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  1. Arriba Los Zorros

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I guess that utter melt @Fadsie will be unavailable for comment from now on, presumably his mummy has turned off the internet for today so he'll resort to replaying the game on FIFA in easy level to make him feel better 😆
  2. Arriba Los Zorros

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Lol the salt is delicious, thanks for that bitter rant pal, enjoyed it! Will enjoy watching down from the top 10 seeing how your relegation scrap unfolds 😂
  3. Arriba Los Zorros

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    3 points against the mighty Wolves, the natural heirs to Brazil 1970. I will be telling my grandchildren about this day. The greatest moment in our club's history without a shadow of a doubt. Hope people will stop rimming Wolves now, they're defensively poor and cant break a defence down - that's a recipe for relegation.
  4. Arriba Los Zorros

    Most overrated City player

    The fact you're getting so worked up about it proves they're overrated! Overrated because they played in a a team that had a run of successful seasons, but they were both nothing more than good players and not world beaters. You won't find fans of other teams remembering either as being top top players. And no I don't rate Amartey! He's an athlete, not a footballer.
  5. Arriba Los Zorros

    Most overrated City player

    Maybe underrated outside of Leicester, but by our own fans? We absolutely knew how good he was, and he became hugely overrated because of it - lots of City fans saying he should have played for England! No way, the guy was far too limited, great in our system and for how we played under O'Neill but not a great player. Edit: forgot he did in fact get a cap
  6. Arriba Los Zorros

    Most overrated City player

    PS for me it has to be: Walsh (as above) Steve Guppy Paul Gallagher Joey Gudjonsson
  7. Arriba Los Zorros

    Most overrated City player

    100% agree with this. An alpha male who gave his all for Leicester and was loved by the terraces for it, but talent wise, had a lot of flaws, he'd never be a top flight player in the current era.
  8. Arriba Los Zorros

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Well aren't you quite the rude boy
  9. Arriba Los Zorros

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    I'd love to think we'll win this, but I just don't believe Puel is good at setting up teams to win games at home. Think we'll look better on the road this season. Leicester 1 Wolves 2
  10. Arriba Los Zorros

    PL trivia - north and south clubs

    But then again a lot of the small northern towns punch above their weight - especially in Lancashire. Best example currently is Burnley, you've also got Blackburn, Wigan, Bolton, Oldham, from previous years and the likes of Accrington and Morecambe, Macclesfield who have no right even being in the football league while 'bigger' clubs from the South, Midlands and North East languish somewhere in the non league system. Only small sized southern or midland towns I can think of who have really punched above their weight are recently Bournemouth, and over the years Ipswich and West Bromwich.
  11. Arriba Los Zorros


    Gonna have to disagree, most Wolves fans I know / known think they're some sort of sleeping giant and on a par with Villa for biggest team in the midlands. They're not bad people by any means - there's just a general arrogance in their fanbase I can't stand. And the notable violent element they've had for years doesn't help either. So not a team I ever enjoy seeing do well.
  12. Arriba Los Zorros


    They think they're bloody massive Wolves. Based on what I have no idea. Would be so perfect to see them drop.
  13. Arriba Los Zorros

    Gray ??

    Pretty fair IMO. It's hard to say why Gray is not reaching the required level and unable to kick on up until now - although most people have an opinion. My own opinion is that he is too selfish both as a person and in his playing style to gel effectively within a team unit and this needs to change for him to nail down a starting place. Also, he rates himself very highly and considers he is a star, rightly or wrongly - when appreciation of his weaknesses would help him to improve his game. Puel is giving him a chance to play himself into our team permanently. If we're still in the same place at the end of this season where he has untapped 'potential' then I expect him to be moved on, and rightfully so.
  14. Arriba Los Zorros


    He should never have gone - had no passion after completing football with us and despite a semi-good season with Nantes results-wise the fans hated him for the awful football and short-termism abandoning their academy players. Retirement calls.
  15. Arriba Los Zorros

    Aleksandar Dragovic