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  1. England babes v Spain
  2. It will be a lot more and will get worse.
  3. My thoughts on Trump summed up in a 4 lined verse There's a mad man in the White House Shouting hip hip hurray I've got my finger on the button God save the USA
  4. They normally use it to sneak in an unpopular policy.
  5. Let's be glad Murdoch does not own the BBC.
  6. I would not say all those in low paid jobs are there through thrir own fault. Some take those jobs because there are few for what they are qualified. Also many take jobs like nursing teaching and retail because they want to help people initially not for money but still need to put food on the table and pay bills.
  7. I was going to say something like this but probably noy as well put. In a lot of jobs people develop illnesses around the age of 60. They need time off work for treatment and operations. If they lose their jobs at 60 how long will they be on benefits or JSA if told they are fit for work and to get a job? That is an 8 year gap in non NI contributions. Will it affect their pension. There is no doubt people in non manual work will be able to carry on for a couple of years if they are in good health Maybe there should be a 5 year leeway and a choice. Say 65-70 you can retire with a pension or carry on with a percentage of the pension on top of your salary. Dependant on the salary. The idea will need some thought. When the last company I worked for went up the spout my intention was that it would be my last job regardless. I could not wait for 65 to arrive or as I found out after 60 when I took pension credit. I never really enjoyed any job I did so to drag it out for eight more years would be a nightmare especially I could collapse at work or only last a couple of years after retirement. If a person enjoys their work can get around and are good at their job and wants to carry on then let them but do not force people who struggle in daily life and may not be able yo give their all to work till they drop. I went by the saying I work to live not live to work. One manager of the hosiery firm I worked for dropped dead at his car as he was rushing back to work one lunch hour. He was 60.
  8. Maybe but I include religious leaders in with the interfering bracket. Religion politics not much difference. Both tell their people who to like and who to go to war against. I don't care what others say the politicians control the people no matter what country they live in. I was referring to politicians in general. It is them who decide who we go to war against not the public. The public do as they are told as a rule because they only know a little of what goes on
  9. Mankind was doing fine. Ordinary people living day to day just wanting to toddle along look after the familes and be nice to others. Then politicians came along and ruined everything.
  10. Those sort of figures given out by governments remind me of a joke. A bloke is in hospital to have a leg amputated. The next morning the surgeon says sorry we took the wrong leg off but the good news is the other one is getting better. I wonder how many more people there are doing ZHC part time and work programmes? Anyway all this has been covered before so only repeating the same stuff. Gets boring after a while. Government figures support the present government. What a surprise. Would they tell us that they are fecking every thing up and shafting the ordinary bloke? I take anything politicians say with a pinch of salt.
  11. Nice weekend away. My sister took my brother in law to Liverpool to see a show. Sgt Pepper. He did not know anybody was coming up and there was a surprise party waiting for him on his return on Saturday. I nearly blew it. I took a photo of the bar and posted it on Facebook My sister PMd me and said delete it quick you fool.Luckily I removed it in time. At breakfast on Saturday a bloke on a nearby table said I know you from somewhere. We tried to work out how it was. He had not been to Leicester. Anyway I get to my sisters house later and he is standing in the kitchen He say I knew I knew you. It turns out he was a long time mate of my BIL and we met at my sisters wedding a couple of years ago. Unrelated. Going out to the poker I saw a car crash. I was crossing the corner that goes from London road to Charles Street. Heard these tires break, looked up and a car was travelling sideways at high speed. It went in a circle before crashing into a shop gateway near the recruiting office opposite the barriers. Went to see what had happened with some others and the car had run into the back of another parked there. Don't know if anyone was hurt but the the passenger door was open. The police were there in a couple of minutes and I left them to it. It was like watching the Grand Prix again but with a crap driver. Although I suppose he could have had a burst tire or something to cause the crash. It was pretty neat parking considering. It was like watching a movie scene.
  12. Yes thanks. May have been the thermostat settings. Not really cold enough for them but needed to see if it worked. Do not have a key. Wont be home over the weekend but will try the bleeding when i get back
  13. Hindsight is wonderful isn't it. The above is an example of someone doing what others have advised and coming off worse. If she had turned the job down she may have regarded as unambitious Then overlooked if a similar opportunity arose locally or a place not as expensive to live with an improved salary. I wonder how many people on here pay for their car on a finance deal. I would think only a few could pay cash for a new one every couple of years. Or maybe the car belongs to the company they work for. If they left to improve themselves their ne job may not come with a car.
  14. G
  15. Never played the game so cannot lose at it.