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  1. Whilst Wes Morgan is definitely our worst CB in the first team squad I don’t get all these calls for Fuchs to play ahead of him as a CB.
  2. So with the Champions League dream ever closer we can now start to eliminate teams who can’t catch us. Norwich City This weekend we could add Villa, Bournemouth, Watford and West Ham.
  3. More concerning was the amount of Leicester fans throwing things at the disabled fans after Liverpool scored. Yes most of it hit the (apparent carer) but a lot hit the guy in the wheelchair. some family stand we have.
  4. Is the email from Leicester City or a different company (marketing company)?
  5. ‘The Brain’ Zeljko Buvac Klopps assistant until last season would be my choice.
  6. I hardly hear any of the old classics and I am in SK1.
  7. I am happy to back @Abrasive fox and @MPH regarding Percy, I also have someone very close to the first team who has today confirmed a lot of the story and before anyone asks I wont name them. This is only the second time I have posted anything remotely ITK and that (even after getting abuse on here, happened). I have no agenda at all, I am told lots of things that go on at the club but the reaction by people on here puts me off repeating any of it.
  8. Was very common for that to happen but mainly in the 70s and 80s was very much a community thing my Dad played for Villas youth team and a few reserve games in the 70s and he said it was very divided in terms of who he knocked about with but as teammates they were fine, and that was at the height of it all.
  9. I was born and bred in this country of black Caribbean ethnicity. I have heard 'black' players called lazy numerous times over the years where I felt it was a stereotypical thing to say. In the case of Kelechi I would like to see the stats but he certainly looks lazy when playing.
  10. Refreshing this page is painful currently
  11. Anybody aware of pubs in Leicester that will be streaming it today?
  12. Cardiff look woeful but I bet Arsenal still give them plenty of chances and probably there first goal of the season
  13. Still behind Rose, Shaw and Bertrand for me, certainly closing the gap though.
  14. I felt as brilliant as Neves is going forward he was very vulnerable when Everton attacked with pace hopefully N’Didi will smother him. You will improve as the season goes on and think it could be a good time to play you.
  15. Was desperate to stay just wanted assurances he would go out on loan as the under 23s league is not going to improve you.
  16. Unfortunately it is everywhere now, half time down the City is terrible for it in the toilets, who would want to go for a shit in those toilets on match days?. Yet the queue for the cubicles are huge!!!!!! Cheltenham in the marquee this year they eventually closed the cubicles on Gold Cup day saying they were blocked but it was obvious why they were really closed.
  17. Likely to sign new contract if sent out on loan to gain more experience, he wanted to go on loan last season but was told no.
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