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  1. Just got RTTF Partey from my squad battles rewards.
  2. Very strange FUT Champs this week, went 6-1 on Friday and then went to 10-3 on Saturday morning, then somehow managed to lose 8 games in a row to go 10-11 on Saturday evening and Finally won 7 games straight today to finish on 17-11 and my regular Gold 2 finish. POTM Toko-Ekambi finished with 36 goals and 14 assists in 28 games.
  3. Got Naingollan and Robertson from my gold 2 red picks and nothing from the packs, very happy with them though 1st good picks this year.
  4. Just unlocked Prime Keane hopefully he is as good as he was last year.
  5. The heavier the rain the better we play. When was the last time we lost in the rain? When was the last time we conceded in the rain?
  6. Maybe a base icon SBC.
  7. That Vardy POTM card should be his base card really.
  8. Very nice I have pretty much every 83,84,85 and 86 rated player in game ready to sell but will wait until after 6 to see if anymore SBCs force the price up even more.
  9. Got Luis Alberto and Abraham from gold 2 saving packs incase RTTF comes tomorrow.
  10. They have all been upgraded silvers so my guess would be Daniel James and Hudson-Odoi.
  11. Finished 17-13 in champs pretty happy with that as I had 1 DC loss and another loss when the whole village lost power in the middle of another game today, had to win my last 2 games for gold 2 and they were the two laggiest games I have ever played.
  12. Best defender I have used this year but I have not used alot of the other high end ones.
  13. Currently 7 wins 4 defeats scream Pique has been immense for me.
  14. Voting should not be decided on age it should be decided on your tax code, once you have paid a certain amount in national insurance or tax you should then become elligable to vote.
  15. I had him last year played over a 1000 games with him extremely solid CDM or CM.
  16. Finished 18 12 in champs, but got knocked out of elite 1 in squad battles with 2 minutes to go.
  17. Play to the end of all your games do not quit as matchmaking is based on form and if you quit it does not lower your form giving you harder games.
  18. A referendum on the Boris deal or No Deal Brexit.
  19. yes was great to pack him this early in the game he is great but he really is not the sort of player who suits my play style as I rarely dribble and never do skill moves, if he was tradable I would have sold him a built a better all round team.
  20. My team is pretty poorly balanced as my defence and midfield are very poor but my attack is pretty solid as I packed Messi from a gold upgrade SBC, but I do not spend any money on fifa points so struggle against the mega teams.
  21. yes it is, I was div 1 most of last year but was put in div 6 this year after placements then relegated to div 7 before struggling back up to div 5.
  22. Same here finished 19-11 in 1st champs this year which surprised me as I have been struggling badly in rivals.
  23. Probably Keane and Nesta if I get all the tokens.
  24. Use the loyalty glitch, start a squad battles game against TOTW kick off then go to network settings and disconnect from internet, rinse and repeat.
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