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  1. Funny... been waiting for this all day now I just want it to end!
  2. The Premier League teams don’t rely on gate money as a majority of other teams do, so my view is all Premier stadia open or none... to give some teams any degree of an advantage over others would be a disgrace
  3. Dear Santa... please make all my dreams come true by letting the mighty Foxes draw Forest away... just so we can muller them and allow me to have a smug face for the next 12 months 😊
  4. Got to be honest being shocked is an understatement... that said, lets see what the Big Lad has in his locker. He might have been saving it for a special occasion
  5. I am really looking forward to today's game... the annoying thing is that it has 0-0 written all over it (I say this because my predictions are always shite )
  6. 2nd phase plays a Square ball (That would confuse the noobs)
  7. No you f***ing don't... Madders and Chills aint for sale and no you ain't speaking to em. Go anywhere near either of them and I will knock you clean out
  8. Though I do totally agree with this, we need to look deeper. I blame Terry Shipman for bringing that t**t to our club in the first place... he constantly defended his incompetence
  9. Absolutely detest Wolves. The arrogance of them believing they are the biggest club in the Midlands / Europe. They seem to conveniently forget there is an East side to the middle belt of the country... and Cov for being Cov
  10. Surely they don't have to play it as it is irrelevant?... is it? But then again, we are talking about the most complex league in Europe
  11. When I first saw it I thought it read "NIMPH"
  12. I would love to see us lift the FA Cup... I have always thought it would be the one that got away (considering I never thought we would win the Premeirship in my wildest dreams)
  13. Has anybody heard from Sheppy recently? Used to love reading his posts
  14. It has to be Vards. Even though he is arguably the best striker we have ever had along with his selfless off the ball running, from what I have heard, listened and witnessed, he is the fulcrum of the team, the glue that binds everything together behind the scenes... the bloke is just becoming the new Mr Leicester City.
  15. Game day once again, where the excitement starts to churn away and you are eager for 3 o'clock to come. As a foxes fan I know they can get a result today. I even fancy putting a bet on us winning 1-0 Maddison, but I know if I did that we would end up losing 3-0. So, come 5 o'clock and we are on the end of a drubbing, you know I went and visited Paddy at the Power Palace 🙄
  16. I really can't wait for kick off. I am already pacing up and down like a teenager waiting to go on their first proper date... the anticipation is killing me! Come On! Plus I f*****g hate Wolves
  17. One of my all time favourite players. Not for his ability but for his commitment and work ethic... plus that smile is infectious
  18. Against the grain, but I prefer White Shorts in general. On this current kit though the Blue is better... ffs, when did I become a fashion guru??
  19. My first game was Oxford at home in the 88 - 89 season, my mate dragged me down to Filbert Street (best thing he ever did as a mate), Gary Mac bagged one and we went on to win 1-0... what a player he was. I was hooked from that day really.
  20. Am I the only one who thinks Ndidi's distribution is dog shit? Mendy is far better in my personal opinion... maybe a little controversial for some
  21. The more I see Choudhury, the more I know this kid is going to be something special
  22. "Daddy, why is Sideshow Bob acting like a dick?"
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