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  1. Same. Some of the comments in this thread. Have a day off. Different gravy to anything we’ve got, makes Maddison look championship level.
  2. ‘I don’t like speculating about Maddison’ but I have done anyway. He hasn’t even been mentioned or linked with this story at all. Pair of you need to stop talking absolute nonsense.
  3. I think he’d get offended if I laughed at his dancing. He takes himself extremely seriously!
  4. Mine has got to be the worst. Cleaning the house with Alan Pardew. Hopefully he brings his assistant Chrissy Powell with him.
  5. I think apart from Everton he'd get into every bottom half premier league side.
  6. First goal is massive. Just hope we can grab a lucky deflection or penalty, anything to give our lads a boost. The boys have been shite lately but we’ve got a young squad and the pressure must really be mounting. Come on city.
  7. Is this now in the category of ‘must win’ for both sides? I think so.
  8. Proving to be one of the best strikers in Europe? What on Earth are you talking about
  9. Really? He looks too scared to look up and play a 5 yard pass let alone shoot/dribble.
  10. Ah classic football fan logic. A player always becomes seemingly better when away from the club and perhaps when your first XI are struggling. Lets be fair Slimani is about as much use here as Roman Bednar was. Not a bad centre forward but was totally wrong for the club back then and even more so now under Rodgers. To put it simply, fvck bringing Slimani back.
  11. What about the pass in the Brentford game
  12. Can’t be that shocked you do read a lot of rubbish on here. It is amazing though how theres been poor form from Maddison/Tielemans and suddenly Praet is our saviour. Hes is a very good tidy player who offers consistency but will never have the individual talent that the other two have. However, at least he’s actually putting in some decent performances, Tielemans and Maddison especially need to pull their finger out.
  13. I’ve just said he’s a solid 7/10 most weeks. I’m saying that he’s not phenomenal or a game changer like some have alluded to.
  14. He’s a good little player, a solid 7/10 most weeks but is he really ‘phenomenal’? Not sure about that.
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