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  1. Mrfox452

    Champions League 2017/18

    Haha, that's brilliant.
  2. Mrfox452

    Champions League 2017/18

    God I love Bale! One of the best players to watch when he's on form.
  3. Mrfox452

    Champions League 2017/18

    Im done. I'd love to see a image of Liverpool fans atm.
  4. Mrfox452

    Champions League 2017/18

    Ramos probably does that ten times a game. It's only being made a big deal as it led to an injury and that being Salah.
  5. Mrfox452

    Champions League 2017/18

    That's cruel man... feel for him.
  6. Mrfox452

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Santi Cazorla would a great signing. Obviously he has had some serious injury problems though.
  7. Mrfox452

    Ricardo Pereira

    Is this close to being done? Didnt check the thread for a couple of days and suddenly we've signed a player? Thought we'd be dragging it out like we do with every signing.
  8. Just me who thinks that's a bit harsh on Moyes?
  9. Mrfox452

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 108 seconds  
  10. Mrfox452

    FIFA 18

    Tots players should plummet in price in a couple of weeks when the world cup mode is released. Might be the best time to buy tots players. But if you don't care about coins and wanna have fun, go get em now.
  11. Mrfox452

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Ain't been following the game due to revision. How's Adrien getting along?
  12. Mrfox452

    FIFA 18

    Kyle Walker, pleased with that. What to do with my Hamsik though?
  13. Mrfox452

    Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Its OK to complain and moan imo. But the abuse given by that bloke is completely out of order. Like you said this is one of our most successful managers and he has to face that sort of abuse? And after all hes done for the club? Actually feel sorry for Nigel after seeing that again.
  14. Mrfox452

    FIFA 18

    Ashley Young not to pleased.
  15. Mrfox452

    Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Pearson is a better option than Puel, but I don't think he's the guy to progress us to the next level.