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  1. ....where are the chocolate Digestives?
  2. Yeah, you're totally right there - often money (or more accurately the power it accords) lends more privilege to people than other factors do. Ask a coal worker in rural white Appalachia how privileged he feels about his life, for instance - he's probably never been abused and discriminated against purely on behalf of his race or sex but he'll certainly have had some discrimination because of his lack of wealth and location. It's definitely not a blanket thing and tbh the person responding to Fox should have mentioned his position of relative power as an additional factor rather than just the white male thing. It is mostly gutter discourse as you say and quite frankly I despair of the idea that humans might actually realise that they don't need to try to exert power over each other for incredibly petty reasons and it isn't in fact a zero-sum game - not mostly, anyway.
  3. That's fair enough and if you add it up that way it does seem like better value for money than what has come before.
  4. An observation that has been spoken before but I'll repeat here: that one has to buy three different streaming services per month just to be able to watch all of Game of Thrones, The Expanse and The Witcher is frankly taking the piss.
  5. England doing a lot with the rain about and thus the clock ticking here.
  6. That's about the size of it, really. I know I don't come across much in the way of xenophobia either in the UK or where I am now (other than the garden-variety "weigukin go home" that isn't as common as it once was) but I'm prepared to believe that at least most of the time folks who have different experiences to my own aren't talking out of their hat about them. Of course Fox is free to say what his own experiences are and I wouldn't actually go far to say that he should just have accepted it; he's well within his rights to challenge the racism viewpoint with his own, but qualify his remarks.
  7. It means that when someone like Fox says that the UK is the "most tolerant, lovely country" (which to be honest most of the time the UK can be IMO, just so it's certain where I stand on the matter but it very much is a matter of opinion) then perhaps he should add that it's in his own experience rather than as an absolute. That might sound obvious but it's amazing how often folks get opinion and fact mixed up.
  8. Laurence Fox is somewhat blinded by his privilege in that he'll never experience the world in a way that someone of a different race and sex will and that leaves it open to him not seeing discrimination in places where perhaps some exists. That being said, Lily Allen can't really speak for those who might experience such discrimination either and she shouldn't try, it harms far more than it helps.
  9. ...wasn't aware you found abuse of ethnic minorities by government officials funny @MattP. Anyway...in space, tree-style camo is the way to go, apparently. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51160547
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-51150005 Interesting times. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-51150001 Pretty much confirming the original idea, but cool stuff.
  11. I'm using a pretty simplistic argument because I believe the problem itself is reasonably simple. But yeah, of course there needs to be direction and organisation to make sure that the correct things get done because the task itself is pretty complex, not so simple as you say, someone clicking their fingers. As usual you make a good point about how people are rather than how they can be, as far as I'm concerned the numbers on the problem speak for themselves but that's not the case for all or even most people and as such you do need to frame what needs to be done in a way that is palatable. FWIW as I've said before I'm not really interested in the political mechanics behind the work that needs to be done as long as it gets done barring them turning things into a 1984-style hellscape because the consequences of doing nothing may well be worse than anything but that (aided by humanity warring over more limited resources), but again I can also understand the "red scare" fear given that the problem is being framed in the terms you use (an overly authoritarian left-wing solution is the only thing that will do). It's frustrating for me that such an issue is being used as a political football because the Earth doesn't care in the slightest about politics and what it does can and will be felt by everyone in due course - there's no way to weather out the storm, even for the rich, in the long term. At least helping to guarantee a more likely better future for humanity (and by extension developing some very interesting new tech through innovation) really shouldn't be a left/right issue outside of the nihilists/social Darwinists.
  12. I was actually going to talk about separating art from artist in the last post, but left it out. It is certainly something of a thorny path to go down, I guess it comes down to how much one thinks extolling the achievements of an artist in various ways has in terms of their overall cultural influence, of much. Sport certainly has a big cultural influence in Australia and as such the viewpoints of sportspeople are often pretty well respected from what I can tell, even when they're not talking about sport.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-51149224 I don't hear anything, but my dog is going nuts.
  14. Don Bradman might have a little to say about greatest Aussie sportspeople... (And he was one of the first leading white people to speak out against apartheid too. Perhaps Ms Court could have taken a leaf out of his book there.) In any case, they named it after her then, they don't have to keep it that way now.
  15. Interesting find! It looks like such viewpoints are much more divided among ideological lines than age - a lot more difference between Leave and Remain voters than Millenials and Boomers. FWIW I'd go with the geopolitical/economic power angle and rank the UK fourth behind the US, China and EU as I'm not really sure how quantifiable cultural influence is.
  16. So long as it's consensual, fair play to her. Views on "traditional" gender roles have never been the problem that has needed to be fought against - societal enforcement of them against consent, as has happened often in history, is.
  17. The Sergio Leone trilogy and Once Upon A Time In the West stand out in that regard.
  18. If that's the case, then the apathy being displayed is even worse - the ignorance being deliberate rather than merely incidental. That's a pretty damning indictment on the people in the know. Do people well-versed on the matter really, truly, still consider the threat either abstract or overstated to the degree that it's such a low priority for them? I honestly do not get that. I'm with you on the Boy Who Cried Wolf parable, it's typical human behaviour - but you and I both know that's Gamblers Ruin Fallacy at its finest and has zero effect on the overall consequences.
  19. It's like some folks can't get their collective heads around the idea of humans being responsible for the death and loss of livelihoods of a few humans directly (let's spend trillions of dollars on a war and thousands more deaths) actually being the same as some more humans being responsible rather less directly for the deaths and loss of livelihoods of more humans now and a great many more soon (let's say the problem doesn't exist or it's made up or there's nothing we can do about it and not spend much at all). I actually think that given the amount of information available on the topic it being "too abstract" a threat for people and so difficult to understand is no longer an excuse.
  20. Fair point, though the seeming lack of public awareness on this topic is rather depressing in a democracy when policy tends to rely on the aforementioned public opinion. Mind you, if you look at what the world as a whole, democracies or no, is or isn't doing on the matter, then the whole thing is depressing.
  21. Sadly, I think it will actually take the loss of many lives and livelihoods in the UK (as opposed to people in some faraway place) for people to actually want some meaningful and above all timely change to be made. The problem with that is by the time that kicks off the onus will be on damage limitation rather than actually making things better.
  22. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51140930 Let the festival of partisanship followed by the inevitable acquittal by McConnell and co begin, then. Although... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-51139939 That might make it a bit more interesting, though I doubt the Senate Repubs will care. And a couple more for the road... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51134200 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51142752 Two examples of America's Finest, right there.
  23. TBH if Nandy is taking climate change seriously (and more importantly looking to hold other nations to account there too) then that is good enough for me.
  24. Margaret Court. The Aussies should have taken the hint and not named a tennis stadium after her when she said that apartheid was a fantastic idea.
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