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  1. I recall the music licence issue. If it wasn't resolved how did we get permission for the kasabian gig? If it was, I wonder went we've not had any others.
  2. He did suggest in an interview with Sky that there were potential offers but he was looking for a club of the right fit. Anywhere is going to be disappointing after playing for us. Admittedly I'm very surprised he's not been signed up already.
  3. And he knows the day of the medical
  4. Knockaert has signed for Fulham, seemed to have fallen out of favour for Brighton, did well for us in the Championship.
  5. Really feel for the lad, he's been terribly unlucky with injuries and without knowing the extent of the latest, it's surely only a matter of time before he can't possibly consider carrying on. I hope we encourage him to undertake some sort of coaching role.
  6. Today's rumours saying China. Not sure how old he is now but seems a bit early to be joining the retirement of the Chinese league, even if the money is good.
  7. Watched on the pc (windows & firefox) had no issues with buffering or picture quality for either matches.
  8. He acknowledges that in the interview and credited Vichai for his guidance. Made mistakes, learned from them and was a great asset to our club, which obviously also meant a lot to him. Modern attacking full back, no but a bloody good defender. Wish him all the best for the future.
  9. Matty Elliott joining in with the panic in his half time analysis 😂
  10. Absolutely. However, you've been on Foxes Talk before surely, this is no place for that level of logic and reason
  11. Our holidays in recent years have been cruises, the staff are all very international and I used to have to explain where Leicester was. Now they've all heard of LCFC and talk about the title win. It's brilliant! To be fair I had the same issue when we first arrived in Ireland. Although I did get into a mini argument with a tour guide in Jamaica in 2016, who showed us Usain Bolts parents house and declared him to be Jamaica's greatest ever sports star. Obviously, I corrected him that it was in fact Wes Morgan. My shirts next outing is NYC, there's a Foxes bar there I believe, I'll be seeking that out.
  12. As long as we're not one of the 6-7, I'm not fussed.
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