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  1. I've said it a few times (alot) that Madison shouldn't play when Tielemans is playing. Madison totally nullifies Tielemans and because of that they both struggle. We need to leave Madders on the bench and bring him on when the games won or Youris legs have gone. We are where we are due to the way the 2nd string were playing, now we are putting Madison in instead of Preat we are struggling. When Madison is on it he plays really well but he isn't there at the minute and deserves a stint out the team. Let the winning team continue to win and change when necessary. The set
  2. Get Madders off and KI on, No doubt BR will take Tielemans off for Hamza
  3. Since Madders has been back fit we seem to have gone backwards. Youri was on fire when he had the middle (attack side of things) to himself. Brendan needs to sort this shower of sh!te out
  4. Looks centre mids heavy. Hopefully we will have too much for them and get a couple of early goals.
  5. My Mrs recently recommended I start a YouTube channel/blog around Caro fishing, as I only use YouTube to watch random videos I have no idea on how to start but may give it a go and see if I get any watches.
  6. I miss seeing my kids faces when they're in the queue for face painting "I'm getting the 🦊" . I miss the chance to see my brother who I rarely see but we sit together at the football. I miss celebrating with thousands of like minded Leicester fans. I even miss the crappy taste of Singh for my pre match pint.
  7. 630 quid winnings on that game and we are through to knock out stages with the last kick of the game! Absolutely buzzing.
  8. I read that and thought that's the least shocking thing for him to be doing.
  9. Won't happen, they've already said, schools will remain open due to the kids need for education.
  10. Iguanas in Mexico, massive chuffing things just walking down the path.
  11. "Secret" signals to her kids I believe
  12. Don't play Madders and Youri in the same team from the start again. They didn't offer anything like we know that can. Positives though, Justin us turning into a very tidy player. We have some of the "first 11" coming back soon. I think we were poor today but it's only one game, Liverpool looked really good. That's that game out the way. Can rest some of big players next game out in Europe. We should (really) be winning our next 3 league games Fulham, Sheff U and Brighton - The fight continues.
  13. As I said before the game started, these 2 can't play well together. I'm hoping they turn up soon though. Need Youri to turn it on.
  14. I hope I'm wrong but I find playing Madders and Youri together nullifies them and stifles their attack as they try to do the same job. I'd much rather see Preat with Youri and Madders to come on later into the game.
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