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  1. How has Little Monsters got a five star rating on Sky? What a load of sh!t, oh I swear a lot so it’s funny, good grief.
  2. Sir Shep


    It’s rural where I live but I’m still only taking them out once a day and not taking the Micheal, there’s no way though I won’t be able to take them out, especially when it’s down to the actions of a selfish few that’ll bring this on.
  3. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Luckily I’m usually a miserable bastard when I’m walking the dogs anyway, so I’m just sticking to my usual grunting “hi” and carrying on walking.
  4. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Seriously, people are trying to burn down mobile phone towers because they believe bollox spouted on Facebook, good grief, guess this is what social isolation brings when they can’t get to their cousins to mate with.
  5. Modern Warfare 2 remastered, boredom makes me spend money but it is a brilliant story so I thought why not.
  6. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    You know it’s really just starting to dawn on me that I’m probably going to be off work until mid to late May, possibly even longer, I’m starting to go stir crazy as it is, coupled with the guilt I’m feeling for not only my wife having to carry on in her retail job, but all those others out there who have to go in to work and on top of that having their work load significantly higher. That of cause means those in the front line in hospitals, I really hope there’s a way of rewarding these people after, properly because they deserve it.
  7. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Actually, after shopping in Shelly Tesco’s today and being held up by dawdling tossers deciding what cheese they’d prefer, perhaps a police baton charge would be in order.
  8. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-police-turning-parts-of-uk-into-dystopia-after-prosecuting-people-driving-due-to-boredom-and-shoppers-11965903 I mean come on, people were criticising the police for not doing enough and now suddenly some think we are in a facist police state. I’m yet to witness baton charges and dissidents being rounded up for re-education, you know like it normally is when following Leicester in Spain! Yes the police aren’t perfect but they deserve as much respect as our fantastic NHS and retail staff, rant over!
  9. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Righto mate, how many UFO’s did you spot last night?
  10. There’s one on amazon for £20 but it’s saying delivery by April 27th. Unsure about the postage time on the above one though.
  11. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Be great if true, I’ll just keep doing my small part.
  12. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    So, how is everyone doing after about a week into this thing (more for a lot of people I appreciate)? I’ve not driven my car for a week which I suppose is good and now and I’m starting to put some lego Star Wars pieces together, I’m 47!
  13. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    I think it’ll be several weeks yet and maybe more if people still aren’t taking this seriously and still meeting up with other residents outside of theirs. I’m seeing it every night still and it’s starting to make my blood boil.
  14. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Shouldn’t be allowing anyone in except returning British nationals/ permanent residents here, and then they should be told to isolate straight away. I don’t think we will be testing them though as we don’t seem to be able to test NHS staff properly until at least next week.
  15. Sir Shep

    Corona Virus

    Has Gove answered a question he’s been asked yet, he’s deflecting questions like a mirror ball deflecting light.
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