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  1. TJB-fox

    The ones that got away

    Wow I’d genuinely forgotten about him until then. I would’ve loved him here, funny how his career just died away.
  2. TJB-fox


    Bang on, a lot of our fans are absolute morons and some of the most fickle idiots I’ve ever come across in football.
  3. TJB-fox

    Brighton and that Jahanbakhsh fella

    Been away on Asian Cup duties...
  4. TJB-fox

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    I like Benny not sure how anyone could hate him, quite a funny bloke
  5. When a post about Tottenham turns into another Puel bash
  6. TJB-fox

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    In fairness to the centre halves this year they’ve all looked fairly sturdy, bar a few Morgan mistakes, a stupidly high line at Wolves and Soyuncu at Fulham. I’d probably be keen to put Evans and Maguire in, surely Morgan can’t start again for us any time soon...!
  7. TJB-fox

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    I would suggest Evans would be in our best possible starting XI
  8. TJB-fox

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Nothing to do with pace (well it is if we want to keep playing a ridiculously high line.) If the centre backs had dropped 10 yards deeper with one of the central midfielders, mendy for example, filling the space left in front of them- Wes would’ve just stood and headed the ball away rather than being spun by Jota. Probably easier said than done, especially with such attacking fullbacks and a midfield as thick as ours, but it was horrendous to watch. We got let off twice with exactly the same Sunday league ball right over Wes’ head, we refused to alter our shape and probably deserved it. Easy to say oh if Wes was faster it would’ve been a different story but it’s not very often that you see stupidly high lines go unpunished, no matter who’s in centre half. Only other time we’ve been really done like that this year in similar fashion is the Bournemouth game, rest of the time we’ve been fairly solid defensively. Having watched the wolves game though I think it’s fair for city fans to question the game management of both the players and the manager though, you could see their last goal coming a mile off.
  9. TJB-fox

    Leonardo Jardim

  10. TJB-fox

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Not weighing in on the in/out debate and I dont care what anyone says, but the players HUGELY let Puel down today. Shocking at the back. Morgan caught out by Sunday league long balls time and time again. Feel sorry for Puel think today might be it for him.
  11. TJB-fox

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Even if we win this game 3-2 Puel’s sacking is just so inevitable sooner or later, whether you agree with the decision or not.
  12. TJB-fox

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    Aren’t we 7th in the premier league? Or have I made that up
  13. Do some of you even realise what underwhelming means?
  14. Also, just read that Liverpool after Lloyd Kelly for 22mil. Hope it’s true so they stay away from Chilwell. If he were to leave though I’d say Man City is probably the most suitable fit.
  15. In fairness I wouldn’t be worried about Liverpool nicking ours, Robertson and TAA are top draw. Robertson was absolutely immense last night, what a past 2 years he’s had. On the right side, depends if they move Trent into midfield like many are suggesting! City on the other hand...