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  1. The issue with “steady Eddie’s” is that they aren’t good enough to make the team week in / week out.
  2. As for who replaces him?!? Look at who’s available to replace him? Are we joking? He’s the 17th best paid manager / coach in world football. Pochettino, Allegri, Valverdi, Sarto, Jardim .... go and fetch one of supposed better coaches such as Gasparini, Nanglesmann, Gallardo etc If we aspire to be better than we are, we need to look at bringing in better. That’s not just players, it’s coaching staff, tea lady, physios, phycologist etc We’ve built a supposed world class training facility. We’ve got some technically great players. The club want us to be
  3. I’ve always been more akin to giving Managers time as well. I’ve just never taken to him.
  4. People will say “look at the table”, look at “X” result etc etc We’ve played 39 games since the 1st January, including cups and the league. He’s won 17 of them. In the league though, it’s 28 games, 11 wins. Would anyone be surprised if it was announced he’d gone? The fact that we’re even having this debate, gives the feeling that the mob is turning. The fans would have the pitchforks out if you could get in the stadium.
  5. I’ve had enough. He can go. We’ve seen so many games like this. His initial voice has gone and we’re horseshit more often than not.
  6. Leicester Tigers are shit as well at the moment. He’d struggle to get in though.
  7. Barnes can’t pass. He’s be better just putting his laces with the ball every time.
  8. No coincidence that Chilwell takes Chelsea’s now. I don’t get it with Maddison either.
  9. You’re not wrong. If we had fans in the stadium, this wouldn’t be pretty.
  10. Who’s the relegation fodder here? Fulham or Leicester?
  11. By all accounts Ghezzel was half decent in Serie A
  12. Just look at the movement, no one is moving in front of Mendy. Fulham will love defending against a static Leicester.
  13. That’s an awful, awful pass from Harvey Barnes
  14. We’ve loads of ability but we’ve gone back into the post lockdown team. We can’t deal with counter attacks and we’re going to struggle week in / week out if we don’t learn to adapt. You can’t blame the Europa either, as we’ve used half a different team.
  15. A troubled genius. A man of his talent, would be insanely great in today’s game. Messi is the closest player to him. It’ll be intriguing to see how Benjamin Aguerro Maradona gets on. If he’ll have the talent his grandfather and father have.
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