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  1. FoyleFox

    Harvey Barnes

    Puel made him come back, he wanted to stay out on loan.
  2. FoyleFox

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    My favourite blinding commentator insight this week, "if he scores, they win" well, no sh!t Sherlock!
  3. FoyleFox

    Club Shop Revamp

    Tomorrow apparently.
  4. FoyleFox

    Team announced by fans in the stand

    "Matty Fryatt won a BBQ set" Just brilliant We've definitely come a long way.
  5. FoyleFox

    Jamie Vardy

    I'm fully supporting England and happy for Kane to score, doesn't mean i don't still think he's a gormless knob.
  6. FoyleFox

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    Wouldn't surprise me either and if he does play, it'll be out of position and none of the spurs players will pass to him anyway.
  7. FoyleFox

    Kasper Schmeichel

    Interesting read. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/kasper-schmeichel-denmark-put-the-kids-to-bed
  8. FoyleFox

    The owners.......

    I'll give them all due credit and forever be grateful for the greatest season ever witnessed as a Leicester fan.
  9. FoyleFox


    Ability. Ball control, passing, crossing, shooting on target. That kind of thing.
  10. FoyleFox


    There is no way on God's earth Musa is a footballer I was at the Barc game, I thought he was but absolutely no evidence since. My dog has better ball skills!
  11. Most of those mentioned, the two play off semi finals in particular but also a grim defeat to Rotherham one Boxing Day 2003/4 proper spoilt my Christmas. Still p!sses off about the Arsenal defeat on Valentine's Day. Beating Forest to get in the play offs was a highlight. Derby in the play offs always up there. The Man City game. The Man Utd game. Seville in the Champions League. Everton for the pure emotion of it all.
  12. Sure i saw 7th July somewhere today.
  13. He may not have been the defensive rock he once was last season but the bloke was instrumental in our Championship winning season and lifted the Premier League trophy ffs!
  14. Tough first game, usual no points from Boxing Day and a hard last 3. We've beaten them all before and can do it again Gutted Fulham away is while I'm on holiday.
  15. Crashed into Martin Johnson with a trolley in Sainsbury's at Fosse Park, he was very understanding thankfully. Met Johnny Evans at Belfast airport 2 weeks ago, very quiet lad. And Barry Hales the day after outside Wembley.