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  1. Think we’ve missed the boat on this one. Werent we linked with this fella 4/5 seasons ago?
  2. Completely agree. Was absolutely fantastic here and if you’re a Leicester fan that enjoys slagging him off I can’t even see how you’re a Leicester fan. Telling a fan to **** off and die and calling a reporter an ostrich is iconic anyway That fan definitely deserved it, if Pearson didn’t tell him where to go I would have thought plenty of other fans sitting round him would have
  3. Where have I berated Gray? Just saying I’d much rather have Riyad as pretty much every other Leicester fan would
  4. Not just a cult hero but a cult legend. This is best for all parties involved but wow, what a few years we've had out of Shinji. Can't remember there being a bit-part player (in the past year or so) that remains so hugely popular. Can't help but not love shinji!
  5. TJB-fox


    I’ve watched an awful lot of Celtic, both domestically and in Europe. Chilwell is miles better and until Tierney moves to a better league and proves himself, it’s tricky to compare the two.
  6. TJB-fox


    Chilwell is different gravy to Tierney.
  7. That’s fair enough mate, think you’re right in saying we know what he’s capable of so can expect far more of him. Plus, we have a decent set of centre backs now. But, he’s head and shoulders above Soyuncu, Morgan and most likely Benkovic and would be a real loss were he to leave. A lot of throwaway comments on here acting as if he wouldn’t be missed at all
  8. Disagree. Maguire travelled with the ball and played some fairly decent balls forward into the midfield. Plus didn’t get done at the near post for the goal like Morgan did
  9. Why is Maguire getting so much stick on this forum lately? He’s our best centre back and was our best player tonight. Yes we should probably cash in if we get offered silly money but I think that’s distracting away from what a good player he is. Becoming a bit of a scapegoat really isn’t he.
  10. Only through our mistakes though, they look absolutely dogshit in all honesty. We’ve been well off it first half, hoping we can step it up a gear next half. If we do we can comfortably beat these. But currently, Rafa has given our slick midfield absolutely no space or chances to play in their half
  11. How have you taken that conclusion from the opening 45? What would Evans have done that Maguire hasn’t? Would Evans somehow have acrobatically cleared the Perez header off the line?
  12. Newcastle look so so difficult to break down. Conceding first is a right bummer
  13. For the first time in years, our weakest part of the side is our attacking wide players! Gray and Barnes offering very very little
  14. Would say Maguire is our best centre half in my opinion, extremely influential on and off the ball. Not the best ‘defender’ though, Evans gets that title. However Evans needs to be managed correctly, because let’s be fair he’s pretty injury prone. Played twice (?) for NI in the international break so probably due a little rest. Confident in Morgan dealing with Rondon tonight, usually relishes these physical tussles with burly centre forwards.
  15. Thanks for the post hopefully our multi million pound scouting team might see it and go there...I’m sure they’ve got it covered mate. Even if we don’t have scouts there we’ll have indirect delegates all over the world.
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