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  1. Basel are a Swiss club mate, not an Austrian club.
  2. Never been in there but I have been in the Royal Standard on Charles St a couple of times, perfectly fine tbh. A few of us used to go in in the week because it did bloody lovely burgers, but on a Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday, even in term time, there'd be no bugger in there. I don't think it ever "reached out" enough to NHS staff or students, which is daft considering it's location. Doesn't help that by and large, the student population of Leicester appear to be hermits. It wasn't even quite the same when it turned into the Gate for a few months, decor essentially the same but what minor things they had done gave it a naff gloss. I think he does well by having a steady core of folk that come in at times when the Font didn't - I dare say he's doing a better trade.
  3. Wouldn't Zlatan be the best part of 50 if he scored for Malmo in Sweden's top flight in 1989?
  4. But the matter was put to bed? And surely Rodgers has different discussions with the players than he does the media? This isn't a thing.
  5. Genuinely my favourite moment of footy ever. Living here has only made my dislike of those shortarse brylcreemed nonces worse.
  6. I'm not privy to that much info but I've heard the same re: Chilwell, who Man City really, really wanted in the summer.
  7. When a property only has one pic on RightMove, I know what you're up to you cheeky bastards, one ticket to cursed interior parkway is it
  8. Quick glance through your previous posts and you're just incessantly negative then.
  9. Not sure bad news is the bright side mate but each to their own!
  10. I think that thinking this had a huge bearing on the result is world class stupid, personally.
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