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  1. Err...so Leuven were playing against St. Gilloise and the game was called off at 0-0 due to constant power cuts. The floodlights couldn't stay on so it was abandoned in the 52nd minute from what I've read. Very weird. Not sure if the game will be rearranged or whether Leuven will forfeit the match? I've seen both options posted online.
  2. I thought I'd seen it all but to defend Vardy's dive against West Ham is unbelievably daft.
  3. Same fee as Maguire please. Is he worth it? Absolutely not. Are the 'big' English clubs stupid enough to pay it? Absolutely.
  4. This fella can control the ball with his chest expertly. Classy player who keeps the tempo high. I'd play him instead of Tielemans at present. Praise the Lord that tackle didn't snap his leg.
  5. Just let one in but still 2-1 up with 15 to go. Fingers crossed.
  6. @KingsX thanks. Based on that snippet I can't see myself being interested enough to sign back up. Only article I'd be interest in is the Famalicao one. They've got a few decent journos signed up though including Honigstein so the Bundesliga should be covered pretty well. Just didn't have enough content for me to roll with it (appreciate it's new in the UK).
  7. I gave this up after my free trial as it was an annual subscription offer only but I got an offer the other day which was £20 for the year. For anyone that still has it, how is the content these days?
  8. I think Atalanta are completely redeveloping their ground as well? On another note, I hope Perugia get promoted back to Serie A. Always had a soft spot for them.
  9. Rapid Vienna/Kaiserslautern are probably worth a crack.
  10. Granada 2-0 Barca. Valverde is finished.
  11. Glad we've ditched the Maguire chant & given him his own chant, hopefully it catches on a bit more. This boy is absolute box office, it's what you pay to watch. If he had've kept the ball at the end on that long run... Also, any chance a mod can rename this thread to just his name please? I can't keep reading the cult hero reference it's killing me.
  12. Superb game. Soyuncu was absolutely class, what a player. The scenes when Maddison scored. I don't think I've lost my sh*t like that since Ricardo bagged the winner vs Man City ages ago.
  13. Download the option files (kit quality etc. is insane) and started a Master League with Leipzig. Playing on the hardest difficulty I've lost my first four games without scoring
  14. We've got Maddison out wide now so no need to worry about wingers.
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