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  1. I would love to see us win it, but I would rather be in the champions league and all that it entails. As a kid I would rather of won the FA cup than anything, but times have changed, maybe not for the better. Perhaps you didn’t go to the champions league away games. Best experience ever
  2. We could make 100 million from the champions league and people think we should prioritise Brentford away in the cup. 😳
  3. Is the petition real? I thought someone was taking the piss.
  4. As must you, to write such a reply
  5. If you think we deserved to beat villa then...never mind
  6. Agree completely, all this, he’s one of own, blah, blah, he is usless
  7. I would rather anyone play left-wing back than Chilwell today. Same team as villa and we lose today
  8. Least favourite player, I’m not even sure why
  9. No way would we not buy a more experienced right back if Ricardo left.
  10. I thought he was pretty poor today. No where near the level required yet.
  11. Apart from UFS, that was the worst FA cup atmosphere I have experienced in 50 years. Perhaps we are becoming the victims of our success. Everyone knew we would win
  12. Would keep Fuchs, but Morgan needs replacing in the squad. Give him another role, but not in the 25 man squad
  13. Decent bloke he maybe, but he is a piss poor defender for 80 million. Delighted manure got ripped off
  14. Anybody offers 60 million, then snap their hands off. Decent player ,but that’s about it. Bit like Maguire was.
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