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  1. Make the games an hour long, when the season restarts, git more games in then
  2. He’s a serial killer as well. Scary person, might be a women,m?
  3. Need convincing, hope it’s back to the tried and tested if Wilfs fit tomorrow
  4. How is it paying dividends? The team has been very poor lately. Not saying it’s praets fault, but never in a million years can you say paying dividends
  5. Yes and we have Wilf their for that. Makes him a good squad player
  6. Tidy player, but doesn’t seem to have the vision of youri orMaddison. If they are on top of their games they are miles better. Trouble is they haven’t been lately, making Praet look better than he is. Good squad player
  7. Barnes man of the match. Albrighton is so championship along with gray and chillwell
  8. A lot more than that I think, shop said 5000 at least this morning
  9. After backing off, to allow an easy cross
  10. I’m tubby and old but bust a couple of guts to win at staff five a side. Sure the players are motivated, just playing crap at the moment
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