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  1. The way these things are ran in Germany is the 50% is owned by a member’s association, it’s not a decentralised rabble of fans buying in. And the issue with fan panels is there’s nothing to stop clubs simply not listening. We already have them in the form as Supporter’s Trusts and we see how effective they are. We already have fan-owned clubs in the English system, Exeter in League Two, Darlington, Chester and Chesterfield in the National League, so it’s not like it doesn’t work.There’s still shares to be invested in by private individuals/consortiums as well. I suspect our fanbas
  2. If FIFA, UEFA and the PL weren’t corrupt bottlers that relied on their cash cows, then the English teams involved would be lucky to get away with not being completely expulsed from the league. It was clear any chance of any proper punishment went when Cerefin instantly went back to kissing Man City’s feet the instant they backed out. Sickening really. We should have seen 40 points docked each. Fines in the hundreds of millions, each. Active moves to look at implementing the 50+1 rule and wage caps across all UEFA-licensed leagues. The idea of ‘elite’ or ‘super’ clubs needa to be ann
  3. Completely wet that. Screams “please come back!” Should be making clear there’ll be severe consequences off the back of this. Going off the tune of that I can’t see it though.
  4. Without sounding too cynical, purely speculating on the gossip, has Pep been told from higher-ups that Man City want out of the Super League now and was given a bit of freedom to air his grievance with it? Seems a bit of a coincidence they’re the team considering withdrawing and Pep’s the manager to speak out.
  5. No way to verify this yet but if it’s true then I’m a bit concerned clubs will just be welcomed back in now. If you joined then you should expect point deductions and heavy fines. As it’s been said before, light-to-no punishment and there’s nothing stopping this happening again
  6. Part of what makes this so frightening in my opinion. These clubs won’t give a fvck what the Scousers, Mancunians or Cockneys think, their target market is thousands of miles away in Africa, India, China and the States, where a plurality won’t care what changes are made as long as the big name clubs and players are there. They’ll be free to make the game as sanitised and globalised as they can. I doubt it’ll be just the supporter culture that will be the only victim either. Any rule changes they fancy they’d face no resistance, then with the brute force of their market share and influence try
  7. My comment was supposed to be a bit off-hand, but all good points you’ve made nonetheless.
  8. Whatever happens, the governing bodies can’t allow this to stand unpunished. Give them a slap on the wrist and what stops this happening again in 3, 5, 10 years? Or every time a decision they don’t like as a collective is made? The threats been implied in hushed tones for years but this is the point of no return. Whatever punitive measures are made they have to be harsh to ensure this never happens again. It may well hurt the FA, UEFA and FIFA short to mid term but drastic reform needs to be made instantly. Moving towards a German model wouldn’t be a bad starting point.
  9. It’s interesting, looking at the Super League conversation, how everyone is united in standing against corruption of the highest earners trying to ring fence themselves off from the rest, and that it’s recognised that this is at the expense of all those below them. That we should now be looking at properly penalising those who actively and purpose act against the interest of the game as a whole, and should instead be splitting the wealth of the game equitably to not only to the rest in the highest tier, but also all the way down to the poorest and smallest earners, because it’s recognised that
  10. Schalke are on the phone as we speak begging to be invited
  11. Potentially massive £££. It’s the same all the way down.
  12. Mourinho sacked - had words we reckon?
  13. We’ve got to be hoping on Rashford and Klopp to speak up soon surely?
  14. Bochum win in a 4-3 thriller against Hannover, from 0-1 down, to 3-1 up, 3-3 in stoppage time and an instant response to win it. Still close in 2. Bundesliga with 5 matchdays left but after they play fourth place Heidenheim it’s a favourable run-in against bottom half teams.
  15. Forgot about the waiting times yeah we got into the habit of doubling up on orders to save ourselves the wait. A very poor first Friday really. I trust it’ll be much better when the real meat and potatoes of the place are opened in May though.
  16. Tried that Lane7 last night as a couple friends booked and asked me. Had a gaze inside and it looks like a decent gaffe but as it is it wasn’t the best night. Choice of Coors or Carling Dark Fruits on draft and a couple bottled choices, they had an issue with the system as well halfway through which seemingly wiped a load of drink and some food orders on our table, lad was waiting 2 and a half hours for a burger before he just asked for a refund Once the actual venues open in May I’ll give it another go but as it is I won’t bother until then, money better spent going to a pub who
  17. Exactly. He would have gone the way of Liam Moore and Richie De Laet if he even made it to the Prem with us; sold off to a Championship team to make his way. Would have had nowhere near the luxury of his Man U performances.
  18. Still think we have enough to do it. Nowhere near as fraught as last season and we still have the initiative. Just need to see some repentance by some of the recent villains in form of the determination and drive, they’re the players that can make the difference in a game.
  19. Lingard & Kane I don’t think would’ve kicked on with us had we signed them permanently. At the time they benefited from playing with better sides where they were catered for and that helped their growth. Just wasn’t meant to be with us. Maguire hasn’t really improved that much has he? And we’ve arguably got just as strong if not a stronger back line now when fully fit. As discussed he’s a good player but not like he’s been badly missed. Mahrez would have improved the team no doubt. Shame he seems a bit sour with the club because if he was ever to want to get more game t
  20. Very sorry to hear that Webbo, sending the best to you and your family
  21. Given all the news about it, what do you and your colleagues think would be an acceptable pay rise for your efforts?
  22. Fact is- no club is truly a ‘buying’ club. Every individual player will have their preferences: money, location, club loyalty, dream clubs etc. Leicester are going to be far down the pecking order on most counts. But it’s not like Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, or even the likes of Bayern Munich or Barca haven’t lost key players against their will. We’re in the enviable position compared to 99% of clubs where we’re good enough to have pulling power of our own and, more importantly, we can retain our most promising players a lot longer than most with tangible opportunities to actually win
  23. Whilst it’s a rather macabre thought and not that I wish it, it is documented for older widows and widowers to ‘follow on’ not long after their partner dies. Not an exact science and personally hope it’s not the case but it would be quite the system shock to lose both senior royals in a year...
  24. “Leicester’s a shithole” is the biggest Piers Morgan belief I’ve ever seen, there’s no way people say it in seriousness. I assume its said for attention or by the perennially miserable. Coventry, Wolverhampton, Bethel Green, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Hull... these places are shitholes. Leicester is an average (or slightly below average if you’re so willing to drag it down) English city. Of course it has its rough areas but if that’s your categorisation of shithole then 99% of human settlements are shitholes. I agree that’s the case but lockdowns has only sped up
  25. I do see your point, but I think that would just embolden those conspiracy theorists. Also, as a precedent once we’ve decided restrictions are done with, they’re done with (as was suggested on the roadmap should we get to July without major incident). I don’t think it’s good to leave these things floating around as the longer it lingers the harder it becomes to get rid of them, didn’t it take decades to get rid of pub curfews after the end of the war? This country has a strange obsession with taking the hard line, I think we’re better served letting peer pressure get to the naysayers a
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