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  1. How is Conor Tee doing ? Is he he looking like one who has a chance ? Saw an article which suggested he was likely or close to first team, which surprised me a bit
  2. So Leicester City dropped 25 million quid on a player, but didn't expect improvement in that position ? 25 million on a striker from a CL club is a statement of intent, a keynote signing for a club like this & he has absolutely stunk the place out. Its a serious error.
  3. One of the big givens in the game is the goal against the former side, on the big day, to screw them over, no matter how shit you were there, or here, before or since, that goal v the former club is a thing. Except for this guy.
  4. You sure now ? With what he cost compared to the cost of the lads he was brought in to supposedly replace, I am fairly sure improvement was the aim.
  5. February 2002 v Derby at Filbert St Was new to the area and really glad I got to see that ground, was behind the goal near the away fans, great atmosphere in there, nice edge to it. Leicester lost 0-3 and when Lee Morris stuck the third goal in I remember the stand singing - disgrace, you are a ****ing disgrace, you are a ****ing disgrace, you are a ****ing disgrace, DISGRACE .... and so on, at the Leicester players. Matt Piper played that day and he looked a player, what might have been. A defender called Laursen played too, and I have seen oil rigs turn quicker than that guy, quite possibly the fattest arse in the history of pro ball. I was hooked, been coming to watch since when I can, love the new ground, but that corner of Filbert St really had something,
  6. Surprised Cort & Ichenacho are making these teams ahead of Mark De Vries. if ever one signing symbolised the incompetence of a managers entire reign, it was him and Leveins. Honourable mention to Ryan Smith
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