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  1. It was the constant use of 2 DMs that did it for Puel. I know he got some good results using that system but it fails more than it brings success. We just don't have enough going forward. I would much rather set up to get the best out of all our players and let other teams worry about us that is set to nullify other teams which inevitably nullifies ourselves.
  2. Because we have Maddison on the wing, or cutting in next to Your which nullifys the pass. We need to stop fücking about with 2 DMs and get 2 actual wingers on the pitch to make the most out of having YT and JM on the pitch or we will se more results like today.
  3. Ok, what's your prediction for team and score next week?
  4. Invest the money in a world class winger? How much are you expecting us to get for him? Our best chance was selling him to Bournemouth for 25 mill. Nobody is going to give us anywhere near that now.
  5. FFS, just want we need. I expect at least 7 defensive minded players for this. Quite sad how quickly BR is losing my confidence, I don't think Puel frustrated me this quickly.
  6. Showing them too much respect isn't the young teams fault, but the experienced managers fault. The young team did what they could.
  7. We need bring in Mendy to give us more of a defensive base, play him alongside Hamza and Wilf
  8. When Brendan realises we have some fantastic attacking players and decides to **** what the opposition set up as and make them play our game, we will get more points. When we try and set up against the shite such as today we are going to drop more points than we pick up. Come on Brendan, get a grip and go at these cünts
  9. I agree with this! Why were no super early subs made? We knew that there were no underhanded tactics regarding Pogba etc, did we need 2 DMs? Did we fck it's like Brendan is channeling his inner Puel. Sort the fcker out, yes it's man u away but it's a man u that is struggling massively. I'm Raging at that.
  10. I have a couple of Man Utd supporting friends round to watch the game so I'm hoping we absolutely smash them from the first minute. Obviously id love to see a Big Harry mistake letting Vardy through for a goal.
  11. Literally 5 minutes after my mother's husband had passed away at home, after a long battle with cancer, my Auntie came to the house and as she walked in doing a silent cry, mouth open and it looked like she was laughing so hard it was one that went silent, in an untimely attempt to lighten the mood (know your audience kids) I said "what's she laughing at" as she was sitting next to My mothers Husband. My brother laughed, everybody else and I mean everybody else just stared at me in disbelief!
  12. Think I heard the commentators saying yesterday that it was the sausage curb.
  13. I honestly can't see why anyone would want to be Prime Minister at the moment in time, there is no way you can win, if you're a Leaver (Boris) you get all the remainers blocking you and telling you you are wrong, if you're a remained (May) you get the Leavers telling you you're wrong and blocking you. There is no way of coming out if it well. The First PM after Brexit, no matter what form it takes (if it happens), will be the biggest benifactor out of all of this as they can pick up the pieces and start to correct the wrongs that may happen. If a second referendum is called and Remain wins, the Leavers will be calling for a 3rd. The whole thing has been a shambles from the start.
  14. Islam Slimani? I thought we'd fvcked him off on loan?
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