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  1. How can you see that? It won't let me through to buy tickets online
  2. Like it. Got the impression it was the style he wanted to take Kasabian towards with the 48:13 album before they released FCOL. Was in two minds about going to the Birmingham gig and wish I had now.
  3. If anyone on here isn’t selling their tickets and still going. What are your plans for travel? Trains look a nightmare with the last one out of Piccadilly at 22.07 to anywhere that resembles being close to Leicester.
  4. How do I add a signature?
  5. That was me! I don't say this lightly, but I will fight anybody who tries to tell me that Ben Chilwell is not the next Gareth Bale. Anybody. He’s going to score a 20 yard overhead kick before the end of the season. I can feel it.
  6. Woke up this morning feeling fine, got Youri Tielemans on my mind. Youri’s playing the way that the leicester should. oh yeaaaaaaah. something tells me i’m onto something good
  7. 9 months to the day England beat Colombia on penalties.
  8. Could have sworn he walked past me in K1 today. Weird.
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