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  1. Still feel vulnerable against a set piece specialist but Perez likes a goal against these so I hope he plays, even if it’s off the bench.
  2. So they’ve remade The Stand, one of my favourite books and a mini series they made in the 90’s that I really enjoyed as well, so basically something I was really looking forward to and it turns up on a streaming service called Starzplay. Guess I’ll wait until it’s released on a Blu-ray now. Just how many different streaming services are out there?
  3. To be fair Spurs are just doing a professional job in not fannying around and just getting on with it. This’ll probably be a cricket score and why should spurs care?
  4. Named after Lord Snottingham I believe.
  5. I always think that we should improve on our last performance at the same ground last season, so unless we score 10, well er Brendan out!
  6. Well so long as we keep playing away I think we can go along way this year.
  7. Come on Nacho, imagine the confidence he gets if he scores.
  8. https://www.ja606.co.uk/articles/viewArticle/429958
  9. That’s the kind of luck Leicester lack! Imagine “Ashley“ Barnes doing that, it’d fall to the opposition player 100%.
  10. It’s all about Man City Chelsea, we were just the warm up act hence sky binned us off, didn’t even show carols goal.
  11. Carthorse alert 🚨, I’ll go warm up the ever obliging thread!
  12. Great goal, settled some nerves. Fair play to Marc as he’s having a much better half, perhaps delay his stud farm visit now!
  13. Do feel less nervy with Ndidi defending corners.
  14. Time for Marc to go out to stud, will always love his time and effort here but it’s just not going for him now.
  15. Ah yes a fat Sam grand slam! Typically I always felt that if he didn’t have a love for bags with dollar signs printed on them he’d have probably shitehoused England to a cup win!
  16. Pundits and “experts”, Liverpool are too strong, West Brom, hold my beer. Brilliant
  17. Even I could see where that pen was going and I’m full of turkey cobs and wine!
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