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  1. But..but..but... I thought everyone wanted Lee Congerton out?
  2. Potentially 140million for Maguire and Wan-Bissaka really sums up the crazy nature of today’s market. Glad we’re keeping a strong stance on this though, we don’t need to sell and players want to play for this club.
  3. Cleonte is entered but probably 50/50 on whether he’ll actually run.
  4. THATS what he can do. Get on son
  5. I probably meant his style of play differs rather than his actual contribution/overall performance. For example, he goes missing a lot for us, but for the 21’s attempts far more shots/ take ons. Obviously there are factors within that argument that will determine his style of play eg in the prem he’ll have less opportunities for shots on goal due to the better level of defending, to me he’s far more reserved at Leicester and that screams a lack of confidence potentially. Just a thought!
  6. Looks a completely different player for England, really direct and is a major threat going forward. Playing for us he’s far less involved higher up the pitch, attempts less take ons and is just genuinely less of a threat. For us he’s probably afraid of getting dogs abuse from our idiotic fan base so might keep things more safe.
  7. If you don’t know both lads true ability and character personally then this comment is really irrelevant.
  8. Disappointing after all the build up and hype around our squad and especially the hype around our lads, who didn’t turn up at all tonight. Onto the next. On a slightly unrelated note, I saw that Benkovic and Pascanu both played 90 mins at centre back in the groups other game but didn’t manage to watch it. Finished Romania 4-1 Croatia. Anyone manage to catch the game? How did our young centre halves do?
  9. Out of interest, are you of the opinion that our players stitched up Ranieri the season he was sacked?
  10. Don’t want any Utd reject in a cash plus player swap deal, unless the fee is £70+million, accepting £50mil plus Pereira for example would be selling ourselves short. In all honesty I’d be gutted if he left, I just want Maguire and Tielemans to confirm that they’re here next year.
  11. Birmingham must’ve loved doing business with us back then, didn’t we take Stephen Clemence Bruno Ngotty and Dj Campbell off their hands all in the same window? Mugged us right off there. The original Sporting Lisbon
  12. Tried to think of examples, most examples show the signings to be poor. Ricardo was a positive one in recent years though and Schmeichel also.
  13. Wow, forgot about Kebe. You have no idea how much I wanted a midfield of Dyer Liam trotter Wellens Kebe playing behind a strike force of Maynard and Mackail-Smith Seem to remember being heavily Linked with all of them during Svens time here. A big transfer memory for me is seeing Sky Sports (when they were a decent football news source) reporting that we’d signed Dj Campbell and thinking we’d signed an absolutely worldie. How wrong I was.
  14. That was when he was 18, plus had ankle ligament issues, so you can’t really take much from that year I think.
  15. Him and their other right back, Jack Stacey I think his name are two of Luton’s better players. Justin was Luton’s first team right back, but their second choice was incredibly similar in terms of ability, so they moved Justin to left back where he is equally strong to accommodate both players. Personally think this is a good signing, I’m loving this young exciting squad we’re building. The potential is endless. To have Barnes, Chilwell, Maddison, Benkovic, Justin etc puts us in such a strong position going forward. A few months into the season we might even be forgetting about the potential 12million fee if he’s as good as Luton say he is. Loving our structure and transfer policy as of late.
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