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  1. Genuinely think he'd be well suited to La Liga - hopefully we could get £12-15m for him from a club like Villarreal as he'll never fit in here, especially as a right winger.
  2. Do we know why he did that? I couldn't work it out for the life of me but whenever Hamza comes on he leaves a gap between midfield and defence every single time. Unless Mendy had a knock it's unforgiveable, especially condidering how little we offered upfront. Under should've come on for Perez, everyone could see we needed some fresh legs up top. Slimani looked like he'd won a raffle to play in a professional football team for a day. Absolutely laughable, the bloke looked like he'd never kicked a ball in his life.
  3. I didn't but i'd happily pay £15 to erase the fact I just watched that absolute dross for 90 minutes.
  4. Rodgers is taking home £200k a week and quite simply as I said in the other thread, he's paid to get the best out of the squad, injuries or not. He should be a cut above other managers (based on what we're paying) but he seems to have few ideas, a horrendously slow style of football with no end product (nor chance creation) and quite bizarre substitutions. Both the West Ham and Villa games are arguably our two worst performances over the last 10 months which is quite simply staggering given the dross we've served up. Serious questions need to be asked. He's paid as one
  5. Paying Rodgers 200k a week to set-up like that. Injuries or not that was as abysmal as the West Ham performance.
  6. Right, so how many injuries do we have in the squad right now? From what I've heard we're without Pereira/Ndidi (long term), Evans, Soyuncu, Maddison and Vardy apparently?!
  7. Good point, I didn't realise this was the case so it's absolutely ridiculous actually. For some reason I assumed Sky would only be doing this for the 'additional' games so to speak. Time for me to join the outraged mob by the looks of it
  8. I'm a bit lost on this, why is it so controversial? Aren't they just broadcasting games that wouldn't normally be available to watch for £15 a go? It's optional. I don't like Sky but surely people realise they pay a Sky Sports subscription to watch SOME games not ALL? I won't be watching as I don't want to pay £15, simple.
  9. I pay £31 a month for all Sky TV packages aside from Cinema so can't complain. Had their internet for three weeks and it was horrendous, and that's being polite. BT all the way for broadband.
  10. Never seen a footballer looks so uncomfortable with the ball at his feet. Is it ever under control and not stuck under his feet? *falls over*
  11. Perez and Amartya off. Got to go 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2.
  12. How long does Johnson have left on his contract? Assume he'll be gone after this season anyway - 22yo so extremely unlikely he'll make it here.
  13. Rodgers can't speak Spanish or French. I think it was a Spanish journalist who went to interview him, he spoke two sentences & they switched to English. It's a myth. EDIT: Looked this up on YouTube - he reckons he's got a decent grasp of Spanish but basically zero french. Was looking at it before he came to LCFC but put it on hold following the move.
  14. Frost


    interesting. I've had the dock for my PS4 Pro since I bought it quite a while ago and never noticed any battery life problems with either controller. Doesn't it just stop charging once it's full? Saying that, I probably spend up to 12 hours a week (max) gaming now so guess I'd never notice... Got the 2.0 PS headset as well for £50 and I thought it was great. Each to their own I guess!
  15. Frost


    Headset and Docking Station seem to be sold out everywhere. Any ideas?
  16. Undoubtedly the greatest player in our history.
  17. Sowah puts Leuven 1-0 up at Gent. He's in great form.
  18. Should he want an injury prone player? Weird.
  19. That pass - watched it back ten times. Superb.
  20. He'll never be a regular here so unless he's happy to be backup I'd suggest he's best to get a move. Saying that, we don't have any real squad depth (especially in terms of quality) so we should keep him for this season.
  21. He's liked a tweet on Twitter linking him with a loan move to Galatasarary. Weird one.
  22. Mercier puts Leuven back in the lead. 2-1.
  23. I don't even know where to start with this post, it's just so overly negative. You'd think we're still in League One or rotting away in the bottom half of The Championship. Seriously, what do you expect from the Club? We've improved massively over the last few years in terms of reputation, style of football and a place to develop as a young player. The new training ground will only support that as well. From the outside in, we're an attractive proposition. Thomas has signed a new long term deal so we'll get maximum value if we sell him in the future, or alternatively play him for n
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