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  1. Absolute rubbish! Completely useless for the whole match, again It would be ridiculous for any club to offer over £10 to sign him
  2. Sounds perfectly rational to me. As it does to hate Kane and Ali, both of their faces make my hackles rise.
  3. New thread by Slabhead Harry: "Has anyone seen my inflatable unicorn?"
  4. Delighted the Man City game has now been moved and will be on tv That's going to go well Someone needs to write an open letter to Sky and BT begging for our games not to be televised
  5. No one looked very good at anything, mainly football, coming out of that game.
  6. Nothing will ever be funnier than that
  7. A good review although i feel it's a little unfair to expect the same input from players new to the league and/or team. Mahrez took a while to settle and produce the contribution he did in the last 2/3 seasons. It will be interesting to see the stats next season, assuming the same players are still with us.
  8. Send King back to Monaco in a Tielemans mask, job done. Everyone's a winner.
  9. FoyleFox


    I'd rather someone just told them never to darken the doors of MOTD ever again.
  10. And Spurs do like a possession stat....
  11. Sub human...definitely nowhere near super Mods, can we get ludicrous posts like this deleted? No one wants to see these sorts of comments... especially anyone in Monaco
  12. Morrisons thought he was rubbish and he wasn't good enough for them so asked him to move along, last seen outside Lidl
  13. I've seen no evidence to suggest anyone on here is sane
  14. It's not been a dull ride for sure.
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