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  1. Monte Gordo is nice enough. I've stayed in Altura as well, but less to do. Definitely take a look at the former though.
  2. Evans seems prone to picking up a couple of injuries during a season as well so there's no doubt we'll be in the market for another CB.
  3. Hope this is sorted out quickly. We could do without the distraction during the whole of pre-season so if they offer £80m we should cash in and regain focus. It's an insane amount of cash for someone as slow as Maguire. Intrigued to see who we'll go for as his replacement. Hopefully not Dunk/Tarkowski as the PL market is so inflated, last thing we need is forking out £40m+ on either.
  4. Frost

    Papy Mendy

    He'll be gone I think. Hopefully another 5 or 6 follow him out the door. Time to trim the squad. Imagine £5m would do it with just a year left on his deal.
  5. Frost

    Ferran Torres

    Guedes has been excellent for a club who will play in the CL next season so it's not particularly comparable. He also cost over £30m from PSG to turn his loan into a permanent deal, so probablh wouldn't leave for under £60m realistically. Tielemans is a different case. Wasn't fancied in a side scrapping for relegation in Ligue 1, albeit an excellent prospect who stumbled at Monaco.
  6. Frost

    Ferran Torres

    Off your head if you think Guedes would come here.
  7. Percy's latest article stated he's been told he can move on. Not included on the training camp (didn't even realise). Slimani and Diabate have been told they can go as well. No surprise.
  8. Frost

    Florian Thauvin

    B*stard, can't insert a Tweet. I'm getting old.
  9. Seems to be a bit about Thauvin coming to us on Twitter. Can't see anything concrete but thoughts on this initially? 26yo coming off the back of another good season at Marseille. Struggled at Newcastle earlier on in his career. I'd be all for it.
  10. Frost


    Four year contract or five?
  11. Frost


    Nice. Looks like he's coming. V good journo.
  12. The more I think about this signing the more it excites me. Can't wait for the season to start once Tielemans is confirmed.
  13. I don't care, I like that Leipzig shirt.
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