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  1. Ulloa and Iborra would look slow in an over 50s game
  2. they both looked shit in the warm up to be honest
  3. As much as I love Leicester

    I think we should get a youngish, English coach who has won the prem in the last 2 years and promote him to manager. Be lucky to get one as they are very rare.we would need to give him time though and not panic like a bunch of idiots if we don't beat the top teams straight the way.
  4. Huddersfield away match thread

    Got to be saving that
  5. That Slimani shot

    pathetic keeping,but its Slim that gets the stick
  6. That Slimani shot

    Thought he played well yesterday. All strikers miss
  7. Chelsea post match 1-2

    Any manager who thinks Andy king is the answer has questions to answer.
  8. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    Any member of the human race who is not Andy King.
  9. Cambiasso Retires

    Exactly,bottom of the league formost of his stay. Then clears off to Greece for money. Great player, but anyone claiming that he is a club legend .get real
  10. Cambiasso Retires

    What a load of rubbish. 10 good games does not make a legend
  11. Wheres the money going?

    never had a battered sausage
  12. Should Chilwell get more game time?

    Can't defend for toffee.
  13. Andy King

    Aimlessly looking for a role in life like a king?
  14. Wheres the money going?

    Think I would include the Schlupp money as this was not spent