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  1. They just got took over by some Spanish 29-year-old. His aim is to have the club in the Champions League..
  2. That's horrible to watch. Hope the guy abusing him at the end got an earful from others after that. The Scottish Sun etc will be all over this incident..
  3. If the police were involved and noticed they were in Perez's house in the pitch black, surely they were questioned and given a warning..
  4. As in him in a bad state or some comedy-edited ones?
  5. Perez, it wasn't a problem turning your home lights off whilst you had a gathering with some of your colleagues the other night. You merely only wanted to do your bit for the environment..
  6. Shame that there's no big outdoor screens in the city somewhere that can show this game.
  7. Am glad that individuals are being named and shamed for doing online abuse. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-56730629
  8. Am so sorry for your loss, @Webbo.
  9. It's a shame that they can't be punished for these scenarios after matches have finished.
  10. LCFC Miscellaneous posted two tweets - one saying that Maddison played 9 holes of golf and the other 18 holes..
  11. Apparently his wife, after going on Dancing on Ice, wanted an ice rink for her garden. It was quoted at £43k; however, she wasn't happy and after negotiations with a supplier - the price was lowered to £13k. However, she decided afterwards that she didn't want one..
  12. I didn't know if it's a real word or not.
  13. 'Sleeting' it down in Syston currently..
  14. Was really painful to see. At least she was very open about her devastating condition. RIP.
  15. Very sad. He certainly was a true character and is very much into the folklore of British history. The next 'God Save Our Queen' anthem in the next England game against Austria on 2nd June will be quite sombre, but alongside great pride, to listen to.
  16. People who hum or sing badly to good songs on the radio.
  17. What would you do with vile young individuals like this?.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56681496 Hope they don't get lenient sentences.
  18. Mel Morris will be very relieved of this happens. Imagine putting £200m of personal fortune into a club that's actually declined under them..
  19. Agree; it's, literally, lazy journalism. Instead of stating who has been targeted for clickbait etc, why don't they try and stamp it out behind the scenes. Repeatedly stating such incidents to the readers makes it appear as if it's just 'another one bites the dust' to those reporting it on their websites - as if they don't know how to combat it.
  20. Todd Cantwell would be great for a PL team lacking creativity, such as Newcastle.
  21. It's quite good to see the Politics Thread being deleted, tbqh, after the past hour or so..
  22. Norwich are currently thrashing Huddersfield in the first-half, and a whisker away from promotion.
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