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  1. Away goals basically means we have to win so hopefully no fannying around and put this to bed straight away. We’ve put our stamp on the premier league, now we must show Europe that we are a force to be feared, patronised and dismissed at your peril.
  2. 4000th post! Just thought I’d put it out there!
  3. Good to see him getting compliments off the commentators today, I imagine the MOTD2 presenters will be trying to sell him to a “big 6” team now.
  4. This arsenal back four should all be arrested for crimes against defending.
  5. I’m thinking arsenal might do it today, within 1 minute, 20 seconds it’s hello football reality!
  6. Arsenal to win and go above Spurs, can’t see that upsetting many people! Be almost as funny as Spurs fans thinking Brendan would leave us for them.
  7. Great first half, nervy second half but another 3 points and 9 points above the greatest team that’s ever been on this mighty earth.
  8. Oh balls going defensive now, gonna be a looooooooong 20 mins.
  9. This half is making me too nervy, please reassure me oh optimistic ones!
  10. Here we chuffing go, let’s make life difficult and a nervy half, ffs.
  11. Glad I’m not playing a drinking game every time sky mention Grealish as I’d be half cut by now. Is he injured, I’m still not sure, think I need to be reminded several more times yet.
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