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    http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2019/26 "(4)The Prime Minister must seek to obtain from the European Council an extension of the period under Article 50..." By my reading he's obliged to try and get an extension, so shouldn't be sending letters to discourage the EU from granting one. Although tbh I can't see his second letter makes any difference to anything anyway. Also, not signing the Benn letter
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    Christ, Johnson is an embarrassment
  3. God VAR is awful Cracking hit though
  4. When I've done it before we drove from Fort William and parked at the Ben Nevis visitor centre. Looks like the visitor centre is a couple of miles from Fort William. So it's not too far to walk - but would add another 3/4 miles total on to your day! Ps. I think the parking machines there only took cash, but this was a few years ago now.
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