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  1. And he wouldn’t improve the starting 11? He would be a great signing. Not happening is it but come on.
  2. 😂😂😂 can’t believe some of your are turning your noses up at Coutinho. He’d be the best player in our team by a mile. He’s never coming but come on, he’s class.
  3. Horrendous news regarding Ricardo but it does present JJ with a great opportunity to show what he’s about. What a replacement to bring in. Go make that RB spot your own!
  4. Justin looks class. He always tried to pass forward and this helps us break stubborn teams down. Chilwell should take note.
  5. Give off. You clearly on the wind up
  6. I think our biggest area of weakness at the minute is creativity. We need a winger and CM who can run at players and create openings for others. We are too easy to play against and we can’t break down to defensive lines.
  7. What’s his actual strength? A few Nice touches here and there. He’s too lightweight, slow and can’t go by a man. What a waste of £30 million.
  8. He shouldn’t be starting. He simply isn’t good enough.
  9. How he’s not even getting a look in I don’t know. Perez and Albrighton are consistently poor and he doesn’t even get on as a sub when we need a goal.
  10. He picked out the crowd about 5 times when he came on. One good cross very 8 weeks doesn’t make you a good crosser of the ball. Gray runs at players and commits them. Something that apart from Barnes we don’t have in the team. Your comment about gray not defending is odd too, we were losing 1-0, we need a goal. His job wouldn’t be to defend.
  11. Couldn’t disagree more. Gray is more likely to get you a goal. All Albrighton can do is run, useless footballer.
  12. Albrighton is poor. I don’t rate Perez at all but Albrighton is worse. We need a new winger .
  13. And you know this how??? There’s no instruction there. If Rodgers is instructing the team to play like that he needs to be sacked. Zero plan or idea in our recent performances.
  14. They play the exact same position. Maddison thinks he’s Pirlo though and tries to create from our half. He’s should be in between the lines. He can’t go by a man either therefore he drops deeper to try and pass his way through.
  15. We are desperate for a cm who can go by a players to open space for a pass. We also need a quality winger to replace Perez. He’s somehow got bought for £30 million! What were we thinking?
  16. And to think a lot of people said he is better than Grealish. No chance. He’s quickly playing his way out of the England setup for the euros.
  17. That was embarrassing. We’ve got a lot of deadwood to clear out. So many squad players who are not good enough. Chilwell, Perez, Albrighton to name a few. We need a goal and we bring on Albrighton. Tells you everything about the squad and how it is carried by 4 or 5 individuals.
  18. Just awful. All he can do is run. Sell while we can!
  19. On a free this is a sensible signing and good squad player. Not the marquee signing everyone craves but it’s a smart price of business that adds depth and experience to the squad. Get it done!
  20. Some good free transfers available. We should be looking to bolster the squad with a few. A few experienced heads would be great. Cavani 😝
  21. He’s gone a little off the boil after his unreal start. He needs Evans to calm him down and get back to his majestic best.
  22. I thought Maddison was probably our outstanding player tonight. His finishing second half was off but without him we don’t have any creativity. He needs a midfield partner who can create too. It would give him more space to work in.
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