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  1. Luke Shaw

    Better option than Chilwell imo, wages are a big issue though. He's on 150k a week. There's gotta be better options than Shaw out there?
  2. Scoring... or lack thereof

    We rely on Vardy and Mahrez to get the goals, if they have a off game I don't know where the goals are coming from?
  3. FIFA 18

    Sell your Brazilian players everyone... some of the bronzes going for 2.5k.
  4. Puel

    It's this simple, we keep the faith in the manager or we sack him and be like every other bottom half club in this league. Maybe theres a reason why no club has broken in to the top 6 besides the usual 6, as no manager is given the time to do so. We either keep the faith and give the manager support and time or take a look at West Brom, palace, Watford and all the others and that will be us! I'm not saying Puel is perfect, I thought there were some major problems yesterday. But let's not turn into a team thats constantly changing managers.
  5. Wtf was said at 90 mins.
  6. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    How many subs you allowed?
  7. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    You should be banned for that...you can't hate Kante. Man's a hero.
  8. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    We've been pathet...YESSSS!!!
  9. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    We should have signed someone for all these crosses.
  10. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    No changes? Wtf Puel.
  11. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Ffs take a fu king yellow man!!!!
  12. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Playing for a move to chelsea init.
  13. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Everything is so predictable.
  14. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Iborra being held in the box but var doing nothing.