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  1. We never really have in recent years let’s be fair. I wouldn’t be too concerned, it’s only a tiny part of the attack, as long as we can defend them.
  2. Albrighton to start and have a huge impact this season. Really liked the look of him this pre season and seems to have taken on board that Brendan demands a reliable goal threat with figures to boot from his wingers. Really think we’ll see a rejuvenated and impressive Albrighton this season.
  3. We never truly did replace the Lord Lloyd Dyer and his pace/one footed style/‘slightly’ unreliable end product. Schlupp tried but didn’t have skinny enough legs. Get Sarr in, he can fill that role!
  4. I get your point but Falcao is a terrible example.
  5. Think this is a very fair post. I like Amartey, but I’m seeing various posts saying he has a lot of potential. In all honesty, has he actually demonstrated that he has a lot of potential? He’s nearly 25, so I don’t really class him as a youngster anymore and apart from 5-6 half decent games he hasn’t shown much here unfortunately. Like other posters have said, I can’t see him ever starting regularly here and if he does then that won’t represent progress in our starting XI from what it currently has. Loan for a season could be a better idea to see how he gets on but if we could get anywhere between 5-10mil for him I’d probably snatch their hand off.
  6. Didn’t know that to be fair, massive factor. I’ve seen a lot of comments from (seemingly) reasonable Bournemouth fans saying Fraser would go for 25-30 and Ake would cost 50-60. Crazy.
  7. They’d want / expect 80-100m plus Gray I would’ve thought for them two!
  8. I don’t really think you understand his agenda if you’re including him with MG or anyone from Arsenal Tv. He’s a windup merchant that started off taking the piss on a small scale but people bite on it so hard that it’s grown massively. Arsenal Fan Tv and MG are genuine idiots trying to make a profit from their own club trying to do something they passionately believe in.
  9. The link to the source not the link between Soyuncu and Fenerbache
  10. ‘Sky sources’ so basically made up bollocks then?
  11. Not quite sure why people get so riled up by him or even talk about him so much. He started off as a complete wind up and he is quite funny in my opinion. People clearly buy into his bollocks and that’s exactly what he wants. Makes me chuckle. He knows he’s not an ITK he’s a wind up merchant. People get so annoyed about him
  12. Oh come off it, you sound like an Arsenal fan. He’s whole-hearted and aggressive but he’s not malicious. Watched the entire match on Tuesday and he was hardly ‘disgraceful’. I agree that he needs to stay on his feet more because the top midfielders won’t dive in, or put themselves in a position to dive in but if Brendan went in and said right Hamza you need to lose some aggression you’d limit half his game.
  13. I’m actually glad he’s not called Hume, there’s only one Hume! If he signs get used to him being called Hume however, ‘Chris Woods’ still annoys me to this day
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