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  1. Expensive but interested to see if he's any good.
  2. Had a brief look and looks way less than 15 to me.
  3. How many are available to do atm?
  4. Rooney sbc worth it? surely a great card?
  5. Wy have you got Ndidi n Vardy wrong way round mate?
  6. 6 wins and giving up! Awfull
  7. Cheers pal, must be unlucky then.
  8. Sorry mate, should have been more clear. Champions league ect, can you actually get these in packs? Only diffrent card I've ever got is totw & headliners.
  9. Team of the tournament, how do you get them?
  10. How do get the tott cards? are they in packs?
  11. First time in the weekend league and very frustrating! what's a decent return for average player win wise?
  12. I've currently got 6 icon swaps and no way of using them as lowest reward open to me is vidic at 7. are these useless now?
  13. New to Ultimate team, can someone explain what modes i need to be playing for all these packs & swaps ect?
  14. Got Werner today in a reward pack.
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