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  1. blue is the colour

    Fan abuse

    Can anyone remember what team was doing their end of season lap of the pitch and a guy came down from the stand and started shouting abuse, such as you’re a disgrace! Can’t find it on you tube.
  2. blue is the colour

    Sky Q issue

    All sorted. Found on one of the connections the centre had been bent back and no locating in the other part. topic can be locked or deleted.
  3. blue is the colour

    Sky Q issue

    Hi, my wonderful son before he disappeared for the weekend was asked to get up the lounge carpet. This meant he had to move the TV. When doing this he thought he needed to disconnect the Sky Q box and by the look of it unscrewed the two cables that go into the back of the box from both ends! I have screwed them back in but now get no signal. I have also tried the various combinations but still the same result. Any ideas?
  4. blue is the colour

    Mahrez to .......................?

    The Spanish expert on talksport was just talking about it, apparently agreed with LCFC only if the don't get Courtinho. Respected journo apparently.
  5. blue is the colour


    Help needed folks! Getting rid of virgin and my TiVo box. It's full of match of the day's from last season that I can't lose! Can I copy it anyway so I can watch it on a Pc or plug it into the TV or sky Q box? Thanks
  6. blue is the colour

    iTunes match

    Help please! I've got an old PC that is on it's last legs but has most of my music library with iTunes. Was going to get myself an external drive and download it to that and then a new laptop. But I didn't, I paid for iTunes Match as have multiple devices ( kids). I thought I would just be able to choose what I wanted to download on to my iPad. However it has tried to download the whole library and I can't seem to be able to stop it . iPad now nearly unusable as full and constant messages about storage. What am I doing wrong?
  7. blue is the colour

    Best car to choose

    Thanks guys, due to a good offer been politely asked to take the A6 Ultra black edition. Looks nice.
  8. blue is the colour

    Best car to choose

    Hi, firstly I'm lucky I get a company car. I know very little about cars other than the obvious. I've got a choice of three, Audi A6, BMW 5 series or merc E class. Which should I go for and why? Quite a bit of cross county driving because of where I live so lots of twists and turns, but also some main roads too.
  9. blue is the colour

    Purple tube!

    Okay, stupid question I know, been down south today on M1 and through the roadworks around junction 19 I noticed a purple pipe on top on the central reservation wall. It was continuous for all 15 miles with no break. Anyone know what it holds, just intrigued. Thanks
  10. blue is the colour

    Theme Parks

    Rip ride rockit at universal Orlando, choose your own music, great fun!
  11. blue is the colour

    This sent chills down my spine

    Love it what's the song?
  12. blue is the colour

    Virgin or sky?

    Well all installed and working but no HD on sports channels other than. Ss1&2 . Phone call in the morning to have a moan. Specifically asked when I switched so not happy
  13. blue is the colour

    Virgin or sky?

    Thanks for all your replies. I decided to go for Virgin in the end. 100m B/B Medium phone premium TV plus sky sports HD Asked about HD only being on SP1 & 2 Was informed that because I had the full sports package ALL channels will be HD- we shall see! Also extra HD box in lads bedroom All for £77-00 for 12 months. then £101 for next six. Pretty pleased with that.
  14. blue is the colour

    Virgin or sky?

    Been with sky for ages and overall the TV package is excellent . However my HD box is playing up. Now before I put the call into sky giving the normal sob story and they knocking some cash off for six months I would like to know people's opinion on Virgin. Kids play online a lot and hear the fibre optic broadband is a lot better than sky. Your opinions would be appreciated.
  15. blue is the colour

    Home v Blackpool 15/03/14 Man of the Match

    Drinkwater: basically he plays well we win.