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  1. If you think all the blame lies with Rodgers and his half time substitution then I have no idea what the players have done recently to earn that type of loyalty. Completely indefensible performance. So gutted.
  2. never a pen. Need to get our foot on the ball and get control of this game now though.
  3. Is there anybody on here really shouting from the rooftops that he should be starting for us as a top four side though? Surely not. I think people are just pleased to see him on the bench, he’s immensely popular. Also the whole Drinkwater comparison is just guesswork from fans. I think people are saying he could’ve been better or was more naturally talented than Drinkwater but was stunted by injuries, there’s no way he was better here than Drinkwater.
  4. Lee Johnson is an absolute liberty. Benkovic getting good reviews in the past couple of games where he’s played. There’s a player in there for sure, just needs a run of games and to stay fit.
  5. Well I expect them not to give up and roll over like they have done when they should be scrapping to stay in the premier league
  6. Oh **** off. We play terribly and get what we deserve, Utd and Chelsea play terribly and are 2-0 up at half time. Sickening
  7. Villa playing alright here. So with our luck, full time will be 4-0 Utd
  8. Let’s give him credit where credit is due. Came off the bench and played well. Got the assist. That’s all there is to say tonight. Onto the next
  9. Apart from Iheanacho who obviously started tonight he’s the only player I look at on our bench who could come on and impact the game offensively when we’re losing/drawing. Although that probably says more about our options rather than his ability
  10. Just offer absolutely nothing in defence, midfield or attack. Thank god for KS otherwise we’d be ****ed every game.
  11. 5 at the back, 3 in that central midfield area. Yet somehow we’re getting completely overrun in midfield and Arsenal can get in behind our defence whenever they want. Yawn
  12. Are you saying that based on your personal deliberations or because of his individual profile and reputation?
  13. Gone back to being shite I see then. Brilliant
  14. Their last two games are Liverpool and Wolves hopefully they drop points there. Big game for us tonight. If we lose i can't see us making top 4. Mentally could be crushing after Chelsea pick up that spawny win
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