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  1. I've been playing loads the last few seasons but haven't played s9 yet. Have you managed any games yet since the update? What do you make of the new legend Valkyrie if so?
  2. A good example of how shit our FPTP system is
  3. I just wish when we played teams like this we'd join in with the playacting tbh and at least get some cheap cards for their side too. If the ref is going to continually fall ofr it what else should you do?
  4. They're acting like a right bunch of ***** here - can see us getting ****ed over with Pfizer export bans screwing up our second doses. Hope not! Not sure what leverage we've got over them to stop this export ban, I can't imagine they're bothered by avoiding bad press or doing the morally right thing when there's millions of vaccine doses on the line. Maybe we'll just have to sack off new first doses of Pfizer and reserve what we've got for second doses or something.
  5. If it's any consolation they just destroyed their app's rating on the app store
  6. Been looking around for a good stocks and shares platform as moving away from existing provider. Any decent recommendations?
  7. Annoying but predictable situation I'm in with a delivery from the Netherlands - hopefully resolved soon! Is anyone else experiencing similar? Sadly this time there was no British alternative for me to order from instead
  8. The vaccine offered 95% protection (https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2034577) so perhaps she is just one of the unlucky 1/20 . From what I've read (can't find the link now, may have got it mixed up with Astrazeneca one) I had seen that the vaccine reduced severity even in those who did catch covid afterwards, let's hope it has that effect in this case.
  9. Absolutely! Although it seems like a pretty inneficient way of benefitting UK businesses overall!
  10. Experienced my first Brexit divedend yesterday when ordering some bike parts. Had to pay approx. 12% more than I would have done beacuse the EU supplier I was going to buy from would have meant a £12 customs fee from the delivery company. On the bright side, watching videos of fishermen and truckers who voted out now moaning about the deal is bloody hilarious.
  11. Outside the area, should be overturned fortunately.
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