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  1. https://versus.uk.com/2019/07/fire-boots-kamakaze/ is this the kid who was filmed rapping on upperton road when he was a youth player here
  2. Didn’t he score against Ipswich when we got hammered at their place 6-1
  3. That’s amazing 😂😂 Thanks for clearing it up
  4. I’ve I missed something about Harvey Barnes I keep seeing and hearing a weird sounding voice like it’s taking the p*** out of him on social media
  5. Firstly didn’t really set out to start a war with some Neanderthal, I was merely stating my opinion that Thauvin isn’t that great a signing. I’ve watched him play whilst he was Newcastle so I’m in a reasonably good position to state what I personally think after all this a forum, (a website or web page where users can post comments about a particular topic. ) So maybe I’d suggest you go back to attempting to club your prey to death and creating the wheel whilst the adults continue to talk. As for ‘Doggy do’ it’s was my intelligence that stopped me
  6. Kante hit the ground running as did Knockaert neither of those had a real bad patch Mahrez went off the boil after he wanted to leave and again Mendy never really got himself fit until now. so not sure where your trying to head with this conversation
  7. But not a single one of those on your list struggled when they came over, Mendy looked decent before he got injured against Arsenal so fair play to him for getting back to where we hoped he could be. Have you actually watched Thauvin play? He’s skilful and direct but not blessed with huge amounts of pace, he very rarely tracks back or puts a tackle in and whilst I get that’s not his game technically, who do you replace him with?
  8. I don’t get the clamour for him at Newcastle he was utter Doggy do yet the majority on here are potentially Jizzing over him cause he’s done well in France don’t forget Slimani and A silva looked good in Ligue 1
  9. I was confident of us getting a point before this week but now we’ll probably never have a better chance of putting some daylight between us and them..... knowing city we’ll lose 2-1 last min penalty from Old Man Milner
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