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  1. Gotta try something different with corners take em short or something!
  2. This Pieters guy in 15 mins nearly gets sent off, nearly gives a pen away twice and nearly scores a Worldy in 15 mins
  3. VAR makes my blood boil with decisions like that
  4. Bolton are in League 2? How did that happen?!
  5. I support Portugal internationally, Nelson Semedo wasn’t ahead of Ricardo before he got injured. 2018 WC Portugal took Cedric and Ricardo ahead of Semedo. Ricardo is on another level to Semedo... if the euros happend last year and Ricardo wasn’t injured Semedo again wouldn’t have been in the Squad. It will be interesting to see what happens this year though with the form of Cancelo. You are right in saying he really ain’t all that.
  6. This Juve team is awful...how many of this 11 get into our team at the moment?
  7. Started a bit slowly which is understandable as he has been in and out of the team. But grew as the game went on and was solid
  8. Against Liverpool 3 at the back with Fuchs left cb and then Albrighton and Ricardo wing backs
  9. Lol missed that...who was that comment aimed at? The refs?
  10. So sad to hear this...always had a positive energy about him. Hopefully he gets through this
  11. Not sure about that, on their goal Evans pushes wide and tells mendy to go innthe box where Benteke would be waiting for him. Then does **** all to stop Townsend going onto his left foot and getting a cross in.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking...leaving Benteke free as well
  13. Barnes getting inot some nice spaces. Showing he is getting a bit more smarter as a player
  14. I think so too...was worried we would be going to tier4 and got a driving test tomorow. Been paranoid for a while thinking it would be cancelled. Been a nightmare trying to get a test
  15. Are more areas likely to be in tier 4? What are the chances we will be a part of that?
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