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  1. average = what people who don't like to give credit to people say for 'very good' If he was actually 'average' like Neil Warnock or Ian Holloway, he'd be calling him substandard, so it's really a compliment.
  2. do I really have to reply to this.......... Firstly I said a full season. Secondly: he came in to save Saints from relegation - achieved it. At Hull he was in the playoff places when he re-left top join us. Derby is the stain on his otherwise impeccable managerial record but even then there are rumours of Mel Morris making his and any manager's life there impossible, let's face it, they haven't pushed on without him. Just accept you're wrong. I will never understand why fans of Leicester City, a team that has benefitted greatly from Nigel Pearson's management, seek to do him down so much.
  3. Ive seen them both too, but have neither. Agreed about Blissey, I've got 2 both at 2650 mark that don't seem to hold anyone off. There's a lot of cheats using GPS manipulating software around me - one guy in particular plays at 2am every night and takes all of the gyms in a 4/5 mile radius, which is ruining the game quite a bit. Thinking of deletingPoGo, but so much time has gone into it........
  4. Feel for Leeds a bit, they finally get a good manager and go and fook it all up
  5. Weird thing to say about a man who has never finished below 6th in a full season in the Championship and won over 100 points on one occasion
  6. We'll miss him when he's gone. Say what you like but he's always our best hope of unlocking defences
  7. Hateful club and hateful manager - some say it is good for the city of Manchester given the week it happened but most Mancs support City anyway - I'm not pleased for Manure in the slightest.
  8. Yes, that is true. Maybe there was too much pressure on his shoulders / maybe his desire had gone after winning the league. We'll see when he gets his next job!
  9. Surprised City are willing to let him go! thought he was being primed to be their next big thing?
  11. Because based on Claudio's performance this season, he's not capable of keeping a club with mid-table standard players out of relegation danger and Watford's players are worse than ours. So far Watford, a season battling relegation and for Claudio, the loss of the illusion that he's a great manager, a disaster for both parties.
  12. Arriba please
  13. Thank god somebody has said it! You'd think we were a team like Spurs or Liverpool the way people are going on. Some guy saying we should be ashamed to emulate Southampton's recent achievements as if we're now a nailed on top 6 team every year We're not, we're Leicester, a medium-sized city with a huge rugby team, and a football team that has historically just aimed to make up the numbers in the top tier. Yes we won a title but it doesn't change all of our history. Shakespeare is the man for us to consolidate as a high mid-table ideally top 10 side, hopefully pushing for Europe, exactly where we should be aiming for. If he doesn't manage this then yes we'd reconsider, but for the time being he has shown more than enough.
  14. Very odd how people have suddenly turned on Shakespeare. Form since he came in is top 6. There's definitely some delusions of grandeur that have crept into the Leicester city fanbase.
  15. Excelente. Let's not let a couple of end of season games with an injury ravaged squad detract from the great job CS has done, it is short term thinking. The right move by the club hands down to give him a chance. Now get NP in as assistant