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  1. arteta saying vardy should have been sent for falling over and his foot hitting mustafi hahahahahahahahha
  2. gonna be st marys 110%
  3. burbage fishery is world class. guess where it is
  4. hermes can get to F! had a delivery today that had apparently been signed for... when I wasn't home... I get home and its just chucked down by my front door. i'm firmly a dpd man myself
  5. daniel farke looks like he should have a lot more of an aggressive german accent than he actually does
  6. for a decent little town market harborough seems to have a crazy amount of scrotes. lived there for a bit last year. its either scrotes or tories. weird
  7. and what is prickly ash? get out. just accept your fate as sexy mysterious flavour
  8. 23 flavours? thats insane. i swear it doesn’t taste like any of the above. the flavour adjudication panel might accept almond at a push, but lemon? nah
  9. does anyone know what dr pepper actually tastes of ? im not having that there is a fruit out there that tastes like that
  10. has anyone tried the 17p lemonade in tesco ? now that, gentlemen, that, is a drink
  11. feels wrong seeing that as a good thing, doesn’t it ? right direction tho
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