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  1. Not a big fan, but in these squeaky bum times at least he puts in every once of effort
  2. I wish I had spent the match removing a barbed hook from my John Thomas as I think it would of been Less painful
  3. quite like West Ham, but it's all about opinions i suppose
  4. I dont understand why he thinks that back 3 is a good idea against West Ham or ever if Amartey is one of them. Caglar it works but even then I prefer us not to use it
  5. Bang average at best. should never be a starter,especially today
  6. Without a doubt tomorrow. Get champions league the money could settle us for a few years.
  7. Great effort to un hook it,caught a few eels and have never been able to unhook them. Scared to death of the slimy brutes to be fair. Caught 3 in a match at Ramsey forty foot, many years ago and the keepnet stunk the car out on the way home. Luckily it wasn’t mine👀
  8. Or that it is crap and should be completely de funded from the taxpayer. Although I do like the Archers
  9. Nothing to do with labours complete ineptness in almost everything?purple patch when they became Tory under Blair
  10. Its almost laughable hearing people trying to defend him.He is so boring and pompous at the same time. Labour needs to admit their mistake and try anybody else. When Boris is a Tory liability they will dump him ASAP. Labour just seems to appeal to middle class public sector/media types, all this WOKE nonsense is a vote loser in working class areas. An election tomorrow and the Tories would have a 100 seat majority
  11. Can’t think of a single reason why anyone would go out to vote labour in this by- election either
  12. Don’t even touch I heard
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