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  1. All booked . Our lead Booker secured 9 tickets , all seated together in same block , we are just next to the Royal box . Coaches are a first come first served . i.e as soon as one fills the next one leaves . So all be sitting together in ground and on the coach . We are all friends and family (on club site) rang up to add friends via club today. plenty left .
  2. Hind sight it’s in our hands . We have points in the bag! Is anyone other than Man City capable of winning all four? Newcastle away is HUGE.
  3. Poor. Feels like a loss . No quality. Gave everyone a sniff again. Ruined the weekend....
  4. Funny how we always get this kind of press on or leading up to a big game?? Rodgers or a player going to one of the Arrogant six ...
  5. Our star has never been brighter. We become bigger every year . We our the elephant in the room . Enjoy it .
  6. Trent don’t push him he don’t handle it ! FCUKIN DISALLOW THAT!! Get in
  7. Excellent 3 points . After the weekends set of results we took advantage. Some very good performances . Good to see Vardy again! Youri wow . Narrative is different this season, No five subs for a start ...! COYB we can do this . BOTH.
  8. What a great set of results for us this weekend. Thursday is Huge ! COYB
  9. It’s no from me? The country wants “independence “ leave their league as it is thanks...
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