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  1. Would love either of the wanky Old Firm clubs, give them a good tanning.
  2. Saying he's from Burnley is like saying Joe Calzaghe is from Hammersmith. Born there, not "from" there.
  3. Because we've got a PE teacher in charge who'll play his favourites regardless of if they're in form or even the right position.
  4. I love James Richardson and at least there was a nudge and wink acknowledgement but it wasn't a good episode this week. If Sky had analysed our game like that they'd be getting pelters.
  5. Bad Boy Chiller Crew's album is actually insanely fantastic. Lads from Bradford yapping over bassline and it works ridiculously well.
  6. This a billion times, our maroon would look absolutely Susan with gold trim, proper Russian feel. As it stands it looks like something you could have nabbed off pro direct soccer for five a side in 2008.
  7. There's a genuine case that Vardy is a better player, though iirc Drogba didn't take penalties. Of his 100+ goals I bet about half a dozen were from the spot. These tweets are just designed to bait people anyway.
  8. When I was on Orange when that was a thing I rang them once and the hold music was Same Ol' G by Ginuwine, keep me waiting please my Orange brothers
  9. You must have missed "extra bright I want Claude to see this" - I'm still in bits over that
  10. Tried to do one to club Tropicana but it's not going to beat Flair's All of the Lights one so why embarrass myself
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