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  1. Frost


    Herrera will end up at Atletico no doubt. A proper Simeone footballer - and with Atletico having a fire sale they'll need replacements. Costa, Rodri, Griezmann & Godin are going/gone. Felipe Luis also likely. Maybe Atletico will sign Tielemans? 😂
  2. Frost


    Ziyech doesn't have a £25m release clause. Will end up at a much bigger club than us after his CL performances. Lo Celso is a good shout but I think Betis have an option to buy.
  3. Already joined Leverkusen. Ziyech and Pepe, absolutely no chance.
  4. The Times are reporting Man City are going for Maguire.
  5. Look, nobody can be impressed by his previous work but Congerton nd Rodgers will be backed here and there's every chance it'll work out. Our targets for this summer will be in a different league ability-wise compared to what bargain basement signings Congerton had to make at Sunderland, Hamburg and Celtic. Look at those clubs to consider what he's had to work with anyway. Celtic win everything domestically, even if they signed a striker with one leg. Sunderland ended up in League One after being badly ran from top to bottom (had Di Canio in charge for Christ's sake) so the club stinks anyway and Hamburg were fighting relegation for years until they finally went down last year. We won't be chasing players like Marvin Commper or 99% of the players Celtic and Sunderland signed. We'll have a list of targets we already want to sign this summer, and given the fact that not just one man makes the signings solely based on his own opinion let's all calm down and give him a chance.
  6. Frost


    Being realistic, I can't see us keeping hold of him, he's made too much of an impact for us. Will have better options in the summer so I hope we've lined up some replacements.
  7. Vardy and Ricardo for us, wouldn't say we'd get anyone else in the XI.
  8. How many goals and assists did he get in those last two years? I don't get your point, would Mahrez take us into the Top 6? Not alone, we'd need another four quality players but what's against having better players than we have available currently? Would he have contributed more than Gray? Yes, far more.
  9. If it was possible we should 100% bring him back. Imagine Mahrez this season instead of Gray? Think a lot of people forget how talented Mahrez is.
  10. Ditch the gold. Nothing worse than changing the colour of the club badge either. Could hack the pink kit if they left it alone but nope.
  11. Scapegoat? This isn't a reaction based solely on last night. He's made over 100 appearances in the Premier League? Briliant, that's a nice stat. How many goals as he scored? 8. How many assists? 6. The reality is that he's shown little to no improvement during his time here under a succession of different managers and no-one has been able to get more than two or three consecutively good performances out of him. Unfortunately for Gray, he'll soon find himself sitting on the bench when Albrighton is fit and there's no doubt we'll be in for another winger in ths summer. Neither himself nor Barnes have scored or assisted in the six games under BR, who spoke of wingers needing to contribute more so it's not exactly the best start is it? Gray probably had his best opportunity to nail a place in the starting XI with Albrighton out for so long but he's been dreadful. Staunch defence of a player who offers so little. Being young is one thing, having potential is another.
  12. Championship is his level. Offers nothing. Been at this club long enough but hasn't made the grade. Hopefully Howe comes in for him in the summer, they splash the cash on loads of dross English youngsters.
  13. I'm waiting for the #FreeMahrez campaign from the Algeria fans on the Man City forum
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