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  1. You cannot compare the Lib Dems and the Liberals. Two different parties, two different ideals.
  2. There will be a few that agree with him. Now if only those in the gunshop had thought the same.
  3. That video clip reminds me of a Smith and Jones sketch. I wonder if anyone can guess which one?
  4. I would say how can you expect to be taken serious whe n you say there is no crisis in the NHS, the schools are doing fine, austerity is working and I won't change my mind. She's on HIGNFY being asked about the NHS What we have is a strong and stable Andrew N I ask agai where is the extra billion coming from TM what we have done in the last fine is strong and stable Repeat until convinced or brainwashed whichever happens first.
  5. Just catching up with HIGNFY. Watched the one with Frankie Boyle. One line was 'President Trump said every time he answers he feels like someone is listening.' Boyle said 'Of course you do its a frigging phone.'
  6. I was not clear. I meant information ire decisions for voting Tory.
  7. I hope nobody takes him seriously. Great reply.
  8. What would you say was the biggest source of information for a % of that %50%?
  9. I am surprised when they say we have hold no responsibility for what happens there when I thought weapons contribute more a little bit to warfare. When questions are asked as to how to stop those in the ME shooting each other with weapons Britain and other countries have sold them no-one thinks of taking those guns away from them. If you have a young child and they keep throwing a toy out of their pram what do you do? Take away the toy. Do it often enough and they will learn.
  10. True. If you wanted to find an Aussie terrorist you'd find them in the nearest bar. Gooday Bruce.
  11. Sometimes you have to take the middle ground. While intervention by the west cannot be held fully responsible the war in Iraq will have increased the 'threat' of retaliation by some groups.We have tried military action a few times but the threat is still there. I am surprised we still sell weapons to some ME countries where they can fall into the hands of the wrong people. In football terms. Your team GK concedes 5/6 goals every other match. You have to conclude that the GK is crap or the def is shite. You would not normally blame the striker. If it carries on then maybe a change of manager who will introduce different tactics. If a policy does not work then maybe it is time for a new policy But politicians are only human and sometimes find it hard to admit they may be wrong.
  12. Yes I believe he is. Reads the financial Sun.
  13. It is not so bad until it is your own name that appears.
  14. That is why the election was called. Nothing to do with Brexit. May thought that while there is still an anti-Corbyn feeling among the public and the media there will be a chance of a greater majority enabling her government to pass even more austerity policies far easier than when having a smaller majority.Watch out middle salary earners they are coming after you next. 'Then they came for me but there was no one left to speak up for me.'
  15. The above (@Wymsewold fox) . Unfortunately we will not hear those voices because it does not sell newspapers. Skivers and workers does. Sadly you cannot convince someone who has been subjected to misinformation for several years that they have been subjected to misinformation for several years. No doubt the same will be aimed at me but there is a difference of a view from a mansion window in Middlesex to that of a high-rise flat in Liverpool. You cannot form an honest opinion of either without being there.