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  1. Yes totally agree, I don't think any sane Fox would have rather kept Mahrez than those 3. Frankly, I wouldn't swap him back for any member of our first 11 - individually you could say swap him for Perez, or Barnes, or Gray - but we are more than the sum of our parts now and work as a team whereas Riyad plays for himself and does not fit well in a team system. Fook it, wouldn't swap him for anyone we have now.
  2. On the contrary I admire your commitment to seeing the best in people, or at least refusing to judge without having met somebody in person. there is nothing to be respected about ranting behind anonymity on the internet... But that said at times a spade should be called a spade!!!
  3. I get that live and let live is your thing, and maybe more people should adopt that attitude, myself included at times. But sometimes you are allowed to put political correctness to one side and say this person is just a dick, Riyad has let his ego take over, he came to LCFC humble and hungry and left arrogant and entitled. He owes us a huge debt of gratitude for launching his career and should wind his neck in.
  4. Hahahahahahaha, deluded fools, can't wait for them to **** off back to the lower reaches of championship where they belong. Absolute flash in the pan team who've been Sussed and they hate it!!
  5. Such an idiotic statement. A couple of injuries or Rodgers goes and we're a midtable side again. Stunning, stupid arrogance, have you only supported us since 2015?
  6. Thanks for the kind words. Can't lie, I'm not a fan of Arsenal, having grown up in the Home Counties with plastic Gooners fans all around claiming it's their local team (FFS) getting gip for supporting Leicester but have always respected the way you have played football and think Emery will come good for you. Either way, you will always be there or thereabouts. We are just in an absolute purple patch right now and losing to this Leicester side is no Shame for any side in the league.
  7. Haha my mind also turned to this too!! Ingrained in you as a Leicester fan!
  8. Graziano Pelle (aka oversized Mario) banging goals in for fun in China, would be happy to bench warm, experienced and is completely different to JV Similar to what Spurs did with Llorente recently
  9. Still not convinced DG will ever fulfil his promise fully and suspect he will end up being one of those maddening consistently inconsistent players - BUT he is making a difference as an impact sub as of late and does offer us another dimension. So he has found a role in our side as things stand, and offering something we need - rather than being a white elephant - hope he can push on from here under Brendan's watchful eye.
  10. Yes, he's very good, Sam Allardyce of the lower leagues - it's never pretty but always effective. With David Flitcroft as assistant manager too, they should become a very gritty and hard-to-beat side sooner rather than later- and wouldn't bet against them stopping up.
  11. Yeah, that about sums it up. This is a better side and will probably win more games, but that side was ideally suited to playing against teams that play like us.
  12. All hail the Tiele Man. Superman, Iron Mon, Batman and Action Man rolled into one. And he's ours (for now)
  13. Holy hell. You can see how good he is with the first touch, sudden burst of pace and vision when watching a game but you don't quite appreciate some of the passes he threads through the eye of a needle. He is the complete midfielder, people often say that but with Youri it's so true. Speed of feet, speed of thought, vision, creativity, physicality, good finishing, two-footed, does defensive work. I honestly think he's a better version of Scholes. He's criminally underrated but don't think he will with us forever, just got to enjoy him while we can.
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