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  1. Feel bad for saying it but part of me would love Czechs to beat England and Croatia to finish 2nd in the group. Wouldn't mind if Scotland squeaked 2nd either. England are so uninspiring and it might get Southgate the sack of we don't make the group.
  2. Edge of your seat stuff? What match is he watching? This is dull as fúck.
  3. Sterling is ****ing terrible. Use your left foot you moron. Just so one dimensional
  4. Sterling is shit. Kane has been shit. Mount is terribly average. Likewise Philips and Rice. Rosen is ok but overrated. Full backs are robots. Central defenders serviceable. There is nothing special about this England side.
  5. Agreed, If YT stays and we get in Soumaré, this exciting young Daka, Gosens, with Barnes and JJ back in the fold, we should be considered amongst the favourites to make top 4. I mean jeez all the below should be considered starters! GK Kasper FB Riccy P, Justin, Gosens, Tim, (Thomas) CB Soyuncu, Evans, Fofana CM Youri, Ndidi, Soumare AM Maddison, Barnes, ST Vardy, Kel, Daka That's 16 players who will be expecting to start week in week out at a top 4 club to shoehorn in. And then you think of: Praet, Perez, Mendy, Dewsbury-Hall, Albri
  6. I thought according to you he'd already signed up a few weeks ago.
  7. Agreed, based on very little I didn't have a good feeling about him.
  8. Based on nothing other than Youtube videos, he looks much, much better than Eduoard. Purely based on that I hope we get him rather than Eddie!
  9. No thank you. He looks like a Welsh Ahmed Musa, all pace, and no technique. Lets not go there again and get in actual footballers for this club.
  10. Gwon Denmark! Can't not be the neutrals choice today! Even despite Youri God Tielemans, Praet and broken Timmy C playing for the other side. They deserve 3 points to make up for the 3 they likely lost out vs Finland in that farce.
  11. Not true. Much smaller nations play a more expansive game. Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and co are hardly footballing superpowers but don't just come to defend and nick a goal from a set piece. I'd rather watch an Eastern European minnow over a northern European one every day of the week.
  12. Denmark less so than the others admittedly. I just find them all so interchangeable, samey, safe, defensive. Switzerland are the worst of all! You can add Norway to that list too!!
  13. Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the likes - the lesser northern European sides - all fall in the category of defensive, dull sides who usually qualify, defend in numbers, bore the life out of neutrals and go home. Rinse and repeat. Wouldn't be fussed to never see any of them in a world cup or euros again unless they come with a more exciting game plan.
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