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  1. We have to hope other lose around us because even though it's still in our hands I don't trust this team and BR when it comes to getting over the line. We will need other teams to do us favors, because we never do ourselves any favors.
  2. Got a feeling Vardy will be on it today.
  3. He does not want to come here, think he will stay in France or move to Italy.
  4. I'm living in Thailand in a tourist town, we don't have much covid here but so many people have lost jobs and bussinesses, including myself. It's pretty awful, mostly for the Thai folk, they are dead broke now, suicide and drug addictions are sky high at the moment. No real government handouts. Hope we can open our borders soon to tourism.
  5. Still raw but this lad would be fun to watch at the KP. Really feel BR could develop him into a star.
  6. One of the best midfielders in the world this season. Very lucky to have him.
  7. If we get top 4. Striker: Odsonne Edouard Right winger: Nanitamo Ikone Center Back: James Tarkowski
  8. Said it back in Jan, the lad is a confidence player. Seems to have found that confidence, another beautiful finish tonight. His goals in the last two games could be massive when it comes to getting a top 4 spot. He is doing the job Vardy should be at the moment scoring important goals for us, not many strikers have done that in the past for us. Let's keep supporting him.
  9. Big up to Nacho and Dan for stepping up when our key players have been injured or just not on it. Well done lads !!
  10. Iheanacho a must start for me, Vardy not scoring at the moment and Maddison injured we need someone helping out with goals. Nacho has a goal in him, must start for me.
  11. Got a feeling he might go in the summer, if we buy a striker and winger. Can see him going Spain.
  12. Edouard will 100% happen if we finish top 4 I feel.
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