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  1. Puel-come to the future

    Puel cannot set up a team to play attacking football at home. I expect us to continuously pick up points away whilst being disappointing, negative, and constantly dropping points at home, and its not the Leicester way
  2. Under what circumstances would you start that XI again?

    Lets not be bloody stupid now. James > King =Wellens >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lewis
  3. Stoke post match 1-1

    Puel has the right ideas I think but he is taking away a lot of what made us great. As much as I love James, Silva and possibly Iborra should start ahead of him. Morgan and Simpson should be phased out if we want to play possession football. So much better with Dragovic and Amartey. Plus Gray is never going to be good. Would like to see him released
  4. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    He hit the post just before you pleb. But no, he's now the official scapegoat
  5. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Even if better away, we're so shit at home under Puel sometimes
  6. Don’t CHEAT!!

    Demolished Derby 4-0 in one of the greatest performances I'd ever seen from us at the time.
  7. Teams breaking their “ducks” against us?

    FFS, just no. he can score as long as we score at least 2
  8. Who is our most Important player?

    Three words, Ian fookin Walker
  9. Championship 2017/18

    makes sense, there's always room for one physical hoofball merchant, and Pulis has been out of the PL for a while now.
  10. Year ago today that Claudio's 'dream died'

    Nobody is saying he didn't change anything, if he didn't we wouldn't have won the league. However, there wasn't much wrong with that team he inherited and he only had to make some minor adjustments, ie most of the personnel and the style of play stayed the same. Don't try and rewrite history, nobody is taking a pop at your precious Claudio here, we all appreciate what he did for LCFC......
  11. Year ago today that Claudio's 'dream died'

    Right decision to let him go and in hindsight I'm amazed anyone could say otherwise. He was a genius for a year and very astute in knowing that he'd inherited a good side and to only make little adjustments. However, as soon as he had to put his real stamp on the side, it was a mess, on and off the pitch. The bottom line is though - stars aligning or not, he gave us our greatest ever year, nobody can take it from us, and nobody can take it from him.
  12. Championship 2017/18

    To put it another way 'Stop talking shit, bigmouth'
  13. The OH Leuven Thread

    Gwon our Nige! Not doing as well as might be expected but not a disaster either. He'll pull it out the bag given time
  14. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Don't know how any club who are not even the biggest in their own city can lord it over anybody else. Sheffield United are such a bland, dull team, not quite sure where they get this idea they are massive, but they're the only ones who think it.
  15. Championship 2017/18

    So what, they are rivals? Why shouldn't they have a rivalry in East Anglia and be passionate about it? Not a lot of big places there and they are 2 clubs with decent histories. Or are both clubs just too middle class for you? Wind your neck in.