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  1. Brendan got it totally wrong when anyone with half a footballing brain knew what we needed to do. I'm fed up of him overthinking it, we don't always need a grand plan, sometimes we just need to stick to something simple, get our quick aggressive players on the pitch and go for the kill. The prospect of returning to watch this ponderous football at the moment is hardly exciting. We're desperate in terms of injuries, defrosting Fuchs every few days worked the first few times but he's obviously being stretched too far and he's on his last legs. What on earth has happened to Fofana? J
  2. No chance we change it at half time as that would be Rodgers admitting he got it wrong, and he doesn't do that. 45 minutes of passing it round the box incoming.
  3. Not what I'd do but I'm not paid 6 figures a week to make the decisions.
  4. Seems a long time since going into this fixture as the underdog. Also RIP goal cam, actually quite liked this feature when it was running.
  5. So you think the rate of infection has been fudged by the ONS just to get football fans back in the grounds in certain cities
  6. One borderline VAR decision and their captain is moaning on the internet. Hideous lack of self awareness. https://twitter.com/JamesMilner/status/1332742400981172225?s=19
  7. Good post if we hadn't just been comprehensively beaten by them last weekend.
  8. Klopp has been moulded by the club and city he works for. Victims until the end.
  9. I reckon he'll get to 500 appearances which would make him our 3rd most capped player of all time.
  10. The one thing I do not miss and dread the return of.
  11. The next thing we need to do is get Caglar and Fofana playing together without Evans there to steward them.
  12. Not cynical at all, bringing in multi million pound asset for nothing, Spurs are in need of cash so I could absolutely see them bringing him in and then selling him for a decent price the season after 23 appearances, 2 goals in the cup and an assist
  13. Just get this done as early as possible and we can rest anyone we're sending to the Ukraine.
  14. Barnes is on track to have probably the most productive season from any of our wingers since Mahrez. He's here for the long term and there's nothing you can do about it
  15. Didn't watch the match but the highlights they showed Kelechi and Under weren't passing to each other. Was that the case the whole game?
  16. Vardy will single handedly win us this competition. Mark my words.
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