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  1. Fair enough sorry for being a dick about it @Sooper Steve's shin my point still stands though, transfers aren't a one way street, and the attitude of let's throw what we fancy paying at a 'smaller' club (debatable) and watch them fall over themselves to accept is either highly arrogant or highly naive!
  2. Hahahaha hahahaha 'offer them £15m, with an extra 15 when we qualify for CL.' Sounds a GREAT and SENSIBLE deal for Southampton for their top scorer and best player, I'm suuuuuuuuuure they'd accept it. Maybe we should offer Vardy to Chelsea or Arsenal at the same rates and cash in on this great deal ourselves eh! Chuck in Madison and Ndidi for another £5 mill a piece, that'll look great on the balance sheet. I'lll pass on your details to Rodgers and Congerton too, they'll probably be able to find you a job on the scouting team 👍👍👍👍
  3. Your posts are all good when you really concentrate but for the love of God get a phone that doesn't randomly capitalise words and insert paragraphs and spaces in odd places. This makes it very difficult to follow what you are saying for simpletons like me and dare I say makes you look like a clown so posts aren't given the attention they should be.
  4. Oh my lord this is brilliant! Would rather it wasn't Burnley who broke the record as they're *****... But the fact it was Burnley is also what makes it brilliant! Hahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaa
  5. Ahhh you're probably right. Depressing how this sport is ruled by money and corporate suits who've probably never played football in their lives (like everything else in the world). At least if their interests clash they can cancel each other out.
  6. With all over 50s though imagine the amounts of moaning there would be though! Little chanting or singing, just a general murmuring sound of grumbling, sighs, and the odd overly personal jibe shouted at the referee to cut through it.
  7. Good, FIFA finally get something right. Had enough of these money clubs getting pissy they can't always buy success on the pitch and then using teams of lawyers and lobbyists to try and buy success off it. If you profit off the game being so popular because it is unpredictable and smaller teams can win, live by the sword and die by it, stop having your cake and trying to eat it too, ****ing balance sheet crunching bell ends.
  8. He's a different type of player to what we got though and worth keeping for that reason. In modern statto anorak football fan language: If we're struggling to break down a stubborn defensive low block who better to cut in from the wing and stick a curler in the top bins?
  9. Just like us when we came up. Have to admire Man Utds resolve away from home, thats something like 7 away matches they've won after going behind in the first half, it's an incredible sequence.
  10. Hmmm ok just think it's a shame to read posts with our fans ripping into each other when we most be one of the best teams to support in the whole world and that's no exaggeration, there's very little to be upset about when it comes to Leicester in recent times, let's not become another bickering Arsenal / Man United / Spurs bunch.
  11. We're top of the league FFS , Try enjoying the moment rather than picking rights over the internet, or you'll never be happy.
  12. Shitting myself for when one of the 'big clubs' (TV clubs) cotton on to how good he is and give us a huge wedge to move him on, because we'll be half the team without Wilf. Let's at least get this season and another from him. ❤️
  13. Yup. Sorry title winners, but this team blows you out the water. On another note, slightly concerned how I've started to expect us being in the top 6 and being top of the table while nice doesn't seem massive. Is this the start of becoming an entitled bellend?
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