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  1. How do you find your points on the new website?
  2. Think that there may be a bit of fix with the producers. Why have the couple's vote for who they want to go then put it to the public vote? Surely with everyone voting already they could have booted the couple with the most votes for the others? Just seems that it didn't go how they wanted so put it to the public so they can potentially save the couple with the most votes (Mon and Alex)?
  3. Must have missed that one. Every corner free kick I've seen has hit the first man.
  4. Can we sign a player that can beat the first man?
  5. Oh how I've missed the Morgan lob wedge boot forward
  6. I can confirm I have read every post on this threat and still have no clue if we are signing him or not. I'm not even sure anyone is spelling his name right, I've read it so many times in so many different variations It doesn't look real anyway it's typed.
  7. I found it
  8. If he doesn't get the move he wants, that can only be good for us. He would have to up his game to show that he is the kind of player that would fit into a "big" club. Personally I don't think we would miss him if he carries on with last seasons form, but I honestly don't think he would continue to play like that as he wants the dream move and knows he will have to play well to get it. Playing well for one season doesn't get you the move to Barca he dreams of, so he has to crack on and play the best he can. Plus I don't think Shaky and Appleton will let him him keep his starting place if he plays poorly.
  9. You have to admire Swansea, to them he's worth £50 million. You want him you pay, if not he stays. I just hope we do the same when it comes to selling our players. I know he hasn't asked to leave which helps the case but still, better than cashing in at the first sign of an offer.
  10. All you have to do is shed a tear and say you're so happy that you married your best friend and you could call your Father in law a c*nt and everyone would still love you.
  11. Deal agreed according to Sky
  12. Broughton Old Boys
  13. All those saying we take too long over signings, how many signings have other teams made already? I haven't seen a great deal going on, lots of rumours though.
  14. Everyone wants something for nothing. Won't be long before people are making claims against car firms because they are breathing the fumes they put out.