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  1. Gallagher must have the most obscene highlight reel of any City player in my lifetime, King might run him close.
  2. Free trial ended and I caved and bought it. Drew 0-0 with PSG in Plovdiv but crashed out in Paris, 3-1. Still proud of the computer generated lads. Hibs job rolled about and with them being my second team IRL I was tempted, but I'm on the home straight now and want to see the season out. One more season, no job offers that tempt me and I'll start that new save with Sarajevo I reckon. I say that but boy o boy Botev Plovdev I just can't quit you. Now when people say 'Bulgarian First League' they think AFRICAN FLAIR
  3. Not that enthused by Carvalho tbh, can't put my finger on why. Might be because he was perennially linked to West Ham, I've never actually seen him play.
  4. No tactics in particular mate, first time I'd picked it up so haven't gone too deep into that, just a striker (CF - attack), two wingers both set to attack, a CAM (support), ball winning CM and Mezzala CM then the defence always changes. Always set up positive no matter what game and keep the ball. Probably worth noting that Bulgaria is (virtually, bar maybe Levski and CSKA) a level playing field after Ludogorets so you're only having to overthrow the one side, some steady recruitment and the odd decent academy product and one season can become DECADES OF DOMINANCE
  5. Rewatching Limmy for the first time in a while and the sketch where Jacqueline McCafferty orders a chocolate choux has completely ruined me all over again
  7. People using the Come Dine "you won, Jane" and variants of it on Twitter for a few likes in 2020. It jumped the shark a long time back.
  8. Third season with Botev Plovdiv, managed to steer them out of a Champions League group containing Juve and United (who for some reason are obscene on my save). Winter break now, drew PSG in the round of 16 - they're in for a royal dicking, baby! Managed to placate the odd unsettled star without any fuss, got an Ivorian teen at centre half who's the absolute bollocks, rotate him with my pair of academy graduates for the two spots and they're all coming on well. Signed some Nigerian CM who was a bit of a buy cheap, sell high purchase at first, nothing remarkable, but played him due to fixture congestion and he's been Colonel MUSTARD. Potential has skyrocketed in all, lovely stuff - average age of my side is sub-20. Had an offer from Inter after accepting an interview but turned it down, I've got Latvia and Bosnia loaded on this save so its either FK Sarajevo or FK Spartaks for me next I reckon. Botev are moving to a new stadium season after next though and I fancy being there for the ribbon cutting with a giant pair of novelty scissors before jumping ship. **** going to a big side though.
  9. Wouldn't Capaldi have played with McCormack at Cardiff? He's a Brummie as well so doubtless lives locally, I don't think it's that odd!
  10. Is Albrighton really under-rated? There's a thread started on here nigh on every time he turns in a decent performance and the near overwhelming consensus is that he's been great for us, and that his current status as a squad player is just about right.
  11. Echo the reactions to Jordan Stewart being in the OP, he was more than steady for us. Jason Jarrett, Shaun Newton, Carl Cort, Gabor Bori, Roman Bednar, Andy Johnson, Kelvin Etuhu, Hossein Kaebi and Radostin Kishishev can get in the bin.
  12. With a bit of context though, Blackburn weren't the smallest side to win the league in the PL era. They broke the English transfer record twice to sign Shearer and Sutton respectively, and players like LeSaux and Flowers weren't cheap. "Small" club, yeah - but they had huge backing. United only just got to Roy Keane ahead of them. In a David v Goliath situation I'd argue we're the "smallest" side to win the Premier League given the circumstances.
  13. Day Wave has released a couple of songs recently and they're both bloody NICE
  14. Cash definitely plays a part but moreso I'd have thought it'd be due to the number of games they'd already have backlogged due to the awful weather we've had. It was looking tough for a lot of clubs before the coronavirus, let alone now.
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