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  1. I meant so underrated that people pick up on it, catches on he is underrated and then overrate him as per the original comment. He gets heaps of praise for being selfless, the glue holding their attack together etc and it's all true, but anyone moderately talented striker with a presence able to hold the ball up and bring the wide forwards into play could have fitted into their teams and done just as good a job I reckon.
  2. This is a genius comment. See: Claude Makélélé Leighton Baines Jordan Henderson this season Karim Benzema For us Neil Lennon. He was good but not the all time great some would have you believe. Likewise Bruno Berner.
  3. 1) Matty James - would have played for England had injuries not ruined his career 2) Richie Wellens - the first good CM we had since the early 00s and became a whipping boy for no real reason 3) David Connolly - remember him being the only bright spark in a very poor team at that time 4) Jamie Scowcroft - awkward but effective 5) Yuki Abe - thought his ball retention under pressure really added something to our team at the time 6) Jeff Schlupp - When Pearson finally figured out how to use him, he was dynamite for a while.
  4. 27 - forgot Gray, Ulloa and Perez! Some people that didn't get an assist shame on you - Musa, Ghezzal, Iborra and co!
  5. Nigel Pearson is my hero. I'm 31 years old and would be like a shy teenager if I ever met him. Nobody will ever come close regardless of success to him as my favourite ever LCFC manager. Actually favourite person ever. He's a cult leader for some here and rightly so.
  6. hate to say it but bringing back old school
  7. Oh bloody hell that's terrible news. Fook. Our best player with possible exception of Wilf. Can the season just end now?
  8. Can you imagine watching us try to break down Atletico? Painful haha. Well Done Wijnaldum!
  9. Yeah totally agree. Always came over as a mardy, selfish pr1ck. Even Pearson alluded to him being difficult to work with. Can't even say I'm sad to see him fail TBH.
  10. It's because he got into positions where if he had a left foot, he could have crossed first time, or tried to get to the byline. As it was cutting back onto his right foot changed the angle so it came at the big defenders rather than from the side, also allowed them to reset their shape and meant we had no chance of scoring. If we're going to cross to big defenders with small attackers, it needs to be from the byline or before they have had time to get in position aka they need to be off balance. Edit: should say Marc Albrighton is the absolute worst for this when playing on the left.
  11. Think Praet is bang average, keeps things ticking over but really don't get what people see in him? Annoys me how he always has to cut back onto his right foot when out wide left too.
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