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  1. We are certainly missing Maddison as well don’t seem to have any creativity in midfield and the supply that goes to Vardy has dried up almost completely.
  2. So many negative comments because we are losing imagine what you’d say if we were fighting relegation ridiculous!!
  3. I don’t think so they can both play badly and they will be in the squad for the next game and the rest of the season because of a lack of attacking alternatives esp if Vardy gets injured.
  4. No Country For Old Men is a great film and better the third and fourth time you watch it. Everyone has different tastes in films. I hated the film fight club. I thought Avatar was excellent in the cinema saw it twice. Misery is a great film.
  5. I watched the Reading game on Sky I thought he looked stocky but a bit overweight
  6. He is very quick and that run with the ball deep into the Arsenal half in the second half .... wow !!
  7. I’m glad we didn’t sign Tarkowski now !!
  8. This worked brilliantly thanks a lot !!
  9. Thanks it looks great stream quality so far !!
  10. Park the bus. The Harry Kanes, Gareth Bales and Jamie Vardys of the world. Giving it 150 % .
  11. Oh no really? We will never get rid of him
  12. A 9 am kick off on a Sunday morning would be worse.
  13. You forgot Matty James how much is he in per week??!!!!!! 60 k?? For doing sweet Fcux all !!!!!
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