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  1. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Premier League Years

    That Palace away game where Delaney (?) hit the bar late on had my bumhole flapping about
  2. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Argentina v Iceland

    Weird this because I don't like Iceland at all but I HATE Argentina - reckon an Iceland win is the lesser of two evils
  3. Miquel The Work Geordie

    France v Australia - Match Thread

    I like Alex Scott but she needs to calm down a bit, im hungover alex
  4. Miquel The Work Geordie

    France v Australia - Match Thread

    Hope France ruin them
  5. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    I'd rather have Rose in ahead of Young purely for his speed and the fact we can get the ball into the box quicker because he won't be cutting back as often. Both handy options though. As much as I like Tripper I do think crowbarring Walker into a centre back spot is a huge waste of the best attacking full backs in the world. But I'm not a manager.
  6. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    Surely being more effective makes you more gifted, no? I don't like Ronaldo whatsoever but I think anybody claiming Messi as better now is blowing a lot of hot air.
  7. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Serbia will do it

    na serbia are crap
  8. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Re-rewatched Dead Set for the first time in a few years. Still bloody brilliant, pretty much set the tone for Black Mirror.
  9. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Morocco v Iran - Match Thread

    Someone carve this into stone. Kitchandro has actually liked something.
  10. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Love Island

    Probably just me that thinks Megan is outrageous to look at - but really a bit of a twat. She'll stay with Eyal and she certainly isn't as coy as she's made herself out to be.
  11. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    Bit rich nattering about tax from a Messi fan...
  12. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    The Messi side of the debate has always harped on about Ronaldo just being a "better finisher" which does a huge disservice to him. Ronaldo has had a better career. He's done it in different places. He's won more. They're both easily the best of their generation but for me, he's better than Messi. He's an absurd athelte.
  13. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Championship 2018-2019

    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE biggest club in that shit league, up the Leeds
  14. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    Great player and seems a lovely chap but this public mourning over Mo Salah is a bit pathetic. You'd think he was Diana.
  15. Miquel The Work Geordie

    Mario Gotze

    He'd be moving now though, not three years ago. It isn't disrespectful to City to say that Liverpool can and will attract a better calibre of player than we can this summer. They got to the Champions League final last month.