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  1. Puelesque performances, not being brave. Two pivots instead of one . Too slow and far too complacent . Relegation form since December! (20)
  2. Winter break on the piss did us the world of good ...
  3. Worried . We need to find some form from somewhere. Big players not performing atm . Let down by VAR again.... ! Onto Norwich we need a break from somewhere..
  4. Had a poor game? Yes still our best option... by far!
  5. De ja vue would have taken a point before ,glad to leave with one . Too slow too sideways today again.. hats off too the defence . Another clean sheet . I’d take a few dirty points away 12 too play 20 ish out of the 36 available will be enough...... hopefully
  6. Tvs on the concourse, If we had scored that stand would Filled up quicker than a var review
  7. Hopefully people realise champions league isn’t a given neither. agreed... “ let’s back the lads”
  8. Sheet has hit the fan . 7 points in 7 games... Poor . Europe? Looks a long long way off at the minute, never mind champions league.
  9. Did Southampton not do it against us also 0-9 0-4
  10. Merry monarch pub public pay and display carpark £2 Fosse road 10ish minute Walk to ground quick exit after to a46 side of the city .
  11. One adult available block 313 In Leicester till mid day will take it with me..
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