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  1. When watching Hamza play I'd say the most striking thing is the space he leaves between the midfield and defence when he drops a clanger - I reckon the only people sniffing around him would be property developers.
  2. Nope, was born a decade later so just a bit before my time - sounds interesting though!
  3. His current form has most likely re-shaped our summer transfer window. What a turnaround and what a performance today.
  4. We're actually in for Soumare aren't we?
  5. Lucky to get a point - Kasper saved us more than once. Soyuncu and Hamza were both horrendous, the latter needs to leave. That 3/5 at the back was a disaster, not sure why it took BR so long to change it.
  6. Hamza off, Tavares on, push Wilf into midfield (so four at the back) and play Tielemans as an 8, not a 10.
  7. Is Wilf at CB and we're playing a 3/5? If so, it's f*****g madness, and if not, it f*****g looks like it.
  8. Do we think he'll be thrown into the starting XI vs Burnley?
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