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  1. Black Friday deals

    I have a cousin who went to buy something from Amazon and it was £5 more than last week.
  2. FAKE NEWS thread

    We already have a politics thread.
  3. Its a celebration of the Winter solstace so exchanging presents drinking and having fun is fine by me. You can buy Pagan cards but they are not sold in Tesco. No doubt there are plenty of Christans that buy cards mince pies and other festive shops from corner shops run by Muslims and the shopkeepers are quite happer to sell non Muslim items. BTW Islam is an offshoot of Christianity. They worship similar gods just different names and slightly different rules apart from the one about kill all heathens.
  4. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    A lot of back scratching went on.
  5. After life

    No. Its the same as all life we just wither away. I watched a program the other night on Scientologists made by Lois Theroux. They believe in multi lives and past lifes. Nutters. One bloke who left their community had been with them over 30 years and left a wife kids and friends behind. He had now knowledge about the outside world, getting a job etc. Frightning.
  6. The Poppy Police : do they dishonour war dead

    Everyone has their own way of rembering. I would prefer to white poppy for my own reasons
  7. Could you survive a visit to your local pub...

    I have a choice The Salmon Yes The Blue Boar Depends how mad he is The Slug and Lettuce Very likely even if they attacked together The Kings Head. Yes without the body Broood Yes
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    Holywood is a minefield for grooming young girls. I wonder how many mothers (parents) dream of their little princess being on the big screen? or stage? They show them the best way to attract men and the agencies know this and know the producers directors etc who wont say no. Ages are not asked as the girl plays the part of an adult wittingly or unwittingly. There may be more safeguards now with background checks and checking of ages with the agencies but there are other ways for an ambitious girl to contact the men. The men should be more vigilant but some can't say no when a beautiful girl who could look anything from 18 to 30 throws themselves at them. Being flattered does wonders for their ego. I am not condoning it but I wonder how many young girls did not make it and how many of those coming forward would have been famous without doing what they did.
  9. Incident outside London museum

    A good proportion of tip offs originate from family and people within their community who are concerned about a persons behavior. I think the authorities will be able to detemine those that are racially intended. A few years ago when I worked in the hosiery I used to know people who moaned about all the immigrants working illegally in factories. They said things like 'Its common knowledge everyone knows whos doing it.' I relied 'If it is illegal report them and give the police the names. Their response 'Oh but I'd be branded a racist. I just smiled and said no more.
  10. Incident outside London museum

    Thought it was outside Parliament. thats where all the dinosaurs reside.
  11. Incident outside London museum

    Part of the parcel of li ving in a big city says someone who may live in a quet little village far away from a big city.
  12. Next City Manager?

    He's not gone yet has he?
  13. Safehouse.

    any developments?
  14. Shooting in Las Vegas

    It shows how easy it is to get illegal stuff there. In this country if you asked in a pub fo gun you most likely would be reported. Thee you would be given a list of contacts. I was told last night of a case in London where a bloke wanted to hire a hit man to kill his wife. The bloke he spoke to reported him as did the second. The third was an undercover policeman.
  15. Shooting in Las Vegas

    can you fit a machine gun in hand luggage? They say taking a gun off a person is going against their rights yet think its ok to go though private social media accounts. Free county my arse.