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  1. I can’t stand this type of TV shite, but Ian Wright is a legend so I’ll get the missus to update me on how well he does!
  2. TBF I didn’t realise Madders had a slight injury so I’m quite happy for him not to be playing, as Hammo says we need to be more concerned about him playing for Leicester.
  3. Oooo, Kane, rub rub, ooooooooooo Kaaaaaane....... Give it a rest Glen, there’s kids watching.
  4. The trouble is we always end up playing beatable teams in qualifiers then get found out against the good teams in the tournaments. Our media doesn’t help either!
  5. That’s interesting to know thank you. I didn’t realise Maguire and Vardy won so many whilst here. I also though Banks only played for Stoke
  6. Is this Chillwells 11th cap? Must make him one of our most capped England players whilst at Leicester.
  7. It’s not just us who are stumped as to why Madders doesn’t start, seems 99% of England fans think the same. Only way he’ll play regularly is if he moves to a “bigger” club. Just as well chilly has no decent competition!
  8. https://uk.ign.com/articles/2019/11/15/new-mass-effect-game-reportedly-is-very-early-in-development sooooooo, this is kind of exciting although I’d like to see what direction they’ll take it. Seems like the new Star Wars game is getting good reviews so there may be hope yet!
  9. I’m 46 and clearly grew up around a lot of plastic pool fans, I dunno maybe is was because they were winning quite a lot then, and yes I can use the word hate because it’s how I feel about these irritating people but I’ll accept it’s more what they do by “supporting” these teams then them personally!
  10. It’s difficult as I can’t see me replacing any other teams player with one of our own, maybe it’s because it’s more down to how settled our team is though. A lot of teams have better individual players but we have a team, a well balanced team and after all it’s 11 players on the pitch.
  11. League cup, FA cup and second will do me, I mean it’s a realistic expectation surely!
  12. We stay anonymous, people are saying it’ll be Chelsea now chasing Liverpool, that’s fine with me, we will keep doing what we do, keep our players and prove we aren’t just some lucky fad.
  13. Technically Birmingham should be City as they are a bigger city than Manchester! But just call them Man City and be respectful.
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