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  1. Correct. If you complete on a £300k house in Sept, it's stamp duty on £50k.
  2. Yes I think so, I started to think the threshold was different for FTB after posting.
  3. Not if you're buying a property over £125k or want a 95% loan.
  4. Stamp duty holiday extension until the end of June
  5. Excellent news. How long has it been since starting?
  6. Not sure what more the lad can want 🤣
  7. In a non condensed, non Covid season where two thirds of the squad have been injured, we'd probably cope fine. And the more often we can qualify for Europe, the better quality of signing we can attract. Which enables us to rotate more and then compete more aggressively in all competitions. Unfortunately, this season our situation means it's been very difficult.
  8. I wasn't sure how realistic this was last summer but things seem to have deteriorated at barca and now man city have reverted to dominant mode, it could be this year.
  9. Bloody hell mate! Now I'm not naturally optimistic when it comes to us but you're making me feel like a glass completely full person 🤣 Even we can't be that bad...
  10. Playing Burnley is usually a turgid, miserable affair at the best of times. Now I'm not discrediting that what they do isn't largely effective, but it's the anthesis of 'the sexy football show'. With our injury crisis, I'm looking forward to this even less and whilst obviously not obliged to watch, obviously I will be, but it's not a match that I'm glad is being televised. Be a cracker now
  11. Tough fixtures there but they got draws with Liverpool and Spurs, and wins from us and Everton so would probably be confident of a few points from these fixtures. And unlike Newcastle are playing some decent football.
  12. Ideally not, sadly not much is ideal at present. It'll be an experience for him...
  13. We've had good news, unlike everyone else it appears. Our buyers are completing imminently with their purchaser and moving into rented. Our seller has agreed to proceed on a property, the owners of that are buying one which is vacant possession. Hopefully, we're a straight forward chain of 5, 3 of whom are definitely cash buyers. Just need the 3-month stamp duty extension on Wednesday now...
  14. Given the current state of our squad I'd take any exuberance right now, youthful or otherwise...
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