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  1. Not coming back from America for Christmas though are you, pal.
  2. Come and sit with me. We can both call him Bale, and then later get called out for it online.
  3. TLDR above but......Yes that is anfield in his profile picture. Please no meltdowns if it has already been posted.
  4. Youtube highlight reel please.
  5. I was hoping they would, and hope for your sake they do. I only have 1 RTTF (Wass) and was hoping he would at least maintain value when he changes to EL. His value has gone down 10k minimum since full time in their game. Great.
  6. Always the same when ‘big clubs’ come to town, and even when we go away to the same teams.
  7. He should have been able to get them relegated after he did that. Should have had a job for life!
  8. Fifa noob question. I got RTTF UCL Wass in a pack, Valencia don’t look like going through. Will he change to RTTF Europa League when they finish 3rd?
  9. Man City consider Jonny Evans and Caglar Soyuncu Like clockwork.
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