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  1. I used to quite like Liverpool, bit fvck me this season (and partly last season) have smashed that out of me, I hope they lose the title in worse style that Stevie Gs slip. Media darlings and a half.
  2. Unfortunately, whilst we have money and religion in the world there will be random killings and wars. Funny that all religions promote acceptance and tolerance.
  3. Now, i know the fans pay about 10 million pound for tickets a season (total guess but 4m a year for season tickets) sky pay over 1 billion. I think I understand why the club's do what they're told. I know footballs nothing without fans bit still!
  4. To be fair, half of the front players in the league dive or go down far too easily.
  5. People not wanting European football this season because it will affect our chances of it next year confuse me! Personally I want to go all out for 7th, even if we only put out our fringe players in Europe it gives them competitive games to show what they can do. Better than just using then in the cup games that are too few and far between. Be typical if we get 7th and Watford win the cup.
  6. I was saying at the game that this is the sort of comment we would see/hear. We were only superior in passes And we had one more shot than them. They did very well to defend and keep us at arms length but in not having we were superior at all. Us giving the ball away was due to Newcastle forcing us to try something different and it didn't work. BR needs to work on how we are going to break down teams that sit back, because the possession build up play we seen tonight won't do it as often as we would like.
  7. Something that is standing out for me in the last couple of games is, not once have I seen a player standing with the ball putting his arms out as in to say who wants it, there is always a pass option available. What a end of season we could have, push for 7th and get us a European tour please.
  8. browniefox


    Shift Manager, food production.
  9. Where's the proof they're telling the truth? We could go on all day.
  10. Just playing devils advocate but where is the "evidence" that he did do it? I'm pretty sure law states innocent until proven guilty.
  11. If we are to have any hope of 7th we need to be winning this.
  12. Maddison has been a very frustrating player to watch, he has so much talent that is clear to see. The way he throws himself to the ground is one of my biggest gripe but it's now part of the game, the way he was backing out of challenges also bugged me, but in the last couple of games he seems to have a bit more steel on his tackles and doesn't pull out as much. I think with BR coaching him he will turn into the player will know he can be, he has shown signs that he is a class player and I think with a bit more time then he will go on to great things. As others have said for his debut season at this level he has been great, just imagine the player we will have on our hands once he has more experience and knows the league better. If we can secure Teileman to play alongside/behind JM then the future is going to be exciting. Amazing what a new manager can do with so little time, I for one am a excited lcfc fan.
  13. They could also get into Europe, build on their success and continue to perform well and grow.
  14. Red Bull must be regretting letting Ric go, he would have made a few last ditch dives down the inside that Gasly didn't have the balls or knowledge to do it, costing him and the team points.
  15. Don't mean to ask silly questions bit if you couldn't ever see us winning a game like that why would you be very much for a manager in?
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