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  1. If they don't move the Champions League Final now Turkey is on the red list, Gareth won't have 26 players available to select, they'll still be in quarantine hotels.
  2. Surely there are dozens of streets that description applies to but without the same prices. Houses looked pleasant enough, but they're nothing special.
  3. I'm not at all familiar with the area but have had a quick trip along on Google street view. Nothing evidently special about the road or houses, nothing unique, certainly no different to many streets. Why is it so expensive?
  4. Which is a shame, its been a joy seeing that question asked every day for the last month or more
  5. I think L&C were the people we used for our remortgage last year.
  6. Good man. There's been far too much optimism in the pre match threads of late. Expected disappointment usual bodes well match day.
  7. Club don't have a choice on the coach travel because it's a gov test event. Man City had to do it for the league Cup Final. Non essential travel out of Northern Ireland is still prohibited- surely the FA Cup final counts as essential?
  8. Fully support the Man U fans protest over their owners behaviour, although not condoning the unnecessary violence or 'attempted murder' of Souness. The Premier League should issue a statement prior to our game that if they disrupt it and it can't be played, Man U automatically forfeit the match and we're awarded the points. It's win win, the protest achieves its desired ambition and we get the 3 points
  9. I mis read this as being optimistic due to being on your 3rd Special Brew
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