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  1. The only thing that would have made the trophy shine a little brighter was if Vardy had put that Pen away and gone on to get the golden boot (shared). But still fvck me what a day that was.
  2. I don't know if it's because I've had one too many isolation numbers, but where's Andy King? I'd bet a bollock he's scored more than 7 premier League goals. Edit. A quick Google, tells me he's scored 8. The list missed the King that is Andy.
  3. This is still and I imagine, always will be my Favourite Leicester game. At 2 nil I was hoping to keep it respectable. Then what happened happened, I couldn't talk for about 3 days after due to the amount of shouting and cheering. I'm usually fine after a day. Every CL game will always be special but for unexpected joy and emotions, this game is amazing.
  4. Not even a week yet! I'm lucky I still get to work but my wife's relationship with the kids is getting strained already, not nice to see. This lockdown will be here for alot longer that 2 more weeks, and I think restrictions will get tighter too.
  5. I know it feels shit but it's the right call. The amount of cars and people still out, I can see much strickter rules being implemented in the not to distant future. London tubes still being rammed shows how his statement last night didn't do as it should have.
  6. If you can't maintain 2 metre distance at all times you shouldn't be there. Don't know what you do but that's a big point of Boris' lockdown speech.
  7. I don't know if anyone has seen this before but goes a way to explain the reason behind not going into lockdown early. Helped me explain it to some members of the family that couldn't understand why we hadn't gone into lock down yet.
  8. Would there be a way of getting X amount of fans in rather than a fully behind closed doors? For instance you set seating far enough apart for 3 or 4 thousand fans, open the gate at 5 to kick off, no sitting within 2 meters of each other. Split the amount of season ticket holders by the amount of home games and you get your numbers and allocate seats with rules etc. At least all season ticket holders get to see one more game and there would be some people for the teams to play for. The atmosphere would be flat though as you'd have no groups of people starting chants and following them on. Maybe too much work or risk but there should be some kind of way of getting some fans in.
  9. Serious question, is the reason we are seeing more deaths in the time scale in the UK, compared to the rest of the world due to us having better medical care and us looking after out people with underlying health problems better?
  10. Technically if someone puts the team up it needs to be at half 11 due to kick off supposed to being at 12:30.
  11. I can tell you for a fact that not all Forrest staff were tested.
  12. I came on to ask the exact same question.
  13. Most likely due to the fact it's an 8pm kick off on a Monday.
  14. A quick Google proves this to be bullshit... Epidemiologists attempt to determine what factors are associated with diseases (risk factors), and what factors may protect people or animals against disease (protective factors). The science of epidemiology was first developed to discover and understand possible causes of contagious diseases like smallpox, typhoid and polio among humans. It has expanded to include the study of factors associated with non-transmissible diseases like cancer, and of poisonings caused by environmental agents.
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