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  1. Sir Shep

    George Hirst

    Owlstalk has a very familiar feel to our very own site, do we own them as well?
  2. Sir Shep

    Thoughts on WC 2018 so far?

    Really struggling to see a favourite to win it, Mexico in good form but still think they’ll fade later on, Germany and argentina May fluke their way out of the group stages! Can see Ronaldo getting Portugal to the final, maybe belguim as well.
  3. Sir Shep

    Girls of 2018

    Again, less yap, more snap!
  4. Sir Shep

    What grinds my gears...

    Basically what everyone has said on this page, I’m glad I’m not alone!
  5. Sir Shep

    Girls of 2018

    Less chat more pics please.
  6. Great goal, serbia and Croatia would make a fantastic team if they merged!
  7. Imagine the £15M Leicester City “flop” challenging Ronaldo for the golden boot
  8. To be fair I’m one of the few on here who’s always wanted to give him a fair go but he just doesn’t seem to fit our current system.
  9. Glad we didn’t waste another £40 M
  10. Why doesn’t Musa play more, well it’s because we have a certain player called Vardy who likes to bang in 20 goals a season!
  11. Tom Daley would make this Argentina team.
  12. Sir Shep

    Iran v Spain Match Thread

    Good game that, impressed with the second half showing from Iran.
  13. Sir Shep

    Denmark v Australia match thread

    Up the Danes! Another clean sheet for a Kasper hopefully.
  14. Sir Shep

    Iran v Spain Match Thread

    Yeah to be fair I saw that the second time round, thankfully I’m not a ref eh!
  15. Sir Shep

    Iran v Spain Match Thread

    Looked like a legit goal to me, and I’m in the Spanish camp!