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  1. Can't believe people are defending Slimani in this thread. He was unbelievably poor, genuinely lower end Championship level and that's when he should have been bursting a gut to make a good impression.
  2. I'd rather finish say 10th rather than 8th and not have to watch a completely turgid brand of defensive football week in week out, home or away, whether it gets results or not. If you're talking 4th Vs 6th then it becomes a different discussion but neither LCFC not Portugal B will finish that high up.
  3. Wolves play away. A 0-1 win guaranteed. With about 30% possession. It's why they will finish above us, they are ruthless and will do whatever they need to to win even though they are grim to watch. **** it I'd rather finish 2/3 places below and not have to watch that shite.
  4. Totally agree with this. He is very good at what he does well. He can take the ball under extreme pressure and find a pass. Not many players can do that and it allows you to break through lines. He has a use to the team but we are not using him right
  5. He is built like a teenage boy in a man's game.
  6. I agree but it's better than football being indefinitely cancelled. Lesser of 2 evils. Could never get tickets before anyway....
  7. Thanks for your insightful contribution. 🤡🤡🤡
  8. Come on, we have a really talented side and on paper have a top 7/8 team on talent alone.
  9. That's a good way of putting it. He is good at what he does in setting up a team and let's recognise what a good coach he is in improving players technically but he is completely undynamic/ one dimensional too. A poundland Pep!
  10. I agree totally, the last 2 performances have been unacceptable and not saying we should accept them but a sense of perspective needed, apart from winning the actual thing we've been largely crap for huge chunks of our stay in the PL and regularly out of form. Rodgers has not lived up to the expectations so far and it is fair to hold him to a higher standard, but we have not exactly been world beaters before he came either.
  11. Not even close. 2nd season Ranieri was some of the worse performances the PL has ever seen. Wimbledon Crazy Gang lite bullshit. Shakespeare and Purl after honeymoon periods were grim too. Let's not exaggerate....
  12. Agreed. He looked out of place, with his inability to control a ball confidently, shaky 5 yard passes, and general lack of mobility. Not what we've come to expect at this level. He's just not ever going to be good enough. Face like a slapped arse to boot.
  13. Hmmm not good. Villa played well but we have them a good base to do so. Slimani was so bad it was unreal.
  14. Good. Hope he does really well there
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