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  1. Wasn't our picks this week meant to be all prem tots players? Just those?
  2. How much did that cost you? Surely you used some gdp?
  3. Can you get tots players in sbc packs?
  4. Hi, sorry for delay. First there's coaches there that have been there so long that they don't give a toss. There not interested in actually developing players or coaching them to improve. They play constant matches in training nothing else with silent coaching, unless you are the top couple of boys and then you get the preferential treatment. If you make a compliant nothing is done ect. There's so much wrong it would take a week to write but we feel it was a mistake to sign at lcfc and would have been better at Forest,Wolves,Brum,Derby
  5. Sorry forgot I posted. I'm not sure people can really grasp how bad it is tbh! I'm a life long lcfc fan and the club is a massive part of my life and I'm shocked at how poor it is. We travel around the country most weeks as they have the same programme as the first team and lcfc are put to shame by most other clubs! Wolves,Forest,Birmingham plus more in Midlands are so far ahead.
  6. I have 2 boys in the academy and have been there nearly 4 years! Just to let you know the coaches and training is awfull!! Imagine moving to a 120m training facility and bringing the current group of staff! pointless. Most age groups get beat every week btw.
  7. Just got Fut Birth perisic from 81+
  8. Expensive but interested to see if he's any good.
  9. Had a brief look and looks way less than 15 to me.
  10. How many are available to do atm?
  11. Rooney sbc worth it? surely a great card?
  12. Wy have you got Ndidi n Vardy wrong way round mate?
  13. Tbh rather longstaff!! Than chalobah
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