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  1. Kramaric scored all 4 against Dortmund today have we got a buy-back-clause.
  2. that is why football should not be played in the summer.
  3. surely 4-4-2 kasper Justin - Evans - Cags - Chilly Gray - Mendy - Ndidi - Madders Vardy - Nacho.
  4. I got Trent from the ultimate pack yesterday then got Ben Yedder from the 2nd one this morning.
  5. Grass snake in my compost heap
  6. Sort of black comedy/murder mystery.
  7. 50m + Coutinho (with Barce paying his wages)
  8. Managed to scrape gold 2 by winning my last 3 in a row after having my worst ever start going 3-5. However I am playing awfully cannot defend for my life two of the games I lost were to players who went 8-21 and 8-20. Had to ditch my LaLiga team halfway through as TOTS Griezmaan and TOTS Fekir missed so many sitters.
  9. no I always skip celebrations but I scored my 6th in the 75th minute then just held possession till the end of the game.
  10. Nice way to get gold 2 with 2 games left
  11. Alisson and AWB from my gold 2 red picks, already have TOTY Alisson untradeable so the red one will go in guaranteed prem TOTS SBC tommorow should help with the rating. Have done well over 100 of the 82+ SBCs and have packed D. Henderson, Robertson and Son so far.
  12. 2x crappy EFL from over 1,000,000 coins of saved packs, Ricardo not being in team of the season must be a joke maybe he will be the 4th pick for prem SBC.
  13. Leaked Prem TOTS?
  14. I would wait for sure.
  15. I have heard that Ndidi will be an SBC, I think they may add Vardy as the 4th pick for Premier league SBC.
  16. Thiago and Mukiele as my red picks from gold 2.
  17. How on earth have EA nominated only Chilwell from us to be in TOTSSF most consistent. No Evans, No Soyuncu but Chilwell who has been consistently terrible.
  18. Flashback Fuchs out.
  19. do you use overload ball side?
  20. Will1981

    Corona Virus

    I take it there is a mistake in the bottom paragrath, as there are no results for people aged 40-59 or the first group of results was supposed to be 16-59?
  21. Will1981

    Corona Virus

    Just been to Makro which is usually a ghost town, was very busy with no toilet roll or any hand cleaning products. Also lots of people in there with very bad coughs.
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