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  1. Lucky enough to run my own business and my company car is up for renewal in November and I'm pretty sure I'm going electric. The personal tax benefit will save me nearly £3000 a year in tax, I'll save about £1000 per year in fuel costs and the cost of the lease is tax deductible against the corporation tax, so in effect the lease cost will be 20% less. The higher cost of EV vs their petrol or diesel equivalents doesn't make it so attractive to personal customers, but from a business point of view it makes sense. Pretty sure I'm going down the Tesla route (3)
  2. Have you travelled or just doing it off a TV?
  3. Mark lawrenson with his finger on the pulse as usual... Leicester v Liverpool (12:30 GMT) Leicester striker Jamie Vardy got another half-hour under his belt in his comeback from hernia surgery when he came off the bench to help them beat Brighton in the FA Cup on Wednesday. Pretty sure vardy played the first hour and then made way for the nacho man...
  4. Was it called Harvey's or similar?
  5. Been listening to RTJ for the last 6 months and only just got into Killer Mike's solo stuff, so good.
  6. Just been watching Brassic, forgot how good Keegan is...
  7. Some companies will have stock in which is great if you're not too fussy, but if you're ordering say 3 months in advance you can get a factory order, ie the exact spec and colours you want. I've had the last 4 or 5 cars on 3 year contract hires (through my business) and had no problems getting what I wanted spec wise with 3 or 4 months notice. I generally use jet vehicle finance, they have been very informative and efficient. I always get a couple of quotes from a main dealer and another broker and they have always matched or beaten it. Good luck.
  8. 45 seconds of analysis from sky, then on to the big match.... They've got plenty of sports channels, why not put the other game on another channel and stick with this game... Amazon piss all over this mob.
  9. It's a bit slow going and not a lot really happens.... The other 3 people watching it had a lovely kip, I persevered in the hope it would develop but was disappointed. One for die hard Clooney fans or insomniacs.
  10. Since Everton won the league in September they've been a bit hit and miss.. If we play like the 1st half last night I don't care what the starting formation or lineup is as I'm confident that the players can adapt during the game if needed. We should have too much quality up top for them. 2-1 victory.
  11. What happens if you go through that portal down the corridor?
  12. Jonny Evans: Even for a player who has been around as long as Jonny Evans has, this was still a very challenging game against a very dangerous Wolves side. The Northern Ireland centre-back found himself constantly in the middle of the action especially defending set plays. There was even one stage where it was thought he might be suffering from a recurrence of the back injury that had kept him out earlier in the season. Fortunately for his manager, Brendan Rodgers, the Foxes captain saw the game out, albeit a little battered and bruised. Did you know? Evans won six of his seven
  13. Run out of rep points, but YES, LEAVE THAT TO THE ARTFUL DODGER
  14. Let Sky rim Leeds for the first hour, it'll be funnier at full time...
  15. Whatever happens, it would be great if the sky crowd noise could include a rendition of 'Vichai had a dream' as its the first premier league game after the anniversary...
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