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  1. Reports of a positive test in Croatia squad who played 1st half, withdrawn at have time ? Will this affect us ?
  2. Let’s break that long unbeaten home record (again).
  3. I agree we need both . “Horses for courses “ but if it was a straight up question between the two ? Wilf was asked to play as a single pivot ? Mendi is playing as a two with Youri . No reason why wilf could not do the same as mendi in this different formation ?
  4. People really have short memories. Wilf is 23 been here since he’s 19 ,played over mendi for four years and numerous managers. Wilf is more physical, better in the air more mobile. Mendi is keeping it warm for Wilf , statistically one of the best midfielders in Europe. Wilf for me . Mendi has done well but Wilf is special . Who many many teams will chase if available.
  5. Best thing regarding today . Spurs was top for only 20mins
  6. Been class . Looks a lot more confident with no crowds .
  7. Win tomorrow,pee on two lots of cornflakes. As all day tomorrow on sly sports news will be a Spurs/ bale Leeds /Beisla love in ! oh don’t forget poch is on MNF .... let the side show sneak in take 2nd
  8. Always in our hearts
  9. Passing was soo much better second half . We couldn’t pass two yards. They became frustrated. Game got stretched. Finally twisted with two attackers. Boom. Just need to find balance over Weaker teams . Finally a win away at the Emirates .
  10. This boils down to the premier league and how much money it earns . Letting little teams in England build small empires and upsetting the old European order... Old money snobbery. These talks started after premier league teams had 4 teams in European finals . All about the money .
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