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  1. I saw this on twitter and looked at downloading the Athletic thinking to take use of the free trial to read the article and got charged £59.99 good read though now I’m currently arguing with Apple and the Athletic to get my money back
  2. I think what everyone was thinking was that considering the magnitude of the achievement to only have a standard Season review DVD was a bit of an anticlimax like someone posted a HD blu-Ray would have been better than some of the grainy images on the DVD, not sure how else you could have made it better perhaps a run of Claudios quips or a bit more inside info from players/staff/fan groups interviews. That said I’ll watch it again now
  3. Bit harsh on coatsworth blake Stewart and Gillespie they weren’t awful
  4. Surprised anybody can still view the clowns Twitter page, I was one of many who got blocked for asking why he seemed to have a vendetta against Nigel Pearson and was constantly wanking over Claude the fraud
  5. Huge plus for that Deulofeu is out he’s one of those that is either shite or Shite hot
  6. So we’re still not safe #Brendanout
  7. You’ve just become Grealish’s new best mate
  8. I use to wait until about 6.30 when I was younger, I remember Neil Lennon pretty much telling me to piss off after we had lost 3-0 to someone crap
  9. If we are looking for a back up centre half what about Dragovic would be a cheaper option and he’s shown he could cut it in the prem he’s only 28 as well so would be at his prime and still have a few more years left in him
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