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  1. Had some lovely pints tonight and having a crawl around tomorrow - but as an extra bought half of the peanut butter and jelly Stay Puft in the Vat and Fiddle for curiosity's sakes, it's horrid. Barely tastes like beer let alone an iteration of Stay Puft. Loved the salted caramel and chocolate versions because they were subtle, and the original is still a superb drink - but between the Irish cream and this, the gimmick has gone to far, tacking too much on.
  2. Has core regulars that keep it ticking over very well during hours other pubs (especially in Leicester) suffer, it's location helps it do alright at the weekend too. Beer quality the best in the city for me. I quite like how unspoilt it is.
  3. Grealish is superb and has been for a while, loads of Live Forever dads and lads don't like him because he has a flash haircut and wears children's clothes to play footy.
  4. I just don't understand why everybody has such a collective lob on over the thought of signing him, after seeing him in action a fair bit.
  5. He took them from being on the periphery to being very much comfortable top 4. You could argue that due to his arrival at Spurs (and the struggles of Arsenal / United / Liverpool) we now talk about a "top 6" and not a "top 4."
  6. He did look an absolute arse in the press shots of him tbf, the type of person to be really loud in first class on a train.
  7. Fair enough mate - I don't think he would personally and I think the guy's post above quoting 50 million for him is so far wide of the mark. People seem to think he's having an excellent season because he's not getting sent off as much. No doubt he's too good for that level but Leigh Griffiths on song was a rung above him (and I say that as someone who watches a depressingly high amount of Scottish footy) and I wouldn't have ever fancied him to make it down here either (semi decent stint at a league one Wolves aside). I wouldn't be surprised if Morelos was handy enough in the top tier south of the border but I fear whoever buys him will be overpaying.
  8. It's just coincided with his press conference for the game, so fresh it was bound to be asked about. I really wouldn't worry.
  9. He was rubbish but isn't Kalac widely known for his (bit) part in the play off victory over anything else?
  10. He was - he was really, really bad. Weale wasn't any better after coming back into the side but before had been relatively fine. No need for him to be dropped for Sven's mate.
  11. At the end of the season he had hip issues, but not between the start of the season and Ranieri getting the boot.
  12. The Big Moons latest efforts are great and I absolutely fancy two of them.
  13. Drinkwater wasn't half fit when Ranieri was sacked, if anything I'd argue the first few months in the season after we won the league he was the only one putting in performances similar to those the season before. He lost his way come January 2017 but that wasn't a fitness issue.
  14. Spurs are crap. If they didn't play in London they'd not be considered bigger than us. Same kind of weirdos think Everton are huge, neither have won anything since colour telly.
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