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  1. As a first post-uni gig to get some moolah I worked in the call centre of a gaff that sent stuff out, had some nerd ring up giving me grief his parcel hadn't made it to him when he'd put "Destroyer of Worlds" instead of a ****ing house number, I'm eating beans cold out the tin mate give me a break
  2. At the prices quoted it makes complete sense, can't wait for folk to point to a pretty fruitless half a year at the circus that is Newcastle five seasons ago as a reason for swerving it though.
  3. We're (not exactly) blessed with a fair whack of street level signage looking hideous, it's a problem everywhere but it's particularly notable in Leicester, Granby St and Churchgate are incredible for it. Cheap nail gaffs and Oriental Supermarkets seem to love a honking bit of signage.
  4. **** me, look at Durham these days. He looks like a ****ing ham that's been dropped on a hairy carpet.
  5. We've been great, Wilf has been Susan again but has fallen asleep a couple of times which has resulted in their more dangerous moments. Seem happy to let them have the ball mind, everyone is working so ****ing hard.
  6. Reports saying that Inter are set to officially be called Inter Milan, and they're ditching one of the best badges in footy as well as dropping Pirelli for Evergrande. Sounds shhhiiiiiiiiitttttttt
  7. 4-1 flattered them, we absolutely smashed them that night.
  8. Don Mackay had an in with someone iirc and had a big hand in us signing a lot of dross - he didn't last long
  9. He's also got Steve Bruce as gaffer my brother - Benitez aside he's always seemed tight with managers.
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