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  1. I reckon he'll be playing next to Ndidi as first choice next season!
  2. Come on now.
  3. Alright apologies for the overreaction and offensive remarks. But I am still a bit disgusted that you don't think a loyal player that was a key factor in getting us to the PL and staying there, and has shown a huge amount of heart and determination to come back from an awful injury deserves a chance to play for us again. No idea why people like you disrespect James who was one of our stand out players during NPs hugely successful time here
  4. You're so boring High Peak Fox. Bore off
  5. He's not a moron because he's American, he's a moron for attention seeking exaggeration such as saying Matty James being in our squad would be a scary thought. Would rather 'fans' like that stuck to supporting the Man Us and Chelseas rather than tainting our club.
  6. You're a moron, go back to watching baseball or rodeos instead of sawccer
  7. Pls don't sell!!!
  8. Lallana > Sigurdsson IMO. About £10m better
  9. Slim - unsure, he has something to offer but maybe not here Musa - Bin, 100%, I'll drive him to Russia myself etc Mendy - Would rather have James and Iborra as back-up Kapustka - would like him to go off on loan not a full transfer
  10. No you're not allowed to like anything that doesn't go with the kit. Lets just not bother even putting the badge on our kits as it messes up the nice colour scheme and makes people look uncool
  11. erm, Leo??
  12. I know what you're saying of course but the badge is the most important part of the kit as that's what identifies it as a Leicester kit rather than another team that play in similar colours. I'm not a stickler for tradition but its a pet hate when kit designers mess around with club badges. You should work around the badge and make the whole shirt look good without changing it, if that's your job.
  13. Don't agree. Football kits are to represent your club, changing the badge colours to fit a design template is selling out: it's a football kit not a fashion statement!
  14. If that's it, I hate it for the simple reason they've changed the colours of the badge. Hate that being done with a passion!!!! Its a BLUE badge ffs just put it in blue on the kit
  15. I really hope that people saying they are keen for Riyad to go will actually be secretly delighted if he does stay. If he was a CB playing like he does sure he'd be a liability (David Luiz anyone?) but he's not, he's our creative outlet and you have to accept that unpredictable flair players will not put in top performances every week as things don't always come off. It's easier to play a 5 yard pass or to clear a ball than break down a defence. Also, unlike players like Albrighton, Riyad can't rely on his stamina and endless tracking back to show he is still interested when things aren't coming off for him. It's one of those cases where people don't know what we have until its gone, when we're 0-1 down at home to West Brom and have nobody able to produce the magic to breach a defensive wall, people will be crying that he's gone.