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  1. Played centre half today at Reading with Michael Morrison. Chuck them 60mil for the pair of them please Brendan
  2. Well it wouldn’t be totally unreasonable to think that the owner and chief executive of the club discussed something that we were required to vote on now would it
  3. I know each to their own and we don’t have to follow the clubs every beck and call but I find it very disappointing that Top (rightly so IMO) says a staunch no against PPV and some of our fans go out there and pay for it anyway. Im glad the vast majority of football fans see sense and support the clubs decision.
  4. He’s decent so according to FT he can’t be a Congerton signing. Must have been scouted by Nige and Walsh when they were first here in 2008. No way that our man Congers picked him out.
  5. Well Gray is from down the road, was part of the title winning squad and still gets absolute dogs abuse. So I wouldn’t look down that route too much.
  6. It’s not about creating a political statement it’s about the black community receiving the same basic rights that the rest of us do. Hope this helps.
  7. Me too. Thought his was fairly funny. It’s pretty obvious that era of football was all about football + ‘banter’ + drinking etc, and everything that came with it. If you don’t like that type of chat then this podcast definitely isn’t for you.
  8. Effortlessly glides past players. Great to watch
  9. Riyad whats the score riyad Riyad what’s the score
  10. Have to say I never thought he’d play for the club again. Maybe the injuries within the squad have aided his cause but he’s done well so far.
  11. If you’re ever in Bristol then King Street is brilliant for pubs. My fav is the beer emporium. Great little boozer and very characteristic
  12. This is awful . Seem quite content to get beat 1-0
  13. Id probably agree and say this is most likely but you could make 3-4 genuine formations/ systems out of those players, mainly due to Amartey/Albrighton versatility.
  14. People will only realise how good he is when he leaves/retires and the club is tasked with trying to replace him.
  15. Just a pure goalscorer isn’t he. Got that great knack that is so hard to find.
  16. Apologies I genuinely like Justin and he shows really good signs of quality fairly frequently.
  17. Rubbish. Pretty sure the majority of Leicester fans can see he’s a young kid developing his game and has lots of strengths. But he was poor last night and we’re here on an online forum to discuss all things Leicester city. So, it’s hardly a surprise that his performance will get highlighted.
  18. you’ve proper got your blue tinted specs on tonight mate. Justin was terrible defensively tonight, Burnley are a big horrible side and that’s part of football. Castagne dealt with their physical presence well, Justin didn’t. They’re tough to play against though, many prem defenders will be struggle against Wood and co this year.
  19. Ref was terrible? Must’ve been watching a different game. Their first goal aside, which frankly we’d be absolutely fuming if we’d scored and been disallowed, what else was so terrible? VAR should’ve picked up on the handball also, and it was never a foul on Justin. Weak defending
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