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  1. Effortlessly glides past players. Great to watch
  2. Please keep him at centre back. For me off the ball he’s always been sound but on the ball is where I have my doubts. Keeping him centre half negates those issues. His body positioning is so much better when receiving the ball when central. When he gets the ball out on the right wing it’s so unnatural and panicky. Have to say i’m not his biggest fan but enjoyed watching him today and he really grew into the game as it went on. Guess he’s a proper confidence player isn’t he, today would’ve felt good. Fair play.
  3. Riyad whats the score riyad Riyad what’s the score
  4. Have to say I never thought he’d play for the club again. Maybe the injuries within the squad have aided his cause but he’s done well so far.
  5. If you’re ever in Bristol then King Street is brilliant for pubs. My fav is the beer emporium. Great little boozer and very characteristic
  6. I get that people don’t want to pay 50 odd million or whatever, and completely agree. But transfer fee aside I’m surprised at so many turning their noses up at him. Think he’s a decent player personally.
  7. Id probably agree and say this is most likely but you could make 3-4 genuine formations/ systems out of those players, mainly due to Amartey/Albrighton versatility.
  8. People will only realise how good he is when he leaves/retires and the club is tasked with trying to replace him.
  9. You wanna get out a bit more mate
  10. He’s extremely average let’s be truly honest. Never seen a more unnatural looking footballer. Bet he’s buzzing when he’s in midfield and Wes boots it above his head to the strikers so he doesn’t have to have a touch of the ball. Absolutely shites himself every time the ball gets played into feet. Off the ball not too bad. Players like Wilf and Tielemans are on another planet to him.
  11. There was me thinking this was Daniel Amartey thread. Also I’m glad you know Slimani so well personally, as well as the recruitment process the club undertakes when selecting potential players. If you could explain it all to us that’d be great
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