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  1. I'll caveat this by saying he's probably right, but Martin Tyler's intonation when he says Pulisic is pure box office
  2. I'm not having that the PS2 is older than him, simply not having it
  3. A true foxestalk x parks and rec collab mate
  4. Was always luck of the draw in LIDL in all, sometimes you could stroll in and they'd have some absurd beers at low low prices. Picked up a load of Golden Draak, Piraat and Bornem once at next to nothing
  5. Couldn't think of a set of less desirable play-off sides than the current lot if I tried. Aside from Brentford who I'd love up, there's two absolute bores and a side I'd rather didn't even exist. Can't someone like Preston pull their fingers out so we don't have to endure another season of Fulham panic buying in the summer and then trying to offload their marquee signing to Fenerbache on loan when they inevitably drop?
  6. Gonna open up this image in an incognito browser, cor blimey
  7. Got four 17 year old Egyptians joining the Georgian revolution the moment they turn 18, all flair AF, and that's just the centre halves right lads!
  8. Wanlip would only really get that pong if the wind blew the wrong way, even then it's a stretch.
  9. The thought of a married man with a Twitter account called @maddersology is world class
  10. ...is almost entirely missing the point
  11. The 'who cares, it's not my money' line is genuinely the oddest and most redundant argument. It wasn't Portsmouth's fans money when they were spaffing it away on has-beens either, nor Boltons. People are allowed to be wary where their club's cash is going.
  12. Why have they got the folk that do the spray painted portraits of celebrities on fair rides to knock this up
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