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  1. And I would 100% support any decision made by Top. In recent years they have very rarely got things wrong, especially particularly delicate matters.
  2. Wait Til deano the legend pops down there and gets hold of Mendy’s little doll. Going to be an extremely fluffy bloodbath
  3. Really? He’s absolutely terrible with the ball at his feet. Even big Wes is better at passing
  4. The left of a 433 is practically left wing come on lad, bare in mind Pearson tried him there a few times first year in the prem and he was hopeless, snd that was when he actually had legs.
  5. I can’t disagree with what you’ve said there to be fair pal. I’m not blaming BR for Sunday though I think these lads have got more than enough about them to stop WH running through us like they did. Can’t blame Brendan for the defending for the goals. Absolutely horrendous. My personal disappointment came about because all the years I’ve been watching us, If were cautious or passive were shite. For Leicester city (in recent years) to do well we have to be aggressive and attacking, so for us to turn up and be ponderous and relaxed was so disappointing. Found ourselves 3 down without r
  6. I’ve seen this volpeazzuro pipe up every time we get beat saying we should’ve done this and should’ve done that. Yet never seen him say anything before the game that is tactically useful or comes to fruition. I think majority of fans aren’t the biggest supporters of the 352 system but it’s clearly being used to get all our best players on the pitch. Plus, we have **** all wide options. Coming on here after games we’ve lost saying 352 is shit doesn’t make anyone look particularly tactically aware I’ll be honest.
  7. Come off it you lot. Pure hindsight. Before the game did you genuinely think we should bin off the 352 formation that’s helped us get to 3rd in the league and an fa cup semi final in favour of playing Vardy effectively left wing. The formation wasn’t the issue on Sunday
  8. Some fans will be pleased this has happened so it gives them a reason to behave in their weird and vile manner
  9. A lot of fans will never drop this incident and will use it as a stick to beat the lads involved with any time they’re unhappy with them. Our fan base, like all fanbases, can be incredibly toxic at times. People will love the fact they’ve got an excuse to abuse the players with
  10. Yep agreed but to see many fans sitting here saying they should be sacked and they’re terrible human beings - ffs give it a rest. Young lads go to a gathering whoopdy doo
  11. What they did was wrong but **** me some moral high ground being taken in here. I’ll be honest I don’t give a monkeys what they did because I don’t think it’s even that bad, only reason it’s frustrated me is because of the impact it’s had on the team.
  12. Both parts of this statement are not true at all. Evans was the defender in the prem recently that went the most games in the league without making a mistake that led to a goal. And he was sold in a reshuffle partly due to age but also just because LVG wanted to change United style of play.
  13. A very good 24 year old international..but one that is partial to an absolute head loss at times
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