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  1. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Manchester United 4. Tottenham 5. Wolves 6. Chelsea ——————— 7. Arsenal 8. Burnley 9. Leicester 10. Southampton 11. Everton 12. West Ham 13. Sheff Utd 14. Crystal Palace 15. West Brom 16. Aston Villa 17. Brighton ——————— 18. Newcastle 19. Leeds 20. Fulham
  2. Lee Jobber, GTF, Bernie and Claudio. It's the taking part that counts.
  3. He has really proved me wrong especially since lockdown ended, he has shown his class. He makes the ball stick up front, he has deceptively quick feet and is technically excellent. He's not a dissimilar player to Perez but with a bit more presence and composure in my opinion. Hope this will be a kickstart to his career rather than a false dawn.
  4. Nice. Like this a lot. Very nice!!! Innovative.
  5. Mancs in my experience can be sound, but they can also be pretentious and cynical. Man Utd fans don't necessarily mean Mancs of course 😆
  6. Difference is that Chilwell is capable of controlling a ball with his right foot though even if he can do naff all else with it. Thomas is suspect and susceptible to miscontrolling when it comes onto his right, his balance in that sense needs to be improved. You can get away with this at some levels but not the PL. He can work on it and will need to before he becomes a regular for us.
  7. Totally agree with this. If we had Wolves mental strength we'd have finished 3rd this season by a mile.
  8. You're a decent level headed bloke @The Bear. I don't enjoy your style of play, and I don't much like your pragmatic manager. And I'll admit to having no love for Wolves. but I do respect you, in 2020 Leicester and Wolves are both very similar in lots of ways. Congratulations for a good season despite having to play a million games 👍
  9. Hate to say this, but I agree. Good example with van nistelrooy Vardy is too too limited. It holds us back. Like it or not.
  10. Ok, fine, point taken. At the same time, we've had a good season overall and we also know that Slimani is a donkey. He is a poor man's Ulloa. He's just not the standard we need paying him or not. Would rather see Horst given a go since he hasn't proven to not be good enough.
  11. This thread is hilarious. We just finished 5th let's bring back Islam Slimani 😆 what's next, get Gallagher back from Preston? I hear Sean St Ledger can still do a job 😆
  12. Thank you for saying this. Jesua, almost feel for Brendan as he just can't win.
  13. Eh? What you're adovating is all out attack. And gues how that end Vs a counter attacking team. You get raped. Ie Spurs game. One thing you can't accuse Rodgers of is being overly pragmatic. Honestly, have some imagination and don't just base your opinion on how things turned on out.
  14. So, what would you have said if he'd gone all out attack and we conceded twice on the break in the first 10 mins?
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