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  1. was i the only person who saw his woeful control of De Geas clearance when he had an open goal in front of him
  2. X3 i thought him and wilf provided the base for Madds Gray Chilli and Ricardo to step up
  3. Andys stock dropped when his goals began to dry up. He was regarded as "our next big thing" the year we came back up from league 1 (16 goals). i think villa were sniffing around him at the time, but he damaged his Achilles and never really returned as the player he was prior although he obviously scored more important goals for us like the west ham goal the year we stayed up. He's been a great servant to the club but his time has come to end we should wish him well and move on
  4. ah ok i must of missed that cheers pal
  5. those two i expected to leave but with Gray finally out of Riyads shadow id have thought he'd have this season to prove he is good enough to step up
  6. sorry if its already been posted but was there a reason Gray was absent tonight ? ive thought hes looked pretty sharp in the earlier preseason games and offers a lot more than Diabaite who im beginning to think is a competition winner.
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