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  1. 3 years of blah, blah,blah. Can’t read any more.
  2. We should have a vote every week until remain wins, that’s the most democratic thing to do.
  3. Just walked through Trafalgar Square. They are all frightfully posh, even the scruffy ones.
  4. Used to sell scratch cards in the east stand. Used to make a quid a game. Got in to see the game for free though.
  5. Just not worth anywhere near the money someone would pay for him.
  6. Most one footed player ever and he isnt very good with that. Cash in ASAP
  7. Heard he had a 14 inch chopper in his hand
  8. True, but 10,000 extra capacity adds a lot of cars to an already congested road system, which will cause a lot of time wasted sitting about
  9. Worked fine at Brighton. Train station that is
  10. Which pubs are people going to before the game?
  11. Thought Chilwell was again the worst player for us, not Perez
  12. Reminds me of dean Hammond for some bizarre reason. An excellent dean hammond but I feel a bit uncomfortable thinking this
  13. Great draw, loads of prem vs prem games
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