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  1. Only Brendan.... Around the time you mention, Brendan spoke of Gray's development and things he needed to focus and improve on. Maybe he feels that that just hasn't happened or not consistently enough.
  2. Some absolute masterpieces in this thread. Although it does reinforce that I worry about the mental state of this forum, some minds work in some very mysterious ways
  3. Fairly sure I heard that part way through the second half...
  4. They did keep apologising in commentary, I didn't realise Kasper was the offender initially
  5. Seemed happy enough in the Q&A. He does tend to have a serious face on him mostly, not sure he's miserable and it was just a wee borrow of the taxi surely....
  6. Are the extra games they've been allocated, like tonight free if you don't have prime or is it only subscription?
  7. Are all of our games on Amazon free if you've got Prime? Been saving our free trial
  8. I thought I heard Brendan say Castagne was another week or so but Ndidi might feature against Zoyra? But Monday, more aggressive than Sunday or tonight first half. Improved pressing. Fulham have played well in spells and have been a bit unlucky in a couple of games. As the other half is a Fulham fan this is must win in my book. (Don't actually mind how good or bad we are as long as we win this one).
  9. Yup, our Street view is circa 2010. It's admittedly not as interesting or impressive as the training ground
  10. I thought they'd started work on the junction? Didn't someone say they'd be past and there were working on it? Surely the council/DFI or whoever could put a temporary closure on it until the works are complete?
  11. Working 10 days in 12 of considerably longer working days, in less favourable conditions for an awful lot less money.
  12. I'd say yes, when we were discussing this early doors there were plenty of people who said they'd go. Now saying it and actually doing are two different things but I'd still imagine that we'd get 4000 tickets sold.
  13. I can say how, that by visiting the stadium, over the course of the last few years have equally concluded that they are incompetent...
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