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  1. It’s also his man management style. Speaks incredibly highly and constructively of all his staff.
  2. Absolutely. Very common for even the top top clubs to sell young players to each other. Can’t think of too many that clubs have massively gone on to regret. We’ve signed academy players from Arsenal and Man City in recent years who have turned out to be absolute muck. The chances of this lad being any good is slim so I’m not going to lose any sleep over him.
  3. Good. Look at the difference in the table from when we had Puel as manager. And games against Man city and Liverpool won’t define our season. Games like Sunday will. 3 points incoming.
  4. One thing I don’t think we as a club can be accused of is standing still. Our infrastructure is brilliant and if they don’t bring in anyone in January I’ll trust that it’s because the right players/deals weren’t available to the club.
  5. We’re second in the league we don’t need to go all defensive away at Burnley to try and soften their blow. We need to get at these early and score the first goal. Also you’ve said you want experience but picked Benkovic the man with zero premier league minutes behind him.
  6. Anything said about whether this injury massively reduce our chances of signing Rugani now too as well as this fella?
  7. Yeah that’s how I came across it, #scarfgate was trending. Hadn’t seen it on any lcfc based media and still haven’t.
  8. I think some of you need a little boost after Saturday’s showing. Andy King’s goal v Man City is today’s Premiership Goal of the Day. Enjoy.
  9. He helped win us the league I just can’t look at him with the same bitterness that you do. Was hardly a flamboyant celebration against us last month too.
  10. Mahrez is one of the best players in the premier league for me, doesn’t quite get enough recognition especially from Man City fans. He just oozes pure class and heavily chips in with goals/assists. Just utter quality.
  11. Comments like this are ridiculous and really sum up the personal nature that the criticism has taken. I bet you don’t mind him doing it after we win? Hardly like that’s affecting his performance or commitment to the club.
  12. Bit odd seeing as I have seen very little talk of it from Leicester fans or Leicester based media but if you go on the Aston Villa ‘socials’ it’s all the rage!
  13. Villa fans having a right giggle on twitter about not letting our owners pop scarves out in the away end for our fans. #scarfgate getting a lot of attention. Read through it trying to find the funny side of it and it’s all a bit cringey. Who gives a ****
  14. Im convinced it’s new-ish fans that haven’t seen us at our lowest of lows. If we ever get relegated back to the championship all these plastic idiots who don’t deserve the success our owners have provided would drop off.
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