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  1. Absolutely, except with england about to be overhyped in the euros managed by an over negative manager the misery will sadly continue!
  2. Another legend who should have been taken to the stud farm long ago.
  3. Imagine if we play like that next Saturday, shudder.
  4. Yeah I’m enjoying it a lot more now, just finished off the ripper boss. Was minding my own business picking flowers once by a cave when this bastard horde came running out snarling at me, my bike was a bit away as well, about crapped myself!
  5. There used to be a black swan at Groby pool a while back, I haven’t been there for a while though due to the amount of pervs that hang around there these days!
  6. What ever it takes to stop this scum, perhaps better sentencing and education may be a start.
  7. Just checked my Twitter account, absolutely bugger all on there really which just goes to show who I chose to follow! Of cause I 100% agree with this SM boycott but sadly can’t see anything changing because of it, until the companies lose money I guess.
  8. Walking the dogs this morning in Shepshed and came across a Muntjack (forgive spelling) which I thought was quite random and surprising.
  9. Eep! Watch city tonight instead 😬
  10. Days Gone, seeing as it was on PS plus so I thought I’d give it a try, seems a bit of a grind to be honest and using a full tank of fuel to drive 2 KM, what’s that all about!
  11. I know we can play a lot better than that, but it’s great to see it coming together in the end, kept going, great goals, next.
  12. One of the best goals Ive seen in a while.
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