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  1. Ask Sean he’s the font of all knowledge, apparently.
  2. Well last season it was followed by The worst thing to ever have happened to our club. However moving on I’d expect a couple of changes and a low confidence performance.
  3. A great player, sublime on his day, but needs to stay on his feet and pass more. I think he’ll struggle at a bigger club.
  4. Yes we are third, and that’s brilliant, but having seen what we are capable of it’s so disappointing to see how gash we have become. We just seem so lacklustre and when we do get some omph we seem to turn into show ponies. West Ham next, can’t recall us playing well against them at home, crowd will be booing as usual, can’t see anything more than a point I’m afraid.
  5. So West Ham, Chelsea, Wolves and Man City up next, I’m trying to be optimistic but these are the better teams.
  6. Certainly need to sign a few players, just seem so stale.
  7. And there is the sucker punch,I despair.
  8. At least it’s us showing some effort to play, just hope we don’t get sucker punched by a shithouse.
  9. Just seem sapped of luck at the moment, I imagine most of us are thinking it’s one of those days!
  10. How can we concede to this shower of shite, really needed to punish these earlier, grrrr.
  11. Yes let’s do them! Pair of willy pullers
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