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  1. browniefox

    Family stand

    I said I want her to enjoy her experiences! Poor thing would have nightmares after having Bernie screaming in her face haha
  2. browniefox

    Family stand

    I did ask for tickets closer to the west stand as I'm aware of that, cheers though.
  3. browniefox

    Family stand

    Dont worry, nothing to do with swapping the family stand and the Kop. Could someone please answer a question for me? Do they put on face painting for match days in the family stand? I was at the KP for father's Day dinner and my daughter got her face painted, when I said I'd got her tickets for the first 3 games she said she was going to get her face painted again. She's 3 so I want her to enjoy her experiences so she keeps coming back. Does anyone know if there is anything for young kids like the facepainting? She's 3.
  4. browniefox

    Let's have a films thread.

    Escape plan 2, exactly what you'd expect from a sequel like this. If you enjoyed the first you'll like the 2nd.
  5. browniefox

    The "Random Thoughts" Thread

    What if it's not global warming, just that the earth is getting gradually closer to the sun?
  6. browniefox

    Football badges quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 81 seconds  
  7. Mine is now saying I'm in a unauthorised country!
  8. browniefox

    What is the Funniest Thing You Have Seen?

    Not funny at the time but when my son was born he wasn't breathing and the midwife grabbed him and shouted "we've got a flat baby" while running out the room with him. My wife high on all the drugs they'd given her turned and looked at me all confused and asked "we've got a black baby". To save her panicking I just said yes. Scary at the time but funny now. Years ago my wife and I used to keep chickens and had a veg patch, the veg patch was surrounded by a 2 foot wall and the chickens coop was next to it. After finding rat holes I asked my brother to help me move the coop, he turned up all dressed up in brand new gear as he was going out on the lash. Watching him place every step carefully to avoid getting any mess on his shoes. The coop was moved I poured half a gallon of petrol down one of the holes (I'd been told this was the most effective way to get rid of rats), I lit a match and threw it down, the whoosh and flame that came out the hole was at least 10 feet high. Amused by what I'd seen I asked my brother to fill a hole further down the veg patch as I was going to get my phone to film it. As I come back into the garden I hear a whoosh and see a flame go up my brother, he threw the petrol can and dived face first into the veg patch covering himself and all his new clothes in mud head to toe. I was pissing myself so hard I couldn't ask if he was ok for ages, luckily no injuries apart from a few singed hairs, I can't tell the story without crying with laughter.
  9. browniefox


    Sorry didn't see that!
  10. browniefox


    What goes up a chimney down but won't go down a chimney up?
  11. browniefox


    Chewing gum
  12. browniefox

    Udinese Match Thread

    Or Puel has had enough and will start the season this way to get sacked and take the pay off.
  13. browniefox

    Udinese Match Thread

    I don't see that these games have anything to do with game plans, it has to be down to fitness and fitness alone. None of these players will play together so they can't be trying to build team play.
  14. browniefox

    Udinese Match Thread

    Can't see Diabate getting much game time this year. Looks to try too much and nothing comes off
  15. browniefox

    Akhisarspor Match Thread

    It might just be me but some of the guys that haven't been away for the world cup look leaner and fitter than I remember seeing them in the last year. Puel got them on set diets and training through the summer or something they've done themselves to try and force their way back into the fold for starting positions? Or just me?