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  1. Got a wide variety of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks - whatever you fancy. Not sure I'll leave the safehouse for a couple of days, looks grim out there.
  2. Subbed off Nacho for absolutely no reason and invited pressure. What a shocker. As for Soyuncu, what a clown.
  3. Still reeling from the fact we've accounted for nearly 20% of Norwich's points total this season.
  4. It is extremely unlikely this will be overturned.
  5. He literally cannot control a football. Quite frankly it's a bit bizarre. Still reckon he'll come good though, just needs to settle down and gain some confidence.
  6. Thought he played well today.
  7. I'm also left wondering how Harvey Barnes sleeps at night. Should be forced to drink Red Bull & coffee for 3 days straight because f*****g hell he stole a living today. Incredible.
  8. Biggest concern is I think Vardy might actually be done. Normally it's the 'he's isolated' excuse which I can agree with but right now he can't hack it. Most touches/passes/runs look laboured. Kel has to start next game. If we finish in the Top 5 it'll be an absolute miracle.
  9. Get Barnes off the pitch. Might as well play with 10 men. Absolutely pointless playing him.
  10. Barnes cannot control a football. Four horrific touches in the first 10 minutes. Christ.
  11. Would you send him back to Newcastle for £30m? Yes you would.
  12. Not sure how many times we have to say it but the the U23 set-up should be binned off. Seems to be a graveyard for young careers or at the very least ends up stagnating their development and we end up signing youngsters who have no chance of making it here just to bulk up the squad. If you're good enough you should be able to pick up a loan deal in League Two or above by the time they're no longer eligible for the U18s. Do we know how Terell Pennant was/is getting on at the minute? Heard great things about him - as well as the Canadian goalkeeper mentioned further up.
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