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  1. With all these injuries, you know Jamie will be leading the England line when the competition comes around, he won't be able to turn down the chance to be the main man for his country. I would rather he didn't but can't see him saying no if asked.
  2. Love how he forgets to mention we are also above Man City.
  3. I don't think we were that bad. Just Villa defended really well, stayed compact and didn't give us space anywhere we could get a decent shot off.
  4. I don't hate Liverpool at all, I think they are a great side and should win the league easily. It's the bumming they get that I don't like.
  5. Won't happen but wouldn't it be magic if they lost all 3 to dodgy VAR calls!
  6. Seriously, how many decisions are given Liverpool's way and then not the opposite when the same thing happens. If I was a sceptical man id think some people had been paid off somewhere to ensure Liverpool don't lose this.
  7. Since Nigel Pearson went to Watford they have scored 8 goals in 4 games, just one short of the 9 goals in 17 games previous.
  8. Mcmanaman just said Liverpool look really fresh considering all the games they've played. I'm sure they've had more rest than most, just had to travel. I really should let the hate I have for the Liverpool bumming, go.
  9. I only disagree with one of these points and that is about Fuchs, I think he was quite poor, needlessly sliding in and missing the ball too many times leaving us vulnerable. Otherwise I agree.
  10. Great result, goes to show we have some squad depth and any injuries won't be too concerning. Saying that West ham were shite
  11. Shocked by that team. On the other hand this could be the game that lets the rest of the league (and us) know that we do have decent squad depth. Also a kick up the arse of the regulars to ensure they don't think they are guaranteed to be starting even if playing poorly.
  12. I'd like that, but what I would love is if we were to pip them to the title.
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