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  1. Chris Coleman...

    To quote a famous former manager "Fcuk off and die" https://youtu.be/grnhmWAFipk
  2. Thoughts on Dyche?

    My worries regarding dyche are his preferred formation 4411 442? We all know we cannot play that formation well anymore. Best of a bad bunch granted? Rather have chris wilder if we are going English? But think a clean slate would be better? Knowlage of English game ? English speaking foreign coach. Our whole club as gone stale.. i do do not believe we have a bad squad, just wrong setup .
  3. Rudkin

    Steve Walsh senior should have been given our DOF . All gone tits up since he left...?
  4. Next City Manager?

    Can we just stop all the gags/ references to Chris Fcuking Coleman please? ( he shite).
  5. Next City Manager?

    Be very careful what u wish for!!
  6. Next City Manager?

    Hal robson Kanu lol? Big name..
  7. Next City Manager?

    Why would any one want Coleman ffs? done absolutely nothing?? Take bale out? Wales are very ordinary. Qualified for a revamped euros where all the home nations bar Scotland qualified. Club management career is shocking also? A big no from me!!
  8. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    "Caretakers/ interim managers made permanent always end up this way? A great club club man ends up ridiculed, which is sad. But since the initial run of fixtures , winning games in a row. Performances have been awful. Subs at half time, no plan. No confidence in squad? Or other formations would have been tried. The writing is on the wall .
  9. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    1 win in 11 ? (promoted Brighton) Bottom three . Enough said?
  10. In Cyprus ATM. Got 2 tickets printed. Cost me £5 per ticket? Better than giving my season season ticket out ...
  11. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    44 fcuking 2.
  12. 1st half enough said. 2nd half we had a go, what ever happened to ulloa from the free header god only knows Blessing! Not his biggest fan but shingi changed the game. He did more in the 1st 30 seconds than Leo did in 50 mins. AWFUL. Shinji gives us purpose. Amazing goal from slim. Hopefully another Home fixture next round
  13. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    400? Ish 330 in L1 alone?
  14. Liverpool home pre match thread - Colombian cup R3

    400ish left? L1 letting the side down every block full bar L1 330 ? Alone in L1
  15. Analysing the last 3 seasons and even further..

    Edited for you - 2015/16