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  1. I do hate games like this, come into it thinking it's ok if we lose, it's the second string and we could potentially have a very long season ahead of us so il be happy with the boys giving it a go. Wait a while and I'm shouting at the telly and trying to push the boys on.
  2. Be interesting to see the changes he Makes to see how serious he is going to take the game/cup (or appear to).
  3. Did you not see his misscontrol that totally bamboozled Arsenal's left back? Letting him slide in KI (who should have done better).
  4. I believe this lad will go on to either be our captain and top scorer for a few seasons or be sold on at a massive amount. He seems to be learning from week to week/month to month. His decision making is getting better. Once he realises how good he is and how his direct approach is helping us take a massive step forwards he will get even better. As others have said, we need to keep him away from the England set up that will coach out of him what he's good at (I think the players from the lesser teams get picked and coached away from their natural game to help the top teams players stay ahead - obviously I have no proof of this just a thought I have).
  5. Mendy is more meh than good. The last couple of seasons I'd have said Shïte, still hasn't done enough to reach good. If he's playing next week we are struggling, he's only there because Wolf is filling in at CB.
  6. For me, I'd take Madison out and put Preat in, leave Ndidi CDM and go 4141.
  7. I didn't think they were selling new season tickets?
  8. For a split second I thought that was Dean Gafney at the front
  9. Chris Smalling (ignore if I've missed him being linked)
  10. The way I'm looking at it is, we now have 2 ways to qualify for the CL next year, get top four or win the Europa. Now the disappointment of not getting CL has passed I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do this year.
  11. Wanted to join the army from when I was about 5. Passed medical and aptitude tests. Went back for medical again due to time lapsed from last to joining date and failed medical, same doctor too. Miffed and upset I went into any job I could take. Then got a temp job at a factory and have worked my up up to Manager. Only taken close to 20 years.
  12. Would love a trip to Moscow
  13. The more we concede the less they have to score!
  14. Let's keep going and get the 3 points. Looked really sharp and up for it in the first half.
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