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  1. Bloody hell I’d hate to be a Wolves fan watching their boring play every week
  2. I’ve not read through all the post-match comments so if this has been said already, I apologise. If today proved anything it is that yet again, without Ndidi our midfield can be bullied and simply run over. Leeds pressurised us today (regularly fouling our midfielders when we were in possession similar to Everton earlier in the season) and when the ball is turned over we are easy to run at because Mendy and Tielemans lack the physicality & pace and Maddison is non-existent in this department. Evans becomes suspect when players are running at him & Fofana showed his naivety too
  3. Mike Dean’s reaction??? He looked disappointed that the ball crept in - unbelievable
  4. Halftime analysis ‘Pickford would have loved to get anywhere near it’ - you bet he would love, he’s in the other friggin goal! It’s what we’ve been reduced to. Everton just look to spoil the game - an awful watch but Italian mentality from the 70s. We’ll need an injection to get anything from this game as it’s a repeat of the previous encounter.
  5. Great business, great pro. His experience going forward will be invaluable.
  6. Good players adapt their game - he’s a lightweight who provides only fleeting moments of quality.
  7. What a day to be alive as an LCFC supporter! We were quality - so many good performances. A terrific performance after the first 20mins
  8. You ever played in goal at any level? Yes the shot moved but Pickford’s made a right mess of it - I’d expect him to have believed he should have done better & simply saved it.
  9. I might need to check if there is a posh public school in Eaton - there’s certainly still one in Eton.
  10. He had to go. The relationship between him and the players was done. It was telling yesterday that when the players gathered on the sideline to take drinks when Sako was injured, Puel walked away from the group. At the end, those fans that stayed still applauded the players after yet another awful home performance and the end for Puel was sealed. He’s not got the personality to engage with the fan base so when poor results come along, he was always going to be under pressure. I am glad to see the back of him & cannot wait for a more positive approach on
  11. Er don’t think Liverpool supporters complain about Klopp’s brand of football and they have been royally entertained rather than having to watch Puel’s bore fest every week (Man City game apart)
  12. ....and that’s why people booed Puel substituting him against Cardiff.
  13. Ghezzal is dogshite. End of. No threat whatsoever.
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