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  1. It's a ****ing joke isn't it. We haven't beaten them at home since the 1980s despite winning at the Hawthorns 7 times in the same period! Didn't even manage to beat them at the KP when we won the league. And of course we play them at a time they come into form and we wobble. Fully expecting the jinx to continue.
  2. I agree on the one hand but this could go another way, a big kick up the arse. Let's hope so... You got to think lessons were learned from last year. It's a double-edged sword though because without Rodgers we probably wouldn't have been in a position to bottle this away anyway
  3. No, I watched it with dismay, but trying to not shit the bed like most on here! We won't defend that badly every week.
  4. I'm gonna say yes. I think one of Chelsea or Liverpool will overtake us, but not both. Not too fussed about West Ham or Everton any more, we should finish above both.
  5. Really poor today. This isn't about scapegoating, it feels like playing with 10 sometimes with Vardy on the field and it affects our team. Kelechi is putting himself about much more and showing Vardy up, not only with his all round game but now the goals too. If we had 2 Kelechis we have won that game.
  6. So gutted. Some excellent performances aside some that were doggo. We are too slow in the build up. Youri the only one going forwards With urgency until Marc came on.
  7. Ballsacks. Kel, Marc A, Youri and Jonny Evans were brilliant. The rest Ndidi aside need to buck their ideas up. Vardy was woeful apart from the final 20 or so. Like playing with 10
  8. Unbelievably thick and selfish. Absolutely raging tbh. Hamza and Perez have no value so can leave. Maddison needs to start putting his money where his mouth is and grow up. Hope to see him miss out on England for the foreseeable future.
  9. Well **** the results today. It's a shitter Liverpool have come back into form. I feel the sides below us are smelling blood. We have got to win tomorrow
  10. Not a fan of Riyad the person, he seemed to change character from humble to a complete arrogant entitled whiny bitch. Maybe he always had that streak in him. As a player we obviously know the talent he has and well done to him for maximising it and winning lots of silverware.
  11. Meh. Grateful for what he did when here but he wouldn't get in our matchday squad these days. That said I do hope he finds happiness in himself, in a non patronising way, since he has made some odd decisions in the last few years and his head hasn't seemed in the right place.
  12. Arsenal can't wear that surely. It's Ajax as you say.
  13. Ipswich take over goes through. Could be the kick up the bum they need to wake them up from their sleepwalk down the leagues.
  14. Birmingham City are a proper grim team aren't they? Always been physical thuggish and short of guile. They mirror their fans in that respect.
  15. Agreed, I really don't get the hype, one footed, powderpuff and plays on the fringes of games. He does have an excellent first touch and control will give him that.
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