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  1. Admired his forward planning in already losing the next election. Remarked how they have replaced an un electable 70 yr old with an unelectable 50 something. Dullest politician ever, hopefully labour will replace him before the next election, because the Tories won’t hesitate to replace Blojo if he can’t win
  2. He has played well, technically excellent, just needs to be a bit more aggressive, like he was for Newcastle against us.
  3. Not involved first half, but excellent second half as he seemed to attack/be further up the pitch
  4. In your opinion you mean, yet you claim to speak for the whole of Scotland.
  5. As part of the United Kingdom, Scotland benefits from public spending that is around 10% higher than the UK average. This helps fund vital public services like health, education and transport. By staying in the United Kingdom, Scotland's public services are more affordable.
  6. Id be interested to see you show me how Scotland are treated harshly as being part of the UK.Laughable claim
  7. That the EU will welcome Scotland without any harsh pre conditions for a start. Be licking their lips I should think, Scotland offer very little to the EU otherwise
  8. or her followers, if we are talking about Scottish independence
  9. Did anyone see Frankie Boyle telling a few home truths about Keir Starmer. Many people are angry at Boris, but Starmer is a terrible choice. Pound shop Blair
  10. Seems strange that the people so keen to leave the union want to join another on though.Especially as they will have to pay into that one. Mind you, whenever there is a vote they don't vote to leave anyway.The opinion polls may say otherwise,but then we all know they can't be trusted.
  11. Had the same silly scare stories about Gibraltar earlier in the year. It is true to say it’s a bit strange voting for Brexit if you live in a EU country. However drinking in the Red lion, not learning the language and watching British tv whilst living in Spain hardly makes you Spanish anyway.
  12. Thousands of criminals manage to hide away in Spain. Not a chance in hell, they are going to punish Brits with money to spend. Remoaner scare stories again
  13. I don’t have to sell it as we are out. I can’t see the EU surviving any way. Bankers and big businesses have done well out of the EU, but the amount it spends can’t be maintained for ever. I can’t imagine the poorer countries will be so keen when the money dries up.
  14. You are just second guessing about job losses to fit your narrative. You don’t mention job gains or give a scrap of evidence, but demand it from others.
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