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  1. il stick with my opinion that we were really poor and didn't deserve anything from that game. Not going to jump on the bandwagon because we made like one chance.
  2. I'm guessing/hoping Rogers has realised that he's garbage thats wy he's not included.
  3. Actually thought Kelechi did well when he came on.
  4. Anyone else think its a total waste of time Johnny Evans going up for corners & free kicks as just ends causing a foul every single time!
  5. No mate but have photos of signing day.
  6. I have a title winning signed shirt( white kit) 6 players and Birch, how much do you think I could sell it for? times hard.
  7. Ffs Albrighton again! Runs like he's in quick sand.
  8. Can't wait till the move! No more driving pain staking journey's to belvoir drive. Looking forward to seeing the academy lads flourish.
  9. Any idea on completion date? does my nut traveling to belvior drive every Tuesday & Friday at rush hour!
  10. Ndidi & Mendy out Chowdhury & Tielmans in!
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