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  1. Mrfox452

    FIFA 19

    Booom! Inform Hulk from the hybrid nations sbc. Thought he would be going for like 30k to my surprise he's 260k.
  2. Mrfox452

    FIFA 19

    I'd say 85 percent of my goals last year were low drivens. Do they still work this year? Are people still scoring low drivens? Maybe I need to practice those again cuz atm I'm just skying those.
  3. Mrfox452

    FIFA 19

    Any tips for shooting? I relied on low drivens last year but now I end up skying those. Need to learn how to finish cuz I'm losing to some right shit players.
  4. Mrfox452

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Acestreams. Was hoping someone had the code on here for the game. They usually have one on reddit but nothing atm.
  5. Mrfox452

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Anyone got an ace link for this?
  6. Mrfox452

    Islam Slimani to Fenerbahce (Loan)

    Just me who's a bit disappointed he's gone? Could have done with at least one big man for a plan B.
  7. Mrfox452

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    I can't see where the goals are gonna come from either. Hopefully Maddison, Ghezal and Gray will contribute. Either that or we gotta hope our new back four are not gonna leak as many goals as last season.
  8. Mrfox452

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Sarcasm? They were ****ing shit!
  9. Mrfox452

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Should have never take Madison off! It's like when we used to bring on Albrighton and take off Slimani.
  10. Mrfox452

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Can't fault the lads here...we've been excellent!
  11. The worst world champions!
  12. I Thought the same
  13. I think people are more considered about if any actual progress has been made. (Which imo there has been). Beating Panama, Tunisia and Sweden ain't that much of an achievement imo. Beating the top sides in the tournament and reaching a Semi final would display more of a progression/achievement.
  14. Feel for Maguire and Vards. But from an outsiders perspective this team really ain't all that. Fair play of getting to a Semi but honestly I'm not that surprised.
  15. Mrfox452

    Riyad finally gone

    Can't believe he's actually gone..