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  1. Now in the cold light of day, a little conundrum: Assuming that Jimmy is going to be fit for the Fourth Test, do you bring him into the side, and if you do, which bowler makes way for him (really don't think he should come in for a batsman given how fragile our batting already is)? Broad? Archer? Woakes?
  2. I really hope that you're wrong, because I believe the bolded part to be absolutely what is required. Of course, however, this is a most astute analysis and you are, sadly, probably right. More of the same it is, with all the consequences that entails. I wish I could worry as much about the future as many folks do, viz. a lot less.
  3. Bloody hell. Unbelievable stuff. And what with this and the World Cup it will be brilliant for the future of the game in England, too.
  4. Sorry if you've answered this before Kopf but I am interested...where do you stand on the necessity and role of intergovernmental or even supranational organisations in the future?
  5. And people say the standard of discourse is bad in these threads these days.
  6. That's true, but it is at least something of an exercise in international cooperation, and as time goes by more of that is going to be needed imo.
  7. Fair enough. My own take is that there are problems that are global and extend beyond national borders and require global solutions, with global input and going beyond sovereignty.
  8. The global problems that climate change and various pollution represent aren't going to suddenly miss places that don't contribute to it as much as others, so while pointing that out is probably accurate and makes one feel better it actually means very little. If that sounds unfair, then I'd agree, but the Earth doesn't give two shites about what one country does, only what all of them do overall.
  9. Interesting times. And people often think that interesting always means "good". Like I said, I have my doubts about whether or not Bolsanaro would go for any kind of carrot at all anyway given his nature but I'd hope to be wrong.
  10. And their view on environmental matters is...complex. They do like the long game, though. ....proper clusterfvck, isn't it?
  11. And surely his Brazilian counterpart knows that, which is why he probably feels secure and comfy right now. It is up to someone - anyone - to convince him otherwise, in whatever way possible.
  12. I agree that it's unreasonable, and yeah - offer the carrot, but my own personal view of Bolsanaro is that he won't bow to anything but stick. I hope that I'm wrong, though.
  13. That might be ideal, but again, I don't see him going for it. People like him get off on control. Not having control over the situation and handing it over to someone else is something he won't accept - it's not even really about the money, IMO, it's about power.
  14. If they want paying off, then fair enough - do it. However do you really expect someone like Bolsanaro, having essentially ransomed the Amazon rainforest, to stop at the first offer and not then keep demanding more?
  15. I know what I think should happen, but yeah, sanctions might end up being the best answer that everyone can settle on - maybe. TBH I think this is merely the start of what might be a pretty awful set of conflicts between the right of the nation state to sort resources as it sees fit and the right of the rest of the world to not have the sorting process cause issues for them. I suppose it's been a issue for a while, actually, but the way things are now I think those conflicts might take on a much sharper and more meaningful edge.
  16. Something a little different: G7 summit going well, then. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49443389
  17. I fear you may be right about the bolded part there, but we shall see. Personally I'd see pretty strong action as warranted, but that's largely driven by my personal dislike for the man in charge - he's basically a Brazilian Looten Plunder who got elected. WRT Miss Thunberg, I'm of the opinion that she preaches to everyone but some people simply don't want to hear the necessary solutions, but I think we're going to have to disagree on the amount of usefulness she represents. The problem here is that you're asking people to face, what is to them right now, an abstract problem - pretty much what me and Kopf were referring to above. When people actually start dying or migrating en masse in various corners of the Earth, at that point people might actually start doing things, but of course by that point the best you can hope for is damage and casualty limitation.
  18. Thank you. However, and sorry for prattling on here, but since when has the entirety of the UK electorate really had such full unmitigated democratic control anyway and (I might cop some flak for this) since when has that always been a entirely desirous thing in terms of outcomes?
  19. There is rather a lot of cvntishness around the leading figures in the world right now...but he does work hard to stand out in that regard.
  20. Thank you for the explanation, and I mean that. May I ask a further question here: why, to you, is 100% unilateral control of the above by the UK so important? I'm genuinely looking for understanding here so if you'll indulge me, I'd be grateful.
  21. I guess it goes to show that people do need to see something tangible - the problem with that in this particular situation though is that by the time it's tangible a lot, most or even all of the damage has already been done and you're into damage limitation territory, which is hardly ideal. Is it not possible for humans to have enough about themselves to act proactively rather than retroactively on stuff like this? Guess I'm hoping for too much there - to say nothing of the league of Bullshitaro supporters still out there online saying that there's nothing to worry about even with the photographic and scientific evidence. Definitely agree there has to be more actual action and more done - it's going to be tricky to convince hardcore nationalists that what they do when it comes to stuff like this harms the entire world and eventually themselves too, though, muh sovrentee and all that. Also think that Miss Thunberg has done her bit to raise awareness of the situation, same way that these photos did - whether her style of doing so is to peoples liking or not is purely in the eye of the beholder and that does have an effect on the effectiveness of the message, but that's down to the beholder, not the message itself - so I'm not sure why the little dig was warranted.
  22. Good grief, that's brutal. Amazed that it didn't make news in the local press for a subsequent murder because that could put a guy in a killing mood, tbf.
  23. Speaking purely for myself I can see what people mean about discourse going farther downhill of late..but at the risk of repeating myself, at least one leftie here would welcome policy based debate without things having to get personal.
  24. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49415973 This is fine.
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