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  1. TBH I hope this fight goes on for a while, because the more he pushes for authoritarian measures like stymieing social media in this way, the more he might alienate some parts of his voter base.
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52846679 Twitter not backing down - much, then.
  3. I've actually seen arguments in favour of this in places too - and while I'm not sure at all about how such a thing would end up I can see why people would find the argument compelling. An intriguing part of it all is that the last time black people armed themselves for the purpose of protest en masse (Black Panthers) the response of the establishment was to draft and pass gun control legislation as quickly as they could. How un-American. Thank you for the additional work! It does look pretty damn ugly - bad business all round. That being said (and maybe this is whataboutery, but hey) but a single person with a pen/paper/computer screen can be much more successful at looting - legally - than a thousand protestors ever could be.
  4. I entirely get that Trump was stating an opinion...but seeing as he blatantly failed to qualify his remark as such, there isn't an awful lot of difference between "opinion" and "fact" to many of those who follow him - which of course he's well aware of. Dog-whistle, I believe it is called - puts across a message whilst maintaining a veneer of deniability in a way...well, in the way you've exactly described here. I do actually agree that Twitter as a platform can be utterly toxic, but then at the same time such platforms tend to be only as good or as bad as the people that use them - just like any other technological application. WRT voter suppression, I have but one question; why wait until such tactics can be used in a key election before addressing it? "There's not enough time" doesn't seem good enough to me when the democratic process itself is being subverted like this. Fair enough, I'd like a corroborative source but that article seems detailed enough - as for Mr Ngo, perhaps I wasn't clear, I said reliable sources (as in ones that probably don't have their own axe to grind and the means to do so.) AS I said in the original post, I just hope this doesn't get uglier and the officers involved answer in full for what they did. I'm still not sure how we got into crime stats in this particular gish gallop but I'll answer anyway: polarisation only results in increased crime statistics when people act on that polarisation and (more pertinently) it is recorded by a relevant authority. But that is a whole 'nother discussion. By the last line, I mean: and But yes, I'm sure they were all very law-abiding (even when flouting lockdown regs) and so thoroughly deserving of kid gloves rather than the treatment the protestors got yesterday.
  5. 79 new cases in Korea yesterday - mostly focused around one distribution centre. Highest number of new cases since April 5th. Worrying that this might spiral and take a while to bring under control again.
  6. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52821304 I wonder what Twitter will do here? On the one hand, stopping pushing for impartiality and thus going after Toupee45 would be bad PR after the effort they have put into it all. On the other, this kind of controversy means lots more clicks, which means more money, so letting the man have free reign must appeal too. Regarding the topic itself - Twitter is a private platform which means any guarantee of absolutely "free speech" is ridiculous, and Trump said - very clearly - that mail-in ballots will (not may) lead to voter fraud. The latter ("may") is perhaps true, the former ("will") is not and is blatant deliberately phrased misinformation and Twitter were right to label it as such. NB. Centralised voting, while theoretically ideal in terms of preventing fraud, is easier to suppress via limiting access in terms of transport, valid ID and thus overall availability - especially in a country with size and wealth disparity like the US.
  7. "Some reports of vandalism and looting", that are unsubstantiated. Fair enough - it's certainly possible, but personally I'm going to wait for more information on this one before deciding either way. What does crime rate have to do directly and solely with increased polarisation? Obvious "gish gallop" is obvious, let's not go down that road. I stand by what I said in that there is a massive double standard in the way two different groups of protestors have been treated based on their skin colour as opposed to their behaviour.
  8. Bloody shame. Early morning on Saturday it is, then - provided the weather is better!
  9. @The Doctor One of the best scientific minds we have had on here (particularly in the field of genetics) and capable of expressing it well. Gave Empty a real pasting when creationism came up as a topic.
  10. Hmmm...due to some kind of cookie anomaly, I can't view that Yahoo site. If you copy and paste the text I'll have a look. WRT the second sentence, I think that the current and past socioeconomic situation in the US is inextricably political, seeing as it is political decisions throughout society that result in it being in the way it is. This current administration doesn't bear full responsibility for things being the way they are - the story goes back far longer than that - but given the polarisation that currently exists between various factions in the US I don't think they're helping make it much better.
  11. I thought they were too - but evidently it depends on where you are, who you are and the Wisconsin tooled-up-with-assualt-rifle lockdown protestors didn't seem to mind; they didn't get the long handle despite being armed to the teeth. Is there any actual evidence for the breaking, entering and looting part wrt civilian buildings or should I run and get some more straw?
  12. Nah. You see Stan, there are "protesting violent thugs" and then there are "concerned citizens" who also happen to be "very fine people". As such, they need to be treated differently... ...right?
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/live/science-environment-52790778 Live text if people want to follow.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52817097 Hopefully this doesn't get uglier than it is.
  15. It is optimistic - but then the Apollo Program itself showed that if the will and resources are there, then such targets can be met. It is time - long past time - that humanity began taking manned spaceflight more seriously again and set serious targets for it that were then met.
  16. Speaking purely selfishly I'm hoping that they do scrub and go again at the weekend because I can see it live then rather than having to wake up at an unearthly hour on a work day it watch a recording later. Either way, it's exciting times! Up until I looked more closely I had no idea that with the current Artemis project a return to the Moon is being targeted for 2024 - that would be amazing if it were to happen.
  17. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    I'd be inclined to think there was a bit more to it than that, but of course we'll likely never know either way. I'm trying to be as impartial as I can when I say that faux expertise is the last thing any element of any government needs anywhere on this matter right now.
  18. I feel rather scared that I know more about the First Amendment to the United States Constitution than the sitting leader of that country.
  19. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Phased opening of schools continues over here in Korea, two million kids going back today. Sadly it also coincides with the biggest daily case count - 40 - in a couple of months. Hopefully it's just the remainder of the fallout from the Itaewon fiasco and can be contained properly. Also there's been some rather stringent travel restrictions put on foreign visa holders over here, so I doubt I'll be going anywhere for a while.
  20. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52815552 What is the phrase? "The first sign of a cult is the leader saying that everyone else is lying to you."
  21. And the end result of all this is that lady in the video has pretty much been steamed, reamed and dry-cleaned online.
  22. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Leaving the journey up to Durham itself aside, I'm curious as to what you make of the idea Cummings changed/falsified information on his blog to make himself look like more of an expert on coronaviruses and their provenance in order to pad out his story, @BlueSi13? There was a bit upstream about it but a main story is here: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52808059 I'm not sure that the UK should have people pretending to have scientific expertise on this matter, there's enough trouble happened from that Stateside.
  23. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52808103 Not telling us much we don't already know, but the message has to be clear: the Holocene Extinction Event is already happening, and humans are the cause.
  24. That's fair enough too. Of course, a video edited in the right way can tell pretty much whatever story one wishes, but given the amount of "unfortunate incidents" that occur between the police and black people in many parts of the US (that often end with a cushy suspension on full pay for the officer involved) I'd say that filming for the purposes of evidence even if you only think the fuzz are going to show is best simply in the interests of self preservation.
  25. Yeah, the way that the fuzz often interact with citizens (depending on demographics) and thus the way a person should respond when "threatened" with them varies pretty wildly between the UK and many parts of the US. Leaving to de-escalate things may have been the right and logical thing to do over in the UK, but I don't blame the guy for starting to film things given where he was and the situation he was in - he likely thought, with good reason, that things could get very ugly and having evidence of the situation was smart.
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