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  1. The world's shortest (and scariest) Horror story

    Matt had dug the hole himself. Now, as the sound of soil hitting the coffin lid hid the muffled laughs of his long suffeing rivals he realised that that it was a mistake.
  2. Foxestalk...BANNED

    That's what I was thinking. A few other clubs may do the same. Has any City fan tied logging into Manure forum at the KP? Why would they?
  3. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    The point of no return like the restaurant at the end of the universe.
  4. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Did you not know there was more important news for the press to convey to the public? There's a royal sprog on the way. Yippee.
  5. I fell sleep reading the title. Its like reading an unnamed poster's essays.
  6. How Do You Like To Imagine Your Own Demise?

    Quietly in my sleep like my uncle not screaming like his coach passengers. I will probably be knocjed down by a car or lorry tho.
  7. Is Attending University the great Con of our time ?

    Would you not agree that every employee has a value to a company from the tea lady to the director? If the tea lady is not doing her job right then it would not leave a good impression if an important meeting was taking place. If the post boy does not take the days letters to the PO in time it could mean Same as the receptionist who needs to be polite. The shop floor worker and the cleaner and CEO that decides which direction the company goes. A break in the chain could mean trouble.
  8. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    There is a stream on bet 365 if you sign up. Link not direct http://www.watchfooty.co.uk/football/watch-live/carling-cup/sheffield-united-vs-leicester?somel=efl1
  9. Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    Still around. Not much I want to reply to lately. Not much point anyway as I am probably on ignore by a few. I have a look once or twice a day, look at the topics then mark them as read and open the couple of latest posts I want to read. Depending on who's posted I reply, give rep or disregard.
  10. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Been watching Heroes again the last few weeks. Two thirds through season three. Hit and miss really. The first series was good and the second was cut short because of a writers strike. There was supposed to be a mini series spin off about that time too which left the beginning of S3 disjointed as the stuck it in front. Viewers ratings went down as well so fewer episodes were made. Also started the third season of Fargo. No idea what the beginning was about unless it was just a hint that the story was not true when the said it was. Maybe the old man that was killed had something to do with it.
  11. I imagine this may get deleted but.......

    Thracian posts give me the confidence to think that I may not be so wrong after all and quite a nice human being. For that I am grateful to him.
  12. Real Ale/Craft Beer in Leicester

    There is a Ale Fest at the Broood this weekend. Some rare beers on from new breweries. Steve Thatcher the landlord travels eround the country to collect them himself. Bit of a ticker himself and his stuff when it comes to beer. Check out their FB page and website.
  13. Real Ale/Craft Beer in Leicester

    No. My cursor has the habit sometimes of moving to a different place. I don't look at the screen when typing so I could write a whole paragraph before noticing. Annoying. The real Ale Classroom is OK but a little out the way for me. Once there there is nowhere around to go.
  14. Real Ale/Craft Beer in Leicester

    Seems some use the same places as me. Our paths may have crossed and not known it. Off to the Ale Stone now. Later Broood. On Tuesday they have a quiz but not for serious quizzers. The prizes are rubbish and its just for fun. Its free to enter. They also have a quiz on a Thursday which is more serious with some scrutinising every question and answer.