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  1. Interesting. Must never have received that particular memo.
  2. Voter suppression where you have local bureaucratic control (like through making accepted ID difficult to obtain for certain demographics) is not difficult to do, and the Repubs have that control in many places. Obviously just a theory, but it's possible. Oh, and if we're talking partisan then dismissing this theory as bunk and/or unimportant while actively entertaining the equally theoretical Muslim voter fraud in the UK seems a bit partisan too.
  3. Hmmmm...to use one example, black turnout was massively down in 2016. Can that be proven to be purely down to lack of appetite for voting for Hillary or Trump with no other factor involved? Maybe, maybe not. If the same thing happens again this time, we might know more. Of course, as per my thoughts above if Trump does win (with that playing a critical role or not) I doubt it will be proven when the key power holders would have no desire whatsoever for it to be uncovered.
  4. I believe someone once said divide by 2 and add 7. Use that and the standard 16 age of consent together IMO. Edit: though once the younger person involved is past a certain age (25-30?) it doesn't make much sense so drop it after that?
  5. Certainly agree with the second paragraph, but events in the US in recent times seem to imply that winning or losing sadly does indeed make a difference on that score. I wonder how much of it will be seen in November?
  6. Yeah, I think it's worse over there - because unlike over in the UK where the (alleged) fraudsters lost, the fraudsters, gerrymanderers and voter suppressors Stateside have won the country and took overall power. That can make rather a large difference in terms of what comes out and how it is addressed IMO - because if you win, most often you control the narrative, and then you didn't do anything wrong at all. (In a twisted way, I rather admire the Repubs for knowing that and applying it so efficiently.)
  7. Gerrymandering and now what is tantamount to election fraud. But the good thing is as long as you win, you can make up any story you like about how it was all in fact OK and people will buy it. Or it seems to be the case, anyway.
  8. People (like the current crop of lockdown protestors) who go on about "give me freedom or give me death!" often have a very tenuous grasp of the former and still less experience/knowledge of the latter - or they wouldn't say it.
  9. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/what-are-we-doing-doctors-are-fed-conspiracies-ravaging-ers-n1201446 Words, and attitudes, can harm as much as the virus itself can.
  10. You'd think that's a possibility...but given how everything has played out so far, I honestly don't know.
  11. Why not? The response his administration has applied to the pandemic is what is responsible for that unemployment (as Trump himself was very keen to point out re. Obama in 2009). This is quite clearly evidenced by quite a few other leading countries not having similar problems: https://www.imf.org/external/datamapper/LUR@WEO/OEMDC/ADVEC/WEOWORLD (Some interesting factoids there though - Brazil, Spain, Italy and France are all struggling similarly.) I know it's Teflon Don we're talking about, but this one really ought to stick to him - in terms of the way he addressed it at the start, the way it has spread, and the consequences thereof. He's said before that the buck stops at the top - well, that is what that really means. And I'm not sure how pointing out the carefully crafted message of "blame everyone but Trump, bonus points if it's another country" and being rather surprised that so many people are buying it is somehow rhetoric as the message itself is patently obvious, to say nothing of being massively hypocritical, for reasons above. That all being said, Trump's overall approval rate has stayed pretty much straight and level (40-45%) through this entire thing short of a couple of bobs and weaves, as it has done pretty much since he took office. That suggests that for all of this the lines in the sand really are still drawn, they're not moving, and November will be about convincing a certain number of undecideds in swing states to come out and vote (or not). Economic arguments may well play a part in all that.
  12. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Well, I do hope she's having a lovely lockdown time educating her kids, then.
  13. Thanks for that. Personally, I'm not quite getting why so many people think a president who has overseen the biggest jump in unemployment claims since the Great Depression is somehow a safe pair of hands economically and that one issue also supersedes the overall health policy based response to this crisis too? I mean, does the message "it's not his fault, act of God, blame the Chinese" really sustain so many people in swing states? If so, I have to applaud the mastery of smoke and mirrors PR - better piece of work than anything done so far tbh.
  14. And the brouhaha with Cambridge Analytica made people perhaps more prepared to entertain conspiracy theories regarding manipulation of information on a massive scale on the internet.
  15. The only thing I'll add to this is that as much as it might be desired by some people, it isn't possible to remove the political element from the coronavirus crisis because the variance in the governmental responses to it (and as such also some of the results) across the world is heavily driven by...politics.
  16. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52656959 Yeah, this is really surprising. NB. As an aside, on the topic of children it's a bit distressing but also darkly hilarious to to see how some parents (ones that like sticking the boot into educators, for instance) are coping (or not) with education with their "little angels" at home for a while.
  17. May I ask where this is from? Latest realclearpolitics polling has Biden ahead by at least 3/4 points in Florida, Wisconsin, Penn and Michigan, and he perhaps only needs two out of those four? That being said, there's an awful lot that can happen between now and November - I'm thinking the Covid outbreak will still have some import precisely because of its influence on the economy. Don't see all the people currently out of work because of it being back in work or being solvent by then, for instance.
  18. In normal Brexit-dominated times I would certainly agree with this. However, given the current times I think that the next election might not actually feature Brexit and its consequences as the priority issue at all. Never thought I'd see an issue supersede Brexit in terms of voting importance in the minds of the majority of the British public for a long time (though personally I disagree with that assertion), but even though the body count may have stopped rising in 2024 the Covid outbreak and the fallout from it may well do exactly that. As such, I wouldn't be so quick to write off drastic change.
  19. Why is it ludicrous? Jon said "compared to most countries" and with that criterion i was even so accommodating as to not put forward truly egregious examples like New Zealand as an example of "most countries". Comparisons with Germany,, Korea and Japan in terms of population and developmental level of country, among others, are as valid as ones with France, the US and Spain by the criteria given.
  20. One of 'em will be maintaining friendly relations with President Warren after Biden gets 25th'd due to decreasing mental faculties.
  21. I'm not going to comment much on this discussion but that particular line sounds incredibly optimistic to the point of being unrealistic when you compare the current UK stats with a lot of other leading nations, particularly ones directly comparable in terms of population. I think it would take a pretty drastic aftermath over here to bring Korea's toll of death and general suffering to the same level as that of the UK right now, for instance - you might add Germany and Japan among others to that list, too.
  22. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    I think that's entirely possible. Which will be awful.
  23. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-52644339 That ain't great.
  24. Little bit from A and a little bit from B for me here. I'm of the opinion that resource scarcity is the vast majority of the time down to logistical and societal issues rather than caused by overpopulation, but at the same time the further away we move away from having to conform to "traditional" family and gender roles and ideals the happier more people will be.
  25. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    I'm no legal eagle but it does seem that this falls pretty squarely in the sphere of manslaughter. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, though.
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