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  1. Some may think our form is off and we're a bit inconsistent of late and compared to the early part of the season it's true. Have a look at the form of the other teams below us though! Compared to everyone else (except liverpool) it's not that bad.
  2. It's not a high bar that though is it?
  3. And it used to be an orchard. One of the scintillating facts that made up 85% of Jonathan's 'commentary'. Jeez! Just made the second half more painful. I don't think I knew about the new ground though... Job done and into the next round, that's three main thing.
  4. Ditto. I've avoided the match related threads as the match was depressing enough. The genuinely classic FT bol@cks on this thread is great. It was an odd choice of words from Brendan and I'm delighted to see full works conspiracy theories... If someone is leaking info shouldn't we call Colleen
  5. Another Newcastle player injured. Either there is something very wrong in the Newcastle sports science department or they are very unlucky. They'll not have 11 fit players at this rate.
  6. I'm nervous about this given our recent performances. I'm buoyed by Lawro predicting a Burnley win though.
  7. Intrinsic part of some of our greatest recent achievements, wish him all the very best.
  8. Aguero breaking Shearer's hat trick record. We're not getting 2nd place back!
  9. In a similar position with a Fulham fan. Not sure I 'support' but do take an active interest. Did thoroughly enjoy the day out at Wembley beating Villa...and Derby in the Semi final
  10. A shame Man City have only decided to play the 2nd half of the season, would've made the title race more interesting - although we'd have to settle for being 3rd for longer.
  11. You've only just realised this? Although they are significantly better than everyone else, incidents like this and all of the favorable VAR decisions aren't generating any goodwill towards them.
  12. One ticket for West Ham available in SK4, £36.
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