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  1. Vichai, Vardy, Morgan and then a toss up between The Birch/Claudio.
  2. That B team is horrendous, would certainly be relegated.
  3. Mare against Sheffield Utd? Think that’s a bit harsh!
  4. I’ve known it for a while but the time that I really realised the full extent to our fickle fan base was at the Brighton home game after we’d won the championship title or promotion I can’t quite remember. The players had obviously been out on the piss after this barnstorming season and we got spanked 4-1 (?) at home by a decent Brighton team, seem to remember Ulloa and Lingard scoring for them. Had (SEVERAL) muppets around me booing, leaving after 65 mins, shouting abuse just a few days after we’d got promotion.
  5. doesn’t really bother me only because I came to the realisation that our fan base is incredibly poor a long time ago. No point getting wound up by such actions.
  6. I genuinely don’t think we’ll ever have a player that will display the same improvement, quality and desire that he has shown whilst here. For me, our best ever player. Unreal servant to our club.
  7. Also, Ulloa scored twice on the same day in the same division as Vallecano drew 2-2.
  8. Presumably because a) either he hasn’t seen that technique before or b) he didn’t know Paul Gallagher used that certain penalty taking method..
  9. Arsenal away. Bit of a weird comparison though mate, absolutely zero similarity in circumstance.
  10. Actually off to Cologne on Wednesday for four days as a bit of a ‘lads trip away’ any recommendations or suggestions much appreciated.
  11. I actually think he fits in perfectly to what Brendan wants, he just hasn’t had the performances to back this up. Brendan wants a deep midfield line, then a fluid 3 behind Vardy. I think Perez suits this fluid 3 perfectly but just hasn’t played that well. He’s a good player and hopefully he’ll come good. We just need clarity on the way we want to play because at the moment it’s not quite working. Little tweaks need to be made here and there but don’t think we’re far off. Lot for BR to think about!
  12. Didn’t watch the entire game so only going off what I’ve read/seen. For me personally, as long as I’ve been following Leicester we’ve always been a much better side when we set up to attack the opposition and really have a pop. That may result in a win, loss or draw but the performance is normally better when we try and play on the front foot on and off the ball. As soon as I saw Hamza, Wilf and Youri playing together yesterday I was disappointed. Would’ve loved us to go there with an attacking 4231 style formation with Maddison in the 10 and only one of Ndidi or Choudury with Tielemans in the holding positions. Seemed needlessly defensive and lethargic right from the off. Although he didn’t play well (supposedly) I’m glad Gray got a start. Important that players know that training well and working hard will see rewards. We’re beginning to get a reputation for trusting young players if they have the graft and talent so I had no issue with him starting. 1 game doesn’t reflect a whole season. Disappointing but we go again.
  13. So glad he didn’t come back, not sure it would’ve worked out under Sven. Shame he had been the butt of many jokes towards the end of his career, which slightly detracted away from what a good striker he actually was.
  14. Absolutely buzzing for this one, just hope we’re not all getting ahead of ourselves. I know people do rate us, but I want us to go and lay out a marker and show the league just how good our squad really is. Come on city
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