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  1. There wasn't even any effort from the players. We could've played for another 90 minutes and still not registered a decent chance. Inexplicably dropped Albrighton and Barnes, started Gray and AGAIN started with two CDMs against the worst Man Utd team in 20 years. So frustrating. We didn't have a clue today.
  2. Rodgers got this wrong. Selection/formation was wrong and Gray was an abomination. Disappointed as this was a massive chance for us but that was a spineless performance.
  3. Don't want to see him on the pitch again for us. Finished here. Had enough chances.
  4. Get Gray off the pitch. Waste of time.
  5. What is actually wrong with you? Just so unecessarily rude all the time.
  6. 'Agricultural clearance' and 'Barkley just squirted the ball over'...I'm a bit unsure on the commentary here. As strange as when commentators incorrectly use the word manipulate or describe a pass as 'cute'. Weird.
  7. Frost


    Do they understand the concept of the game?
  8. That is beyond belief. What on Earth? Is that actually real?
  9. Watching Sanchez play RB was a laugh. Poor fella.
  10. Have we got a recall option in January? If he's still banging them in until then we should recall him and demand €20m from Monaco. We could see the price hike with Tielemans after six good months on loan, let's do the same to them.
  11. Top class. Chant is weird but what a player. His all round game is really strong.
  12. Perfect. No excuses, it's the best possible line up for today. We've been crying out for this. Come on Barnes!
  13. They looked good, Forsberg is class. I don't care who wins the league as long as it's not Bayern. I'm normally quite traditional when it comes to these clubs that bought their way up the league but I like Leipzig and the model they've adopted. Good to see a big club from East Germany go for the title as well. At least they won't directly sell their best players to Bayern either. Dortmund & everyone else jump straight into bed with them which continues this monopoly.
  14. I don't gamble a lot and even when I do it's only ever £5/£10 on European football so can't offer much but I tend to read the forum more than post & in the gambling thread @Ric Flair always speaks really well on this topic so if he's willing I'm sure he'll offer some solid advice (as will others). Best of luck with it.
  15. Embolo misses a sitter three minutes into added time & then Werner runs up the other end and scores to complete his hat-trick at the death. Fine margins but a great watch. Fußball.
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