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  1. Last of Us 2, but they've got a big benchmark to follow there! Far Cry 5 looks really good as well, but both are yonks away yet
  2. He'll probably turn out to be our best midfielder this coming season, if he stays.
  3. Priceless , so glad I didn't purchase this IW crap but as much as I loved MW I won't be paying £40 for it when I can play it on PS3.
  4. You're right, his todger is still probably bigger than mine
  5. I've been looking for a thread on this as I watched yesterday's game as well! I take any joy in watching Ronald being a mardy arse but I'm sure he'll bang in his usual hattrick!
  6. The media's obsesion with Ronaldo, he's a man not a god. Yes he's a talented footballer but he's ugly and probably has a small todger.
  7. I got a nice bottled beer, off my dog
  8. This.
  9. Just for the record, I wouldn't support any far left parties no more than I'd support any far right ones. No party really offers any equality, just fairy dreams and power for the rich on the left or right divide.
  10. Agreed, very impressive what he's achieved there, be a good addition though and he may think it could raise his profile.
  11. You get an iPad case and a pin, you're a very lucky boy!!!!
  12. World champions!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wow I haven't felt this nervous watching a game for ages!!
  14. Need a second goal.