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  1. Banging on about the health service every election and then losing, stupid un costed promises,idiotic privatisation plans etc... Probably going to elect Starmer, the reason many people voted Tory because of his and Corbyns crazy Brexit ideas.no chance labour learn this time.2029 at the earliest and 3 more leaders before the realise
  2. Labour has done Fock all for them in the last 100 years.cant blame them
  3. God like, but even god would struggle to do the
  4. Thought Maddison sat a little too deep today.recieved the ball in poor areas meaning he had little effect on the game. Bo one can be brilliant every game
  5. Who cares if he leaves, we are not even top of the league. yet
  6. Bit like Roberts scoring all night. Stopped At 9-07 pm
  7. Not negative at all, just think it’s a crap song, especially for Maddison, he doesn’t glide past defenders and isn’t that quick so you could catch him. He twist and turns amazingly well, perhaps more to the tune of twist and shout...
  8. They have been trying for a few games now. It won’t catch on, move on
  9. That video was impressive, the dull drone at the king powers was not the same. Couple of hundred max singing it.
  10. Truly awful song, dull as dishwater
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