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  1. Anyone remember Kerrea Gilbert when we were in League 1? Thought he was fantastic. Just looked him up and he basically never played again. Retired aged 26.
  2. I saw us concede to not one but two keepers in the space of a couple of seasons, at Forest away and then Preston at home (over Pressman's head). Good times!
  3. Same as last season, I think; man for man, our starting XI is probably third best in the league. Our depth is terrible, and we'll suffer in the latter stages of the season. Could finish anywhere from 2nd to 8th and I wouldn't be surprised. Massive, massive bonus if we get through these first five games in a great position and have Ricardo, Maddison, Evans, Ndidi, Under all coming back from various stages of injury/lack of fitness/suspensions to feel like new players though.
  4. Play Hamza and stick him on Fernandes all game. Don’t give him a second on the ball. Force them out wide. Let Morgan and Evans mop up the crosses. Catch them on the break; their defense is as error prone as theirs, their fullbacks will be pushed up as they get frustrated, go back to type and pump it in the channels for Vardy to chase. We can beat these. They’re not invincible, they are knackered, and their manager won’t have a plan b if we nullify Fernandes.
  5. We’ve got a one game playoff to make the Champions League. At home, against a team who’ve started the same XI for 8 games straight or something, and have another game midweek they need to win. Trying to look at the positives, we’d have taken that at the start. Sure we’ll get battered Sunday with this back line - but we all thought the same against the Blades too who had it all to play for against us. and how absolutely brilliant would it be to beat them and have us and Chelsea go through, just for the look on Maguire’s face. Would make the last few months all worthwhile
  6. Im afraid it’s set up perfectly for Maguire to bundle one in on the 96th minute to cost us.
  7. I was so depressed today. So done with football. But a few hours later and I start to wonder... what if the CAS rule that Man City are banned next season? So fifth is enough? Will the players buck their ideas up, realize this is their last chance? Beat the Blades and we’ll probably finish fifth and qualify. But then reality comes crashing home. 1-2 loss.
  8. The relegation I felt like it was a new dawn, and it’d been inevitable for so long. The Deeney goal there was a sense of pride at how well the lads had done, they put in the effort. Today was unforgivable from everyone. Every single player, the manager, top to bottom - unforgivable.
  9. Last time I was this depressed after a loss was when we lost 4-3 at Wolves after being 3-0 up. Inexcusable and I bet at the end we fall short by a point or two - and it’ll set us back a decade. If we miss Champions League now, we won’t be able to retain or players let alone bring in what we need to improve - the implications of this loss are enormous, and I don’t think it’s sunk in how devastating this could be yet.
  10. The league doesn’t get an extra Champions League slot then? Boo. Clutching at straws!
  11. ... and Man City’s ban gets upheld, and United and Wolves finish the league in a Champions League place... .. would 6th place get a Champions League place?
  12. Bagged a brilliant one against Man City a couple of seasons ago!
  13. He needs to join a Sky supported ‘big club’. He joins United this summer, he will start every game for the next decade. Sigh.
  14. On the lookout for a pair of adult tickets - can pickup at ground.
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