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  1. Ah its in the south and close to London all southerners hate football and instead prefer rugby and croquet........ Moron.
  2. No I didn't but wasn't disappointed after just looking through now! To be fair, some good and original suggestions in here too though
  3. Without looking I'm going to assume that about 50% of people in this thread have imaginatively suggested Kieran Fooking Trippier, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Micheal Keane and Jordan Pickford, Hope to be pleasantly surprised!
  4. Well said all. When James is back here and playing at his potential again there'll be a lot of people eating words!!
  5. You must have forgotten how Matty James plays, he's far better than either DD or Ndidi for keeping the ball, as tidy as they come.
  6. Sure, here you go - in spanish though:
  7. Anyone with a brain knows full well he was resting players for the CL games and therefore our best players didn't play. Your precious Claudio had picked up 0 points from the 5 PL games prior, not to mention losing to Sevilla and Millwall and was taking us down. You're obviously a troll, nob off.
  8. Damn, so sad to hear about Ugo Ehiogu this morning RIP, poor fella
  9. Always though Steven N'Zonzi has looked unplayable at our place although we had his number in the last game at the KP
  10. Well OK agreed about Alli, maybe its because I don't like the little chav. But Walker and Rose, they're just overrated obotic overlap merchants with very little variety to their game. Off the top of my head, Alonso for Chelsea has been better as has Victor Moses, also Bellerin at Arsenal and they actually have a bit more quality and variety to them.
  11. Walker, Rose and possibly Alli - all the Spurs players except Kane - are somewhat fortunate to be in the team for me.
  12. Aye. Still, at least it's not Arsenal!
  13. We're Leicester and we have a built-in self-destructive streak. Forget qualifying for the CL again or winning the damn title, I'd like to think we can become PL mainstays with an extended stay and establish ourselves as a team a cut above relegation battles ala Stoke, West Brom, Saints. Somehow though the pessimist in me fears we'll be back in the 2nd tier all too soon....
  14. I think we need to appreciate just being in the PL even if it means a couple of years stabilising in midtable. Because in the long-term a run of 5 years or more in the PL will do wonders for our club, no need to go shit or bust trying to make the top 6
  15. He did his best to dismantle in the space of 6 months a set up which been built over a number of years and had taken us to the top of the PL. That, combined with his arrogance and pandering for sympathy ever since being sacked has made it hard for me to admire the man any more.