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  1. What the f**k is going on?
  2. Why do people always try to add deadwood in to deals? When have we ever managed to do it? Gray, Iheanacho and Choudhury to Celtic
  3. It was as bad as feared, unfortunately.
  4. But the Maddison situation is not comparable. Have you ever seen a player pull up with a hamstring injury (the same motion as Praet) and play on? There's an outside chance he's only tweaked it, but again it's unlikely. It's a common injury with common outcomes, unfortunately for us. There is also no similarity between Emile Heskey going down easily or only requiring a 'magic sponge'...
  5. This isn't about pain threshold. He's got a hamstring injury and won't be able to run properly for weeks. There was zero chance Praet was going to play on.
  6. Unlikely. With hamstring injuries 99.9% of the time you go off immediately. Really unfortunate.
  7. Gray, Slimani, Fuchs, Morgan and James will be gone in the summer with a decision to be made on whether we keep Cengiz permanently or not. Then there's Jakupovic (out of contract) and Ghezzal who will most likely be moved on. That's a good chunk of the wage bill reduced and it doesn't even include Choudhury/Iheanacho who will both probably want to leave with limited game time during a crucial period in their careers. Both need to secure first team football. I personally think Praet will be itching for a move - can't see him being keen to sit on the bench every week. We
  8. Has any team actually gone an entire season without scoring from a set-piece?
  9. I don't think he's good enough to play for Leuven at this stage in his career but time will tell. He couldn't get in a pretty poor Rangers team up in Scotland so I'd be surprised if a year or two later he can play in the Belgian top flight. I'm surprised he's not been picked up by a League One club.
  10. Bizarrely he's fourth choice so no wonder he wants out. I'm not sure we have room for another top CB as both Fofana and Soyuncu will want substantial game time and can we really drop Evans anyway? It's already a headache. I imagine if we didn't go for Fofana in the summer we'd be back in for Demiral now.
  11. Frost

    Islam Slimani

    Linked with a move to Saudi Arabia.
  12. No chance. He won't go for £30m now and Lawell will sell to the highest bidder, including us. Lawell wants cash and it doesn't matter where it comes from.
  13. Arrived earlier today. Pretty good - solid 7.5-8 / 10 so far. Great for the price point too but definitely a winter fragrance.
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