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  1. So sad to hear this...always had a positive energy about him. Hopefully he gets through this
  2. Not sure about that, on their goal Evans pushes wide and tells mendy to go innthe box where Benteke would be waiting for him. Then does **** all to stop Townsend going onto his left foot and getting a cross in.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking...leaving Benteke free as well
  4. Barnes getting inot some nice spaces. Showing he is getting a bit more smarter as a player
  5. I think so too...was worried we would be going to tier4 and got a driving test tomorow. Been paranoid for a while thinking it would be cancelled. Been a nightmare trying to get a test
  6. Are more areas likely to be in tier 4? What are the chances we will be a part of that?
  7. That's a fair point and difficult to disagree ...we do have enough cover atm. This guy imo has a much higher ceiling than Castagne, Justin and Thomas. Wouldn't suprise me if Man city picked him to be honest. But it's only fair to give our current guys a chance as well.
  8. Watch a lot of Sporting Lisbon cuz that's who my dad supports. It's difficult to tell with the Portuguese league as we are well aware there are some right duds, but this guy has been proper impressive...told my dad we should buy him but doubt we'd do business with Sporting again. Proper modern day full back, pacey good dribbler and a much better passer and crosser than Chillwell ever was. Imo he will play for portugal very soon
  9. Hopefully with Maddison coming back and actually having a tricky winger will help. Also Perreira and Castagne will help out as well.
  10. Gonna be a long slog to get to that 2000 point then...I can't defend to save my life.
  11. Does everyone start with 0/2000 fut champs qualification points? After the first 5 games of rivals last year we got some points to start off didint we?
  12. Surprised to see Perreira is 85 rated...people finally realising how good he actually is.
  13. Nick Pope surely has to be number one now for England
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