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  1. Looks interesting, was it a decent read?
  2. Would be my choice too for reasons wookie stated, sadly can't see it happening.
  3. Yep, lots of green campaigning going on around here. I think it will end up a labour seat though.
  4. Bristol south? I'm in Bristol west but undecided on who to vote for - unfortunately all the main parties have something fairly significant putting me off them!
  5. Love it. Great goal, and so important
  6. Just arrived back home in Bristol, what a match, what an atmosphere, what a night! Well worth the driving. Get in!!!!
  7. Pat Murphy is such a willy puller
  8. Great news, but typical united decision. Given because of the appeals. Ffs Ibra
  9. Apparently passing accuracy isn't everything... 2015/16:
  10. Love a bit of Nige
  11. Pat Murphy is a complete muppet
  12. Gutted... what a disappointment that it's ended like this. Thanks Claudio, best year ever
  13. Please go...