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  1. All I can take from that game is, we got a point. Liverpool play Chelsea tomorrow, so a win either way there and we pull one point away from one and if they draw we don't lose ground to either. Win on Saturday and this will be a decent result.
  2. Can someone please tell me what Under brings to the team? He seems to play for himself only. Every time he gets the ball he trys (rarely succeeds) to take a man on, frustrating when there is a simple pass on which would help us move up the pitch into dangerous areas.
  3. A win today would certainly cheer me up after that display on Thursday. I don't care if we scrape a win in the 97th minute after not having a shot beforehand.
  4. I wouldn't go as far as to say Must Win, although I do think we need a decent performance, just to help the mentality of the players. We don't want them thinking "it's happening again". We want to push on the end of the season so a win would out to bed the poor performance on Thursday. Hopefully BR puts out a team that know how to play together and puts round pegs in round holes rather than trying to shoehorn players in.
  5. Right, I'm a tit. I saw the comment about Emlyn holding his flag with no hands and totally missed the part about Trigger in my rush to make my joke about Trigger.
  6. That ref was not great, as soon as someone squeaked they got a freekick. Let's hope we learn from that and do the same in the home game. Can't get into them as we will get players sent off. Diving cúnts.
  7. He's odds on to be next Tottenham manager. Not a good sign.
  8. Scary when you think theres over half of our starting 11 in there.
  9. The school work she gets is all online training, she gets 5 minutes face time in the morning and a story in the afternoon. It's just a horrible situation for all. What makes it even worse is my son (aged 4) still gets to go to Nursery as they haven't closed at all. Just makes no sense at all. We are all ready to go back to the new normal (as long as that means we can leave the house and see others).
  10. My daughter cries herself to sleep most nights because she wants to see her friends (she's 6). It's horrible to see, I understand what your saying about online learning but trying to get a child to learn from the internet or online is impossible. The best way of getting them in school would be to vaccinate the kids and the teachers (if it is proven this reduces transmission).
  11. The issue with this, if we get top 4 and get CL football next season, then there will be people saying we should field weakened teams in the CL to give us better chances in the league. To push for top 4 consistently we need a few more class signings. I hope we can get top 4 and still push for both cups we are in.
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