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  1. Agreed. We’ve played incredibly poorly for whatever reason, one of our worst games of the season. Norwich were great, like you said turn it on against the bigger clubs- best performance of their season Farke said... ...and we still could’ve won it fairly comfortably. They had their chances but so did we. I’m not overly worried about this performance, a point in the premiership when you’re at your worst and your opposition is at their very best could be a lot worse. We’d have lost that game under Puel or Shakespeare. With Chelsea losing at home too it’s not the end of the world. Hope Arsenal and Everton are at the races tomorrow.
  2. Trouble is it’s most likely the same fans offering their ‘piss poor support’ that are booing their team on an 8 game win streak. Probably the only noise they made the entire game aside from the goal, and that’s the sad truth.
  3. So am I. Isn’t that what we tried to do today and last week with the diamond? Extra striker and central midfielder in place of the two wingers? Clearly didn’t work!
  4. Our shape was all wrong to start with today, didn’t suit playing at home to norwich, rightly made the switch. After that, we had the shape to break them down but our wingers had a bad day at the office. There was always going to be a game like this so let’s not get so hasty. Also, Sterling Neymar and Mbappe (less so) all play on the wing but often come inside like inverted forwards, perhaps similarly to the way Brendan likes us to play so not really sure what you actually want. Do you want want to play with wingers or not?
  5. Sorry but since when are wingers not a goal threat? I agree we may need to dip into the January transfer market to bring in a top attacker. But I want a winger, not another ‘world class’ 9.
  6. Bang on. Our fans are a joke at times. Used to find it annoying now I just find it embarrassing.
  7. In a thread labelled ‘media trying to sell our players’ I found it to be relevant. Sky Sports do talk some rubbish sometimes but they do have some good pundits too, some excellent coverage is posted on there frequently.
  8. Bit pessimistic. You could also look at it from the view that we have THREE academy graduates firmly in the first team squad, two of which have started most games this season and Hamza is hardly out in the cold. Josh Knight getting rave reviews before his injury at the Posh and I’m sure Regba/Thomas/Hirst to name a few will be sold for decent fees should we decide to sell them.
  9. Just watched that danny Murphy interview on sky sports debate talking about Maddison etc. A clear lack of research and the same old cliches being used. Disappointing but not surprising.
  10. This point was slightly better made but you’re still talking nonsense How can you say that Perez doesn’t warrant a place in the matchday squad at all. I assume you haven’t watched us this year. He hasnt been a world beater but come on.
  11. Give him a go at home to Wigan IF fully fit but not the Everton game.
  12. I think he needs to move on for the good of his career
  13. What a load of nonsense. Not even on the bench?
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