying me WALK FASTER
  6. you know chelsea is in l...never mind
  7. the devil works hard but @Ric Flair works harder 💅
  8. this is a weird one isn't it, i am genuinely moving to stamford this weekend so changed my address last night. my new driving license won't be here for up to 2 weeks wonder where it would flag up. there won't be addresses on tickets surely
  9. but wowya 45 big ones for a mandatory no smiling no fun allowed coach
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