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  1. Lets be truly truly honest, Vards hasn’t been his usual self for a short while now. Hesitant to shoot, less aggression. The little breaks haven’t been going his way and that’s not a coincidence. Needs this issue sorting.
  2. Start Kelechi, Perez isn’t a natural centre forward. This whole Iheanacho witch hunt is totally wrong, if he scored that pen v Palace you fickle bunch would be clamouring for him to start on Sunday. I can understand people not wanting him as long-term replacement for Vardy, I don’t either, but he’s perfectly capable of doing a job for a few weeks whilst Vardy is out. Hope he proves you all wrong.
  3. Well he does want 300k a week doesn’t he, because that’s his contract and what he’s entitled to. Unless Inter pay 65-70% minimum of his wages this won’t happen. Simple as that.
  4. Started off as a banter account but clearly gets information of some sort. That’s why
  5. Tweeted saying the deals off?
  6. Its pretty obvious we’re not going to pay 300k a week wages for him to come here so why are you all getting your knickers in a twist? Percy clearly said the wages are a stumbling block, we aren’t going to pay him 300k a week to come and be a potential squad player til the end of the season. If he comes, it’ll be on discounted wages and therefore be a quality signing. Calm down
  7. When you look at their revenue and operating cash, they really are. Not so much on the pitch
  8. Why would you not say about cost being your main denominator in your original post then?
  9. Slates Christian Eriksen for not winning anything then proceeds to suggest signing max meyer, just released from a hefty contract at palace after barely playing. Lol
  10. Wouldn’t fit our buying profile, which is good because we wouldn’t buy him would we
  11. Not a lot. Says he wants to leave for footballing reasons not financial reasons. Had Clearly come to a bit of a standstill at spurs, especially with poch leaving. Wanted a new challenge in Inter. Doesn’t come across as a cock
  12. Please Don’t ever include Lloyd Dyer in the same bracket as Jack Hobbs and Kisnorbo ****ing brilliant here he was
  13. But you’ll share it on a forum online for potentially hundreds to read and pay for. This could be a quality signing on a short term loan. No way we’d go in and pay big money for a big permanent deal. Probably be til the summer to cover Praet
  14. Disagree. A lot of our fans are genuinely delusional and think that just because our team may be better on the pitch than some bigger clubs are currently, we’re now magically more marketable and bigger than said big clubs. Also seem to think that tabloids and media shouldn’t allow other clubs to be linked to our players. I understand the whole Sky selling our players for us escapade but now every time a player of ours is linked with a club our fans cryyyyyy. The reaction on here after we played Sheffield utd on super Sunday and sky swiftly moved on after our game finished around 4.00-4.15
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