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  1. Neither were as entertaining as the squirrel at QPR.
  2. Ashley Cole confirming what we all know "I don't fink".....
  3. 7pm on a Sunday is a shockingly bad ko time. Far too much weekend to fill not knowing how miserable/happy to be. 2-0 us.
  4. Going to be a long season for both. I live with a Fulham fan, so it will be for me too
  5. Hopefully that day comes soon and regularly.
  6. You're alone in your thinking there surely? According to the media and pundits Leeds are the biggest, best team in the world....
  7. They might as well pick a team out of the hat to play man city in the final, save all the faffing about for the rest of us.
  8. And Macclesfield go under for £500k, tells you all you need to know about what is wrong with modern day football.
  9. It's really useful seeing the pots updated, thanks @NewEnglandFox
  10. I think you have deeper issues.... Unfortunately, we're now all scarred and sharing that image with you. I may not sleep tonight now
  11. Unfortunate all the promoted teams had to play top 6 teams and Arsenal.
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