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  1. TJB-fox

    Danny Amartey

    Jeff Schlupp?
  2. TJB-fox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    IF he’s given a fair crack of the whip at city (big, big If) then he could become one of the worlds best wingers. Top 5
  3. TJB-fox

    Thank you Michael Appleton

    Will get the baggies job when Darren Moore is inevitably sacked by christmas
  4. TJB-fox

    Iborra back to Sevilla

    Roque Mesa is a winger isn’t he? Doubt that would have any effect on their interest in Iborra unless were asking for a figure way higher than Sevilla are willing to pay- which is quite likely I guess
  5. TJB-fox

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    2nd or 3rd division. Wow. Give it up you plonker
  6. TJB-fox

    Jack Grealish

    So many ‘yer Da’ comments on here about Grealish. Fancy hair do, slightly odd shinpads and a couple of videos of him doing balloons and he’s suddenly being compared to Dennis Wise
  7. TJB-fox

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Cheap left footed centre back who’s been excellent the past few seasons and ticks a lot of boxes- why am I feeling slightly disappointed with this one?
  8. Our boys aren’t as bad, but I’m sure some Man City fans would respond to the comments on here about Sterling diving with a strong argument saying the same about Gray/Mahrez/Vardy...
  9. TJB-fox

    Players that support Leicester

    Which quote would that be mate?
  10. TJB-fox


    Wouldn’t put it past Harry leaving for a bigger club, he’s shown ambition to climb the leagues and pyramid through his career transfers.
  11. TJB-fox

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Completely brought it upon himself. Treated certain players like shit and forced the squad to go to Milan. Then you either you sack one manager or 20 players...we all know that result
  12. TJB-fox

    Spurs hatred towards Leicester

    Can I just get one thing straight- Spurs did not bottle or choke the league WE WON IT. There was no chance in hell we were being caught that year, we were near faultless for 38 games
  13. TJB-fox

    Robert Huth to Leave at End of Season

    What a legend and all round top bloke. The difference (and confidence) he instilled in our back 3 great escape year was phenomenal. We will never ever have a centre half like Huth ever again, and I doubt the premier league will either. Those goals at Ethihad/WHL too...
  14. TJB-fox

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Think this tells us what the players think of Puel. The guys come in, tried to implement a style of play and things haven’t really worked out. Under pressure lately, this was a game where the players needed to come out and put on a performance to demonstrate their support. Instead, they’ve chosen to come out and lose the game. That first half was absolutely pathetic and probably the angriest I’ve been watching us in years. The lack of effort is disgusting and it’s so clear they want the manager out. Gutless and pathetic. Feel sorry for Puel to be honest, they obviously want him out and there’s nothing he can do. Player power these days is mental. Fuming
  15. TJB-fox

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    These players are a disgrace the lack of effort and application is shocking. Not happy. Thank god we had enough points or we could be bang in trouble this year