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  1. All 4/5 of them made an absolute **** up, but I can honestly say I’ve not stuck to the rules 100% (no house party’s) but many occasions I’ve saw friends and family in their homes, and I’m pretty sure many of you have too. But for people to honestly call for them all to be transferred out the club I’ll ask who do we replace Maddison, Barnes and Perez with because we will be sorely lacking in those areas if they leave
  2. Jesus pal I’d hate to see you when we’re playing shit or when your miserable
  3. I know these are shit but we look so much fresher today
  4. Never in doubt easily the best performance of the season so far 👀
  5. Kasper as much as you keep us in games it’s bewildering how many times you put it out for a throw
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