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  1. Hope not, no where near good enough for cambridge
  2. Think he is a massive upgrade on grey
  3. And me, can’t defend for toffee
  4. Claridge


    Are your tea leaves reliable?
  5. His training looks half-arsed and slow. No wonder he plays the same.
  6. He would be better, sorry we would be better, if he was nowhere near the team.
  7. Claridge

    A. Perez

    He was brilliant against us earlier. Mind you musa was against Barca
  8. Sorry I forgot shit at heading
  9. I can’t believe anybody wants Silva at the club. Miles away from being good enough for the premier league. Slow, weak and hopeless at passing under pressure,.
  10. Quite happy he has gone. Felt a bit guilty hoping they lost every match. Can go back to hoping for their relegation now
  11. No, vardy’s going as well
  12. Then we are in for a disappointing season, because Silva is no where good enough for the premier league
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