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  1. another school shooting

    The thing is the 2nd amendment was brought in when there were no AR around. The guns you had were single ball bearing and you would be lucky to hit a target 6 ft wide. If they had AR I am sure there would have been stricter controls. But the NRA and a proportion of the people are so obsessed with 'their right to bear arms' they cannot see the stupidity of the ease that guns can be obtained. In the NRA's case it is mainly money and they have the government by the balls with their control of the politicians. It has gone too far to ban guns altogether but why the hell would you need an AR for everyday use. It's not as if you can put it under your pillow or in your inside pocket of your coat. After the Dunblane shooting stricter controls were brought in on the availability of guns and there has not been an mass killing as bad since. Australia banned guns and there have been no mass killings. I realise it has gone too far to ban guns altogether but it needs stricter control of availability. It is true criminals will still get them but criminals mainly shoot other criminals if related to gangs. It is the normal guy on the street who suddenly flip because they have had a bad day that are the danger. All it needs is a certain part of the brain to malfunction. It can happen to anyone when stress becomes too much.
  2. So what does everybody actually look like?

    My picture is on Facebook.
  3. Amusing News Stories

    Quite amusing http://www.chesterbugle.co.uk/2018/02/09/cheddar-man-declared-fit-work-dwp/
  4. City 5-1 The Posh FA Cup 4 Round Post Match Thread

    wonder if i can get it on a replay channel
  5. City 5-1 The Posh FA Cup 4 Round Post Match Thread

    Thought it was 3pm KO. Turned radio on and rugby is on. Bugger.
  6. How do I break it to her?

    Walk in the house with a smile on your face. You. 'I won the lottery pack your bags' Her. 'Great where are we going?' You. I don't care, just be out by lunchtime.'
  7. How do I break it to her?

    Sounds like something from a Michael Douglas film
  8. FoxesTalk Awards 2017 - nominations thread

    I wont be disappointed if i do not won anyth[ng. I will just vote for this thread as the worst. I will not vote for any individual poster. There are no best or worst.
  9. Alien fly by...

    In other news Jeremy Corbyn has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the government have cocked up over Universal Credit.
  10. LRI again.

    I heard the nurses say the patient I mentioned was being violent. He must have been well drugged up. On my last day he seemed fine so it may have been the drugs, The sides of his bed were up and they had move things away. They also kept their distance. They certainly experience a variety of situations so I suppose that is part of the attraction. You are interacting with all sorts of people and hear interesting stories from the older patients. They were busy but not rushed off their feet if you know what I mean. They came round taking blood pressure and heart moitoring but that was all routine. Other times they were going through patient notes. I suppose they need to be computer savvy now. They were carryin small tablets linked to computers to record results.
  11. LRI again.

    I forgot to say can I give a shout out for the nurses and doctors. They were great. They had a lot to put up with. The guy in the next bed was knocking things off the table and pulling stuff off the equpment area. but the nurse stayed calm and treated him as normal. They had to to a rectal probe on me and the nurse said this may hurt, and I said It's worse for you and all she said was It's all part of the job' I over hear a male nurse talking about his hours. 3x12.5 hrs then 4x12.5 hrs days and nights. I heard one junior nurse being asked if she wanted to be a doctor. she said no because she liked the contact with people. She was only about 20.
  12. LRI again.

    cheers. Wasn't sure which tablet was the food one. Also movicol has to be mixed with water so drank that and eating toast at the same time. Took a paracetamol by mistake they were in the bag i keep the others. Any in hospital they helped with the stomach pain. Asked for one in hospital. They never had them on the ward so had to orger them from the pharmacy. Feeling better and eating more. The doctor who came to see me gave me a syrynge when I said iwas having trouble eating. I've been told there is a spray version. Not sure if I am ready for a full meal yet and have stopped drinking. Unfortunately the course of the pills goes into the Xmas period. I don't know which tablets are OK with alcohol. One lot anoxillin is not on going so will end when they are gone. Glad cuz they are 3 times a day and difficult to swallow. The others depends on the doctor I think I can stop the Movicol when I am passing regularly. That will just leave 3 two once a day one twice. a day so its not like i'm popping pills all day Besides if I keep off the drink there may not be any signs of it for the dr to keep me on them all.
  13. The season of goodwill.

    I don't know what this thread is about but I suggest contacting Wishes4Kids. A charity that tries to grant wishes for terminally ill children. They are based in Leicester.
  14. LRI again.

  15. LRI again.

    Took the first load. Have to carry a card for one called xarelto. Just read on the card it should be taken with food does water count as food?