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  1. Just me but looked like De Gea had no interest in saving any of those His body language was awful
  2. I will never moan about VAR ever again
  3. Beat Chelsea and job is done! Cmon boys I know we’ve got it in us to go and do it!
  4. Gotta avoid defeat at Chelsea next week...gonna be a nervous week or so
  5. Was thinking the same, what would we have achieved if Mahrez and Kante were still here.
  6. If Arsenal win the Europa does that have any impact on the Prem and the amount of champions league spots given to English clubs? Sorry if this has already been asked
  7. When was the last game he didn’t start for us? Must be months surely? Wilf, Youri and Madders just work together so easily.
  8. Ndidi is so good, rarely puts a foot wrong
  9. When was the last time Tielemans missed a game? Score one more and give him a well deserved rest
  10. Nacho meant to play it off the defender there...that’s how good he is
  11. These are the days I get frustrated with Brendan, we had to change things 20 mins ago. Left it too late
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