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  1. Looked to me like he kicked out. When falling over its natural to tuck your leg up, his goes straight and swings. I was expecting a card during the game.
  2. JJ continues to show us how good Ricardo really is. Him and Bennett are being passed far too easily down the right.
  3. You just know JV will score inside 30 seconds now (or is that me hoping?).
  4. Come on Arsenal and Watford. Nice to get a win again and hopefully that game gives us back our Vardy.
  5. All fart and no shìt so far. Just need to take a chance
  6. A Leicester win, Man Utd and Wolves loss (or draws) and the mood will be lifted massively.
  7. I think the system has been found out by the other teams in the league, that is why our form has been so poor since Christmas. Let us have the ball now and it's only a matter of time before we give it back. I don't think the players have turned bad or can't play the system anymore I just think it's all to slow and predictable. I'd love to see us come out tonight and go at them from the off. Go all out attack, quick passing and get at them. Bringing back the high energy press and force them onto mistakes, get a lead then use the subs to save players legs for the next one.
  8. It was football like tonight that made me want Purl out, sideways, backwards, sideways backwards with no penetration, where is the attacking football from earlier in the season that got us to where we are now? I think I know why he set the way he did with the 2 DMs, more often than not when our full backs went forward Mendy dropped in to cover. Just doesn't make sense setting up to not lose against a Brighton side that are towards the bottoms of the league and we have a real chance at a top 4 finish. I hope he learns from this and gets us attacking again next time out. Chelsea will smash us if we play like tonight.
  9. 8 points ahead, 3 wins would give them 9 points and put them ahead by one point, our goal difference doesn't come into it.
  10. That's what I thought, I couldn't see where the 3 wins and draw came from in the post I quoted. Thanks for clarifying
  11. Sorry, I don't know if I'm missing something here but, MU are 8 points behind us which means they only need 3 wins more than us before the end of the season to get ahead of us?
  12. At least we kept the gap to both the same, do that till the end of the season and we should have CL football next year.
  13. Take the result, considering the performance and circumstance. Gutted though after the late strike
  14. John Terry Jamie vardy Marez Esteban cambiaso Harry Kane Marcus rashford Marvin harewood Christiano Ronaldo Suarez Jamie Redknapp Easy! Xxx Reply when I asked my wife to name 10 footballers, id have been pissed of she had missed off Cambiasso as I wanted to name my boy Esteban. Surprised at Marlon Hardwood though, random one.
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