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  1. Undoubtedly the greatest player in our history.
  2. Sowah puts Leuven 1-0 up at Gent. He's in great form.
  3. Should he want an injury prone player? Weird.
  4. That pass - watched it back ten times. Superb.
  5. On the bench today. It's on!
  6. The Wes & Wes CB partnership is the first in football history.
  7. So disappointed. We blew the chance of CL football through a combination of poor management and having a paper thin squad, especially quality-wise. Surely the club should've planned better for this window? We're now heading into the season with either Morgan (!) or Benkovic starting vs WBA having already sold Chilwell and replaced him with a natural RWB. We're crying out for a genuine quality winger as well as a CB, LB + a Forward but it seems we're nowhere near signing anyone else at the moment. Even without the addition of Europa League football we'd be struggling to fight on all fronts, with it I'm fearful in what looks like the strongest PL in a while. I'd like to be optimistic but the second half of last season has scarred me and the lack of recruits this window is alarming given our obvious need to strengthen.
  8. He'll never be a regular here so unless he's happy to be backup I'd suggest he's best to get a move. Saying that, we don't have any real squad depth (especially in terms of quality) so we should keep him for this season.
  9. He's liked a tweet on Twitter linking him with a loan move to Galatasarary. Weird one.
  10. Mercier puts Leuven back in the lead. 2-1.
  11. I don't even know where to start with this post, it's just so overly negative. You'd think we're still in League One or rotting away in the bottom half of The Championship. Seriously, what do you expect from the Club? We've improved massively over the last few years in terms of reputation, style of football and a place to develop as a young player. The new training ground will only support that as well. From the outside in, we're an attractive proposition. Thomas has signed a new long term deal so we'll get maximum value if we sell him in the future, or alternatively play him for next three to four years, so it's obviously worth something it's written on or else he'd leave for a compensation fee in 12 months? There's a food chain in the transfer market and only Barca/Real are seen as untouchable. You can't just decide that we won't sell any players to the top clubs. It'd hinder us in terms of future requirement - what's the point in saying to a player like Maddison or Ndidi that there's no further progression from here, you're staying at Leicester for your entire contract? All you'll do is disrupt the harmony within the squad or alternatively put exciting young players off signing for us in the first place. On some occasions you have to concede that we will lose players. Seriously, what do you expect? And what's with the narrative we'll let Thomas go cheap? Where's the basis for this? We sold Maguire for £80m upfront - absolutely crazy money. Mahrez went on our terms for £60m, Drinkwater for £35m (!) and Kante for £32m. By your logic, we'd have never got Kante in the first place as we'd never have allowed a release clause. Did that stop our progression? No, it gave us the best season of our lives. Of all the key players who could potentially leave the club this summer I'd say Chilwell is the easiest to replace. His end product is a guessing game and he's one of the most one footed players we've ever had. There's no doubting he has potential but by all accounts £50m + add ons is a good sum for what is partially raw potential. There's reason to suggest the fee is actually higher than the figure reported in the press because of how we struggled with recruiting post Maguire - I guarantee it'll be officially reported as undisclosed. But in any case, Thomas looked excellent in the few games he played and was much better in the final third than Chilwell has ever been in his entire time here (although it's a small sample). I really don't get all the negativity. No doubt it was a disappointing end to the season but we've got EL football next season, finished 5th and have an exciting young team (in terms of cost vs outlay I'd suggest we're right up there on paper). We'll keep hold of the core of the side as we have done every summer. We need a few new faces to come in and strengthen us but who doesn't?
  12. Just done this. Really poor from the club.
  13. Chelsea fans abusing Chilwell before he's even kicked a ball for them. If you think it was bad at LCFC, you've not seen anything yet (unfortunately).
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