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  1. FoyleFox


    Regulations and requirements are ongoing as a Landlord, and increased for a HMO. Sadly UF21,you appear to have experienced the in it for the easy money type with little regard to tenant welfare or happiness. I would be ashamed to treat my tenants as appallingly. A bad experiences with a cowboy builder or shody garage doesn't make all builders or mechanics the same but it certainly tars your view. It works both ways though as per Rob's post, there are many bad tenants too. I read quite a lot of Landlord forums and frankly it would definitely put you off ever considering it.
  2. FoyleFox


    Every industry has bad eggs, just as every football team has supporters that let the side down and we're all labelled hooligans!. The minority always generate a bad reputation for the majority. Unfortunately, there is a perception of easy money to be made by being a Landlord. In reality being a good Landlord is quite hard work and it's certainly not easy money, being a bad one is probably entirely different. Although buying is a lot more difficult today, which forces people to rent, lots of people have good reasons for wanting to rent. Where do the people who can't buy or don't want to buy live? It's a constant conundrum because lots of FTB's do get out purchased by BTL investors but the market does need both to function.
  3. FoyleFox


    HMO's are notoriously hard work and risky. Yes, your monthly income is good but the expenditure, regulation and Landlord responsibilty is significantly increased, as is the hassle. It's not for the inexperienced or faint hearted.
  4. Very likely scenario 🙄 The only upside is I could probably get to a Thursday match in Fermanagh.
  5. FoyleFox


    Definitely. I can only speak from personal experience but your return on investment is greater with flats and small houses. If you had £250k to invest, your RTI would be better from purchasing 2 x £125k properties than 1 for £250k. I've no knowledge of rental prices in Leicester but where I am the rent paid wouldn't increase proportionately to cost of property. You'd buy a really nice 3 bed semi for £125k, which would rent at £550-600pcm. You wouldn't get more that £600-650pcm for anything larger. You'd be even better off buying 3 x £85k properties, which would most definitely be FTB properties. We don't have a set budget for our next move, although we have an ideal upper limit but removing stamp duty does mean if we look at a property which requires work we'll have extra to do work. And as I don't appear to like the interior of any property for sale in Leicestershire, we'll need to redecorate whatever we buy, so the saving could get me a new bathroom.
  6. FoyleFox


    Not applicable to second home purchases.
  7. Definitely, will be miserable enough. (Also hoping that I'll be wrong and my reverse psychology will work for once. I've got money on Arsenal, I'm not wearing my 'lucky' tshirt. Basically, trying anything in desperation). Wedding Anniversary today so 3 points would be an added celebration 🍾 👌
  8. I'm resigned to defeat tonight. No matter how good we've ever been in any game, regardless of how Arsenal play, a win away at Arsenal never happens. They'll conspire to sh1thouse a win somehow.
  9. A very good summary, a bit well balanced for FT but accurate none the less
  10. FoyleFox


    I don't generally venture to the general discussion boards but happened upon this thread by accident. Looking to move back to Leicestershire (Covid has delayed ours going on the market) so a thread on the current local housing market is a welcome find. Interesting to read about the offers buyers have been making in relation to price too. We have the challenge of trying to retain the space we need but moving to a more expensive area and have quite a list of specific definately do and don't want things.
  11. At the beginning of the season I'd have been very happy with that. However, after being 2nd and 3rd for the majority of the season, it would be disappointing. Unfortunately we've a difficult run in and the others haven't fared as badly since the restart, although the silly points dropped prior, Norwich, will be our undoing.
  12. Thought liverpool would be raging and rampant after the Man City result, hoped that it would be at least 3-0 by half time. No goals for Salah though. Ideally I'd like Villa, Norwich and West Ham down. Wouldn't have any complaints if it's Bournemouth instead of WH.
  13. Except Lawro, he has us down for a win and that always bodes well
  14. Or the application to open without it being completed is approved.
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