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  1. Frost

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Happy with that. Mandy can't do any worse than Silva so interested to see how he gets on. Think Okazaki and Iborra are facing the exit door. 2-0 City.
  2. Frost

    Smelly supporters

    I was looking at re-locating and there was definitely 3 spaces together around the ground but I get the point you shouldn't have to move. I definitely would've shifted though given you're sitting next to someone who absolutely stinks. 19 games to go...
  3. Frost

    Smelly supporters

    Surely you'd just move your ST?
  4. Frost

    Adrien Silva

    We need to persist with him. He was OK yesterday but is sloppy and hesitant on the ball (a bit like Iborra). But saying that, there's times where he gets his head up early expecting quicker movement from our front players but there's nothing on and we go nowhere. Mate of mine is a Sporting fan and keeps saying we need to stick with him as he's top class. My fear is he'll never settle but we'll have a much better idea over the next 9 games.
  5. Frost

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Good performance today. Plenty to look forward to this season. Ricardo and Maddison were excellent. Bring on Wolves.
  6. What a good performance by us. Deserve a point.
  7. Frost

    Man United v Leicester - Score predictions

    Think we'll lose 3-1. They'll definitely score from a set-piece.
  8. Rejected Arsenal to stay with us. Don't care how much money we offered that really was a sign of loyalty, most would've jumped ship. Not that there was interest from elsewhere but keeping Vardy at LCFC (or at least happy) is the single most important business the club have done this summer. Without his 20+ goals last season I dread to think where we would've ended up. Scores for fun and is quite easily our most important player. Delighted.
  9. Frost

    How did we do?

    I'm really pleased with the window after today but there's a few we need to ship out to European clubs, which will be loans inevitably as no clubs will pick up their massive contracts combined with a transfer fee. In an ideal world we would've got someone with more pedigree than Ghezzal to replace Mahrez but we need to give new signings time to prove themselves. The overspend on Danny Ward is a bit mind blowing and seems completely unnecessary, especially given Schmiechel didn't move on. Nothing wrong with Jakupovic as No.2. Overall, strengthened the defence nicely, not too many complaints - time to 'trim the fat' so to speak.
  10. Frost

    Djibril Sidibé

    Surely we're not playing it this close to the wire. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. Frost

    As a new season starts....

    When we beat Sunderland at home first game I was winding up my Mackem supporting mate after. He text me back saying 'I thought both clubs would go down before the game and I've seen nothing to change my mind'. He was right about one at least
  12. Frost

    Bye Bye Bingo! Predict who will leave today.

    Morgan won't go anywhere, he'll be starting tomorrow. I'll go with Simpson to Burnley with Ulloa and King going out on loan. The rest of our outgoings will be go to Europe and the window doesn't shut early for them.
  13. Frost

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Can we just get him out the club. How we paid £28m for a guy with a first touch as bad as his is absolutely unbelievable. Horrific in fact. We needed to move about 6 players on this window but I'm guessing (bar Andy King) all our fringe players will go abroad anyway so tomorrow's deadline is irrelevant.
  14. I voted Sky as they have better coverage but neither are great. Football is completely over-analysed nowadays and it doesn't help listening to the likes of Thierry Henry, McManaman and Robbie Savage who really are terrible. I'd prefer more insight/opinion from journalists a bit like Sunday Supplement which'd liven it up a bit.