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  1. All the best and hope it turns out fine for you both ❤️
  2. So in a nut shell the heads of houses who have never been voted in themselves get to chose someone to lead them forward. Then the north chooses Brexit and the person originally chosen to try and help make this happen is sent away to never been seen again!
  3. I guess it’s the ending I didn’t expect because everyone got what they wanted in a way! Still it’s over now, no point in being a sad twat and having a mardy because the dragon flew off.
  4. Just sums him up perfectly, complete and utter bell end.
  5. Gutted for Watford, I hope they pull one back at least.
  6. Wait what, Man City are the best, thought that was Liverpool! Oh the fickle media.
  7. Well at least you got to see a lot of goals! Who are you near, Watford or Man City fans? How was Mahrez received?
  8. That Gabriel Jesus, he’s well crap ain’t he
  9. Chuff off with your boys of 69, bunch of tossers!
  10. Oh dear, think it could be a spanking now.
  11. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/game-thrones-fans-could-compensated-2870948 There you go, get in there quick though!
  12. And ones I know are, plus looking on their forums moaning about Wembley ticket allocations before they got there . Still granted I know is only a small minority but feck em, much prefer Derby.
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