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  1. Two tickets available. J3 Row V.
  2. Don’t mind who is intrim if it happens. I’d think Rafa would be a decent choice but I do like Rodgers. Don’t fancy Martinez and I hope they don’t go that why just because he’s not doing much at the minute the next one needs to be here for a good while.
  3. Got to go now this is getting serious we’re in free fall and I can’t see us beating Brighton.
  4. Can plan around a loan signing but can’t plan around Vardy who still has 3years on his contract ffs. Clueless again from Puel.
  5. We should worry about Europa when we’ll be in it won’t happen this season.
  6. He had Mendy ahead of Ndidi for spurs so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do that again also will Vardy start? cant see us winning the game but you never know.
  7. Overall performance was good but it will drop against palace like it always does. We should have beaten Liverpool, utd and spurs if you go on what chances we had we’ve needed a striker for over a year and the only decent one we have was started on the bench ffs. Not good enough from Puel the good run we was on hazma played he’s not had a sniff since
  8. I do yes if people constantly boo like they are starting to then he won’t be here much longer. I don’t boo so I’m not really arsed, just my opinion on it.
  9. I don’t boo but it’s the only way you’ll ever let the owners know how you feel. Keep booing Puel will be out simple as that if the result don’t change.
  10. We’ve gone from and oldish team to one that’s to young. It’s ok saying it’s for the future but half of them will be gone in 2 or 3seasons if they end up being quality.
  11. Maddison will get better but at the minute he’s just like Gallagher was decent free kick, decent corners and a fanny when it comes to tackling. Oh and Gally never missed a peno.
  12. Slowly going down the table we’ll finish somewhere between 11th and 14th. Spurs will score a couple minimum tomorrow can we score more? No I can’t see it because Vardy will problably have about 5 touches again. Puel out.
  13. Thing is with Leicester you never know what you’re going to get I wouldn’t be surprised if we won 2-1 or lost 4-0. Boos at full time incoming, four losses in a row not good enough!
  14. If we lose the next 3 he’ll be out. Once you’ve lost the fans there’s no going back but knowing us we’ll go get 6 points.
  15. Puel will start Morgan most of time because he’s the captain he’s already said that. We should of given it to Kasper or Vardy at the start of the season.
  16. I get he wasn’t interfering with play but the ball was getting passed to him how much more in play could he of been. Rubbish rule.
  17. I like his style of football and he’d start getting the ball to Vardy so yes why not.
  18. Don’t want to slag Morgan off to much but he was caught 4 times today by the same ball. Again I can’t even remember Vardy having a shot? Unless we win two out the next 3 which I can’t see it happing he’ll probably be gone. Doesn't really matter losing 4-0 or 4-3 still 0 points. Only going one way under Puel
  19. Wasn’t he director of football at Everton not head scout? Funny how here we slag Puel off for making a mess of everything then at Everton we’re slagging the director of football off for making a mess of everything I’m sure the manager would of wanted the players they got not just Walsh.
  20. The manager what they’ll be looking at if he goes is Rodgers, Benitez, Southgate these are all good with the press and would fit the type of manager they go for. I’d like Benitez out of them who’s out of contract in the summer and who can attract big names.
  21. Still don’t think we play him right, if he was in a two with Vardy for 20 games he’d be fine.
  22. Puel is like a vampire he’s sucked the life out the team I don’t think he’ll go before the end of the season but sooner the better
  23. Anyone seen on twitter cambiasso might be coming back for a coaching role?
  24. We just set up in some game like we’re not arsed about winning and it’s pissing me off now, up and down like a yo-yo with Puel in charge.
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