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  1. I love how the media spout all the crap about how Harry is about to join this club or that club then go on to say our valuation hasn't been met. He's either about to sign or they don't want to pay, can't be both.
  2. It's funny how it was agreed the bigger clubs would get a bigger share of the TV money, but the lesser clubs can still afford to tell these clubs to jog on or pay what we want. It's going to be interesting in a few years as the smaller clubs can't/won't be forced to sell their best players (unless the player pushes for move). I can see the top 4 not being a top four for long and the field becoming alot more even.
  3. Anyone recieved an email regarding their chance to book a season ticket? Waiting to hear, I'm not very hopeful but still....
  4. My daughter is a member and I'm a ST holder, when ever I get her tickets I relocate mine so we can sit together, I imagine the club would be willing to facilitate your brother and dad moving as long as there is seats together available. Just a pain for them as they won't be in their regular seat.
  5. What's the most ridiculous is that he thinks Maguire would boss the back 4.
  6. Hardest? No, tightest, totally different things. Once you're Infront it's almost impossible to be passed, Lewis was told don't overtake the backmarkers Max can't get passed. That's not because max is a shit driver it's because it's a shit track.
  7. If every driver didn't want to win every race why are they in the sport? They all talk it up as it's Monaco, where half of them live and the money is.
  8. If it wasn't for the money I'm sure Monaco would have gone a long time ago, a procession for the rich and famous, not much racing happens in that race anymore. What was it 3 or 4 overtakes this year? (Not counting the first corner).
  9. I'm getting no cash either!
  10. Being honest, I think I may have said that Vardy should be dropped or moved on if Puel was to stay and try to bring in his style of football as it didn't suit Vardy, this was more a statement regarding Puel than Vardy. I believe if CP was still here Vardy would be looking for a move away.
  11. How much is Kane actually going to play? Not fully fit yet.
  12. I understand that, but how can you hit the apex when there is a great big F1 car sat next to you?
  13. It happens far too often for that. The car in 2nd gets the inside line preventing the car in first turning in properly and the car in 2nd just breezes through.
  14. I've never understood how 2nd gets the inside of the corner. I know it's the cleaner side of the track but I think first should be there to defend not for first to have to attack.
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