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  1. So it just shows that if Burnley win it will be the ultimate shithouse and prove that they are just a flukey team. Expect better second half, should be more than capable of beating these, assuming we can find our shooting boots and improve from set pieces.
  2. Can’t understand Keown whilst he’s whacking one off to Burnley.
  3. I think he’s a good impact sub to come on, but I’d guess he’d want to be more than that. Anyway what do I know I still had faith in Musa right up to him leaving!
  4. Spurs are like England, only talked up by hardcore fans and the media yet everyone else knows that they really are dog shite! Yet still seem to end up there abouts just enough to make the former carry on believing.
  5. I remember Norwich laying into Liverpool at the start of last season, the first few games are always quirky!
  6. Walking Dead to finish after a super sized season 11. Guess it had to finish at some time although they’ll be plenty of spin offs I’m sure!
  7. Just sign him, we need defenders and at £30M ish me thinks it’ll be worth it.
  8. We’ve signed someone, what are we going to complain about now?
  9. Don’t be going all positive Wymsey!
  10. Yeah I was out today in some random Nottingham village when I saw Brendan tucking into some scampi and chips, I thought I’d chance it and ask him why the duck he hadn’t bothered signing anyone and he matter of factly told me that we are so skint that he’s had to send the first team to muck out the owners stables in order to sell manure to raise funds. True story, ITK me.
  11. There’s some salty folk on here, he’s moved on to a bigger club, accept it and move on. Good luck to the lad I say and now watch him get his only goal next season against us!
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