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  1. Player given genuine trust and minutes by his manager rather than 2 minute cameos and the odd cup game delivers good performances. Shock! Jokes aside I’m a big fan of Iheanacho and really pleases to see him do well. It’s so hard to make an impact when you can’t put a string of games together so I’m glad he’s been given a chance (probably down to injuries) and he’s taking advantage.
  2. Interesting opinion. Do you mind me asking are you much of a drinker on the weekend? And do you go alone or in groups to games? I feel like that is a factor. Going to the game with a group of lads, I find that drinking goes hand-in-hand with the sport, very much a British thing I think. Probably not very healthy but that’s how we are as a nation
  3. Agreed. I don’t care what anyone says Iheanacho scores goals
  4. Im Probably overanalysing it but I think you may be giving Rodgers man-management a disservice. I’ve noticed he waxes lyrical about some lads and is very quiet in his interviews about others. The more experienced lads he’s incredibly vocal about and the younger/fringe lads he tends to play down. Im wondering if it’s a deliberate tactic to keep some boys’ feet firmly on the ground. Just a thought
  5. Really poor, really worrying. Season going down the pan again? I hope not.
  6. Worryingly going game after game after game creating absolutely zero chances
  7. If you’re not going to do something properly don’t do it at all. Your sloppiness ruined my afternoon
  8. Shame Cort was so bad here because he’d been pretty handy in his younger days. Had a decent goal scoring record
  9. Quite a few Pompey boys ended up leaving and not even getting paid their dues because it was such a mess at the time and horrendous having to chase it up.
  10. He worked with a quite few European agents did Milan. Not a bad guy just took advice from all the wrong people. In response to the original question, the main issue was that the players hated Allen and not because of Allen/Milan relationship.
  11. I used to hate her when she was desperate to get involved in the clubs success. Supposedly a Leicester fan, give it a rest Sam you clown I didn’t see you at Hereford or Hartlepool away in League one
  12. The most iconic moment involving Leicester and music was when Sam Bailey sang we are the champions at the Doncaster home game in which we were presented the championship trophy. A beautiful songbird of our generation, it was a true honour to witness such a huge, loyal, ever-present Leicester fan like Sam sing the way she did. A truly remarkable talent + wonderful lady, I really am her biggest fan.
  13. Allen used a ‘fancy’ agent to bring players in throughout his managerial career, used him at Leicester and we signed a load of shite on good money, causing fractures between them. Eventually got sacked because a group of senior players, Fryatt highly involved, went to Milan and said you need to give Allen the boot and he duly obliged. Not sure if that 100% answers your question, sorry if it doesn’t.
  14. I didn’t say they were on more than the big earners, just that some were overpaid. Like you said, part of Levein’s downfall was the size of the task he took on. Getting rid of serious players on huge wages and bringing in cheaper alternatives did help rebalance the books but we obviously lost a lot of quality. Couple of the Scottish boys got good contracts/better than what they should have been given and that happened a lot under Milan Martin especially with Martin Allen and the agent the club used. I agree with what you’re saying though, Levein had a tough, tough ask and didn’t do too badly,
  15. He did. Cut the big earners and slashed the wage bill massively but some of that cash was returned to him in the wage budget which meant that some of his signings were paid a lot more than they should have been.
  16. Huge football fan with a finance brain that didn’t have a clue about footballing decisions. For such a successful guy in his business career he was swayed multiple times on big decisions during his tenure here, maybe because of his lack knowledge of the game. Got led astray by individuals that took advantage of him at Leicester, but overall a good guy. Got lucky in who he sold the club to though, if we’d had some crap new owners Milan would be viewed as even worse than he is. Having said that, he did take over during an incredibly messy time so maybe deserves some credit. Didn’t half make
  17. I’d personally go Schmeichel Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Thomas Tielemans Ndidi Ricardo Iheanacho Albrighton Vardy
  18. Me all day today and tomorrow: I’m not watching this shit again I’m not wasting 90 minutes of my life just to lose against Brighton me at 7pm tomorrow: ok maybe I’ll just check the lineup me at 8pm tomorrow on the Brighton match day thread: come on then boys easy win incoming should be a cracking game can’t wait to watch it
  19. He’d be a very good third option. Not sure about edouard, would he be able to come in and effectively take over the mantle?
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