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  1. Can remember being so glad when Bolton inexplicably chose to poach him from us! Proper boring negative football under this ****. I saw 2 of the home games under him and it was like watching a a Pulis or Allardyce game without having the requisite big tall bastards to do it. Pathetic.
  2. Aguero is the far better player and anyone who says otherwise to borrow the famous phrase knows nothing about football That said, I wouldn't swap Vardy for him because Vardy has had a historic career at Leicester and once history is created it can't be erased, he is truely one of our own.
  3. Shinji - one of my favourite Leicester players ever. They don't make them like him any more - football seems to be going the way of big egos and little application a la Pogba, Iheanacho. Sad he's going and it feels like a big loss of our identity, but would rather see him go than have this bit part role on the fringes.
  4. Sheffield United are a nothing club, million times more than Norwich.
  5. Jesus what has everyone got against Norwich? A million times more likeable and interesting than Sheff Utd. But they're not Northern so the hipsters don't like them. Boo bloody hoo.
  6. Burnley are such a hateful team. Please let them drop next year
  7. Interesting that. I can see it with Wolves and Palace and to a extent with us under Puel, and it can be easier to play away when the home team come at you. But in general teams home records are better than away and Palace buck that trend
  8. Right about Palace, relegation team at home but top 6 away. Been that way for years. Must be frustrating for their ST holders though.
  9. Nigel : By far our most influential manager of the last few decades, if you look at the impact his time here has had on the club. And the only one I'd have back in a heartbeat.
  10. IMO, he's vastly overrated by our fan base. He is not all that. I would sell as we have enough decent young players to build a team around.
  11. Love Nigel. A brilliant bloke. Guy above said it correct: 'He'll always be the guy who made me fall in love with my club again. ' amen @Lionator
  12. Yeah, happy to see Norwich back in the PL. You're a fairly likeable bunch with your bright kits and chirpy fans. Hope you can stay up next year
  13. Agree a decent and likeable club Ipswich. Sounds like years of underfunding have brought down a once proud club. Hope they can do an us rather than a Coventry.
  14. I've never rated Demarai and always struggled to see this 'potential' everyone says he has? Is it because he runs a bit like Riyad? Hasn't a hundredth of Riyads talent though.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-47864761 Should have stuck to water, Danny.
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