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  1. In definite withdrawal, but I'd missed 5 weeks while away on holiday and was really looking forward to matches after returning home. Haven't seen us play since 1st Feb
  2. Tried to heal Konchesky's bad knee with cheese....
  3. I'm working out with Paulo Di Canio, not great but better than the one I saw this afternoon which had me isolating with Grealish 🤮
  4. Things we never thought we'd complain about, missing complaining about VAR.
  5. So you'll still receive the channels with the repeats, Sky Sports news, The Debate etc
  6. I'm still not sure. It felt awful when we were relegated but it was a brilliant season and really was, in hindsight the best thing to happen. I think we'd have just stuck around the middle/ bottom of the championship for the next years without it happening and Pearson coming in.
  7. Although it doesn't yet give details on how serious, Whittingham is in hospital. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51928263 I'd be more than happy for the remaining matches to be played behind closed doors to complete the season, and for them to be broadcast. Null and void isn't an option IMO, obviously for us finishing wtth the table as is would be acceptable but that has to many legal issues.
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