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  1. I dunno, Farage had a vid up yesterday about how impeaching Trump would be the wrong move because one must be "magnanimous in victory". Remember 2016, Nige? As for Fox, I'm reasonably sure he's in favour of the insurrection attempt at the Capitol last week but he lacks the courage to show it and take the pelters for it so instead he seems to focusing on the totally spurious "tech companies limit my Freeze Peach!" angle instead.
  2. To say nothing of the spaceship taking only about one year from the reference of the astronauts to accelerate to c at a very amenable 1g acceleration rate, though that has been said on here before.
  3. ...to an outside observer, yes, the photon would appear to be travelling at 670,616,629 mph, and Collymores vehicle at 670,616,628 mph. But inside Collymores car, the photons from the torch would appear to be going away from him at exactly c. The speed of light in a vacuum is constant within every single frame of reference.
  4. In your observational frame of reference, yes. To an outside observer...well, that's where it gets a bit runny. When it comes to such things, observational frames of reference are really important.
  5. ...relative to the person observing the car only, of course. Inside the car, everything appears tip-top. Relativity is just weird,
  6. ...is there a point regarding a possible solution to the problem here (that won't leave masses of bodies on the floor) or is it just cynicism for it's own sake? (That would be an understandable response given the situation, though.)
  7. The above attitudes displayed by Repub voters and members of Congress alike are why the whole idea of forging some kind of unity and "when they go low we go high" is wonderful in principle but rather difficult in practice. The Dems of course should be ready to engage and work with those Repubs willing to budge some, but beyond that they also have to be prepared to politically neutralise those that won't, to prevent the harm they can (and will) do with the power they have.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-55666153 Some good investigative journo stuff from the Beeb, certainly got the Chinese authorities riled - though that doesn't take much.
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55626148 We need a "Here's to You Mrs Robinson" arrest montage.
  10. As always, you make a compelling argument. I think we still disagree on the amount of control the current tech giants have over the future of the market, but I certainly could be wrong on that one. And if I am, I would fully agree and expect government to step in and regulate just as any public good requires. TBH it's sort of the 1st Amendment bollocks argument that is patently untrue that I was targetting in my original post, so I'm glad we're somewhat in agreement there.
  11. I guess we'll find out in due course. Honestly, as long as he does end up behind bars and his supporters are neutralised then I'm not overly picky about the method, so long as it follows due process. The country and the world, and history, will know what he incited and what he did, whether he goes down for that particular thing or not.
  12. I'd like that too, but unfortunately as Nixon proved, sometimes that doesn't happen. As such, I'd be satisfied, if not happy, with the Al Capone route being taken instead if it was going to be successful.
  13. It does, but as per above, there are other offences committed in NY State that he could be charged with.
  14. He can pardon himself of all federal offences. State offences, however, are unpardonable by any President and therefore fair game.
  15. That's shaky ground considering the possibility of him pardoning himself, which it seems is a possibility that could work but no one seems to be sure if it would work. However, a much more solid possibility is the NY State authorities giving him a tap on the shoulder regarding various tax and financial irregularities, the penalties for which could be rather severe.
  16. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/investigations/daniel-bice/2021/01/11/st-croix-republican-party-urges-members-prepare-war/6622950002/
  17. I dunno, if you look at some of them on the first few pages there are rivals. Climate change ignorance, homophobia, anti intellectualism...even someone saying that Kermo wasn't all that bad. Hold on...
  18. It's a fascinating area of study, and one which we still don't know nearly enough. Partially. Supernovae did the rest - generating almost all the elements heavier than iron.
  19. That's a decent question. And the answer is, rather simply, that billions of years is an longer time than most humans can imagine, bacteria most often take mere minutes to reproduce and thus offer a chance for mutation and change, and so over those countless trillions of chances for change, the number of spins on the wheel (as it were) and the odds are so vast that something unique and interesting will in fact happen. As it has through evolutionary history.
  20. To add a citation: https://oregonstate.edu/instruction/bb317/scientifictheories.html "The term "theory" means a very different thing when used in everyday conversation and in science. In our day to day speech, we often use "theory" to mean a guess or unsubstantiated idea about how something works (as in "I have a theory that gremlins are hiding my car keys"). In science, we would call such a guess a hypothesis, not a theory. A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for an observation. In this case, I am proposing that the explanation for why I can't find my car keys
  21. As collapses go, that was an entertaining one to watch.
  22. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55656385 "Violence and vandalism have no place in our country... No true supporter of mine would ever endorse political violence." How can the man actually use that No True Scotsman fallacy with a straight face? Good grief.
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