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  1. Hahaha, I went to watch Ipswich play a few weeks ago ironically vs Bristol Rovers (Rovers won) and came away thinking exactly the same. Freezing, shit shit football, and expensive to top it off. Plus the beer at the stadium was rancid. Some OK pubs in Ipswich at least.
  2. Waaaaa. Oh well, we can't feel too sorry for ourselves even if this month has been a shocker. We are the most overachieving club in the PL definitely and possibly England as a whole.
  3. Bollocks. **** Burnley. They literally never win and deserve to.
  4. We're gonna equalise, stop the negativity!! We have no right to beat teams like Burnley away, established PL teams
  5. Hard to call. It should help us playing away from the KP but Dyche has had a grudge against us ever since we beat them (by miles) to the Championship title and they tend to raise their game against us. Fancy us to nick it 0-1.
  6. In terms of results no, but there has been a significant difference in the performances. I almost wonder if BR is focusing so much on setting us up to break down packed defences at home that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy? Not sure.
  7. Disagree. Burnley play like that as standard, week after week. They are true shithousers. Villa are a much more attractive and progressive team in general but had some recent injuries to key players including McGinn and coming away to us who were the odds on favourites, did what they had to do. It's up to us as one of the leading PL teams to be able to deal with that. I don't like it, but if the shoe was on the other foot, and we were going to Man City with a few injuries, we wouldn't want to go there all guns blazing and would keep it tight. And we have done many times in the recent past.
  8. He left us to go to 'bigger things', but we are the ones who have left him behind. Danny Drinkbeer, Danny benchwarmer
  9. He's just not all that, sadly. Mid table Championship player now at best. Club legend but left behind by us as soon as we joined the PL.
  10. Nice one, good to read that and remember how we have skyrocketed up the football pecking order this decade (from a low start but even so!) Even before we won the league, we were having an incredible run, finishing in the playoffs regularly, destroying L1 and the Championship more often that not, and we forgot how brilliant the Great Escape season was once we got the momentum going at last! Its too easy to forget where we came from, an established PL side, and a good one at that, I never actually thought I'd see the day!
  11. Alright, fair enough, honestly thought you were posting that for a reaction, but makes sense now.... apologies.
  12. You are such a wind up merchant. Don't bother biting, folks!
  13. Excellent, excellent news. Let's now focus on this season and see what we can do with this great group of players. The clickbait articles and players being linked away can resume in the summer
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