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  1. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    No doubt Kompany should have seen red, would be a different post match thread if so.
  2. Man City Match Thread

    Been on the beer. And Samsung's ****ing auto correct is a cvnt
  3. Man City Match Thread

    We certainly haven' embarrassed ourselves
  4. 6 nights in New York...?

    As someone said, the new York pass is a must, a massive money saver. When you do the empire state to around midnight and you won't get any queues. If you are wanting to get close to the statue of liberty then take a trip on the state island ferry which goes right past it. Then you can get it right back and carry on your day, all quicker than standing in a queue to get to the statue.
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  6. The Apprentice 2017

    No double firings yet, seems to me that a whole team will get fired after one task to get the numbers down
  7. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    Ok, Harry was supposed to be marking him, that's why Fuchs was going mad at him after.
  8. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    Harry was marking Crouch!
  9. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    That's us Fvcked then
  10. The Poppy Police : do they dishonour war dead

    I rarely buy a poppy, I always drop cash in the help for heroes boxes though. During the minutes silence I don't think about world war 1 or two, I always think about the poor sods that are at war now and have been recently. Afghan and Iraq in particular. I think the rememberance piece is for every soldier that's lost their life, I like to take the time to think about those still living but not to the standard they were before they were sent to war.
  11. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Not moaning about Puel here at all, he was in a win win with making the changes. If we won he's a genius if we lose well atleast he tried something new. I was sceptical about his appointment but seeing the 2 types of football yesterday I'm happy to give the guy a chance, showed he can set up attacking and defensive sides using the same players, optimistic for the rest of the season now.
  12. Formula 1 2017

    Lewis is one of the most unlikeable people in F1 though. A fantastic driver though, will go on to be the best ever with title wins I think. Just can't bring myself to like him at all.
  13. General Knowledge: Easy Difficulty

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 66 seconds